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Feature: The Annoying Comments Teachers Hear - 5 views

    Survey results
Vicki Davis

Kahoot! | Game-based blended learning & classroom response system - 3 views

    This has got to be the funkiest instant poll, quiz, response site around. Create questions, quizzes and polls with optional uploaded images for participants to complete in real time from a computer or mobile device. The users access the quiz by using a pin code. The 'question master' gets the data back instantly and it is stored on the site or can be downloaded. This is superb for checking the knowledge of children in your class or that your audience is still awake.
    Got this email from a teacher Hi Vicki- I love your blog, tweets and contributions to flipboard! I am a teacher at a local school district charter high school and appreciate your zeal for teaching and learning. I am not sure if you have heard about Kahoot! but wanted to ask you to check it out by following it on Twitter or watching a few youtube videos of Kahoot in action. I have no financial investment in it or any reason for recommending it other than how much we are enjoying using it at our school and how valuable a tool I believe it to be. Questions can be entered by students or teachers and pictures can be uploaded to each question to add visual appeal. The students can use computers, smart phones, tablets and don't have to have an account- they just log in to and then join the interactive quiz. Everyone gets so involved and passionate and it is great for reviews before tests or for supplemental instruction. The results can be viewed on a spreadsheet and provide formative assessments. It can be used for any ages and any subjects. I am so jazzed about this great new tool and hope you will be too. Kathryn Lewallen Payson, AZ Payson Center for Success High School
Martin Burrett

Survey Legend - 6 views

    This is a great looking picture survey creator that can be embedded on to a site. Add a question, choose your images and share the link. The free account allows up to 100 responses.
Martin Burrett

Mentimeter | Interact with your audience - 12 views

    Get instant feedback from an audience or class using this superb site. Set a question and a choice of answers. Then others can follow a short link and choose an answer using their mobile or computer browser. The site can also generate a large QR code at the press of a button for easy linking. Results are shown instantly on your screen and embed on a website. Try voting at and see the results at
Toni Olivieri-Barton

Engage Your Audience | Text The Mob - 10 views

    a Way to use texting with students.
Toni Olivieri-Barton

FREE: online survey | Free online surveys | Free survey - 14 views

    Another free tool.  
Ben Rimes

FiveSecondTest - 27 views

    Quick and easy image based surveys and feedback. Survey takers have 5 seconds to view the image, then answer questions based on that image. Might be really useful during a PD session or in the classroom as a quick way to gather student's prior knowledge about a topic.
Dean Mantz

I want to add an image to a form - Google Docs Help - 14 views

    Add an image to a Google Form description box.
Carl Bogardu

Flisti - Create free online polls without signing-up - 6 views

    Online poll creation w/out signup.
Susan Sedro

Paragon Learning Style Inventory - 18 views

    The Paragon Learning Style Inventory (PLSI) is a self-administered survey that provides a very reliable indication of learning style and cognitive preference. It uses the four Jungian dimensions (i.e, introversion/ extroversion, intuition/sensation, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving) that are also used by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Murphy Meisgeir Type Indicator, and the Keirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter. But this is the only instrument that can be self-scored and works with ages 9-adult.
Kelly Faulkner

Get a free poll for your website - - 10 views

    quick & easy way to embed a poll into your blog or wiki - the html code isn't hidden away and some tiny box!

ProfilerPRO - Login - 8 views

    This site has been around for years, but it's very nice. A great way to take a survey and then be able to compare your results with the results of the whole. Compare by question, as well.
Ed Webb

The Wired Campus - Do Students Cheat More in Online Classes? Maybe not. - The Chronicle... - 0 views

  • You can’t make any sweeping generalizations based on the results
  • older students tend to cheat less frequently than younger students
  • If you are interested in this topic, look for the interesting edited book called Student Plagiarism in an Online World: wrote a chapter called, "Expect Originality! Using Taxonomies to Structure Assignments that Support Original Work." In it I discuss the complexities of plagiarism in the context of a digital culture of sharing and suggest that it is rarely black and white. I propose a continuum with intentional academic dishonesty on one end and original work on the other, with gradations in between. Based on my own research and teaching experience, I believe the instructional design and style of teaching can either make it easy-- or very difficult-- to cheat.
Michèle Drechsler

Socialbookmarking and Education - 45 views

socialbookmarking Education survey

started by Michèle Drechsler on 21 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
Ted Sakshaug

Yarp : Simple Invitations and Surveys - 0 views

    Simple Invitations and Surveys
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