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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Pedro Torres

Pedro Torres

The Near Future - 27 views

  • Pedro Torres
    I came across this video and I loved the way it shows where glass technology is heading. Where do you think technology will take us in 10 to 15 years? How will it affect the classroom? Watch the video and let your imagination soar!
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  • Pedro Torres
    I know it is hard to believe but the way technology is moving, it will soon be here. I remember seeing all those Science Fiction movies where they had tough screens and I remember thinking that might never happen and look at all the touch screen technology we have now.
  • Pedro Torres
    I know it is Amazing and I do also agree that it is far fetched but I read somewhere that Gorilla Glass has several investers to help them with the Smart Glass technology. I have been trying to find the place I read that but have had no luck.
  • Pedro Torres
    Scary? Maybe but I see it as exiting and if you noticed there was still a teacher in the classroom! Ha Ha the only thing is that the MTT have a better chance at the jobs becuause of our certifications and qualifications.
  • Pedro Torres
    Did you all see all the glass technology used in the Avengers!!!! Did you all know that the phone Tony Stark used is actually a prototype phone by apple!!! Cool!!!
janie martinez

Response To Dr. Butlers Question - 41 views

technology butler allsemesters
started by janie martinez on 30 Jan 12 no follow-up yet
  • Pedro Torres
    In our campus we are starting to use Kindles in the classroom. We will issue out the Kindles to the teachers this year and the 3 MTT teachers will provide trainings and strategies to implement them in the classroom. I can tell you that when we first thought of the idea, no one would listen to us but the district did and now we are working on an implementation plan and soon we will start working on the curriculum using the Kindles.
Adriana G Hernandez

School Library Online Resources - 20 views

technology resources library butler allsemesters
started by Adriana G Hernandez on 21 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Pedro Torres
    I have used the EBSCo and other tools that the library has and we all have passwords and addresses that our librarian has provided in the begining of the year. Like I have said "I" have used them but not my students. I always look for the arcles and then print them to provide all the information to the students because of time and to avoid students time wasted in other searches. We must let our students use these resources on their own. the district must also provide training on these tools even if they are very easy to use.
Laura Rivera

Time for Technology? - 22 views

technology classroom
started by Laura Rivera on 02 Apr 12 no follow-up yet
  • Pedro Torres
    Yes, the time is so hard to find. I have been trying to integrate technology in so many ways and out schedules keep changing because of testing and other activities. Many students learn to use the programs we intoduce them to but many dont have computers at home or internet that I feel it unjust for them to give them assignments.
Itza Moses

Favorite Classroom Technology Application - 23 views

classroom technology
started by Itza Moses on 29 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Pedro Torres
    I like Glogster too but Prezi is also very cool and I am enjoying working with it. My classes have really enjoyed using glogster and they have found intrest in doing them on their own, which is very rewarding. Its like doing a mini research but not realizing that they are actually working on it. Our principal loves technology and she is very supportive in out MTT experiments. I also used edmodo and schoology and sometimes it is so hard to lend time to technology integration and little by little we have found many ways to implement it.
Adriana G Hernandez

Tablets Haven't Killed the PC Yet -- Campus Technology - - 17 views

started by Adriana G Hernandez on 26 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Pedro Torres
    I agree tablets may not replace them today but they will in the near future. The change in technology has been so fast that just when you think you have the latest technology there is something better already in development.
Maria Izquierdo

Web 2.0 - 31 views

started by Maria Izquierdo on 06 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
  • Pedro Torres
    Web 2.0 tools are unknown in many classrooms. I would see trainings for it and would go but didn't feel comfortable enough to use them in the classroom. I agree with your statement completely and teachers are always pressed for time that we don't want to experiment with Web 2.0 because technology in our campuses can be so unpredictable. I don't consider myself to be affraid to use Web 2.0 tools but I am affraid of lossing a day's instruction. I am currently using Glogster in the classroom and it has been working ok but some days the network does not want to participate.
Olivet Castillo

Reading Comprehension and Technology - 29 views

reading technology classroom
started by Olivet Castillo on 01 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Pedro Torres
    Reading Comprehension can be learned in many ways and most of the students understand it quite well but Higher Order Thinking in reading is so much harder to acquire. I believe that by using technology we can help students acquire that Higher Order Thinking and Rigor that is required of them from the new STAAR. In the article "Using a technology-enriched environment to improve higher-order thinking skills" (Hopson, Simms, and Knezek 2001) we learn that today's learners learn more from interaction with material. Using computers gives the learner the opportunity to interact just like we are doing right now. Technology helps learners construct knowledge and technology stimulates students to test hypotheses and not just reading data. I have been using Glogster in my class to help students expand their knowlege in Social Studies. I teach my lesson on Modays and Tuesdays then students create a glogster about the subject and they create links to web pages that elaborate about their topic.
    Hopson, Michael H.; Simms, Richard L.; Knezek, Gerald A. (December 2001). Using a Technology-Enriched Environment to Improve Higher-Order Thinking Skills. Journal of Research on Technology in Education.
Salina V

Week 8 discussion - 38 views

technology classroom integrating
started by Salina V on 06 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Pedro Torres
    Great Article! In our needs assessment that we have been working on in class I can see that most of our problems come from the technology itself. Our terminals are not adapt to use USB Memory Sticks and the only programs that we can use are programs available through the district and we don't even have a list of all the programs that we may use. I love to use Web 2.0 tools and they help in class a great deal but many teachers don't know they exist. I didn't know they existed until I came to the MTT program. Our poor budgeting in our district and school tie our hands when it comes to investing in technology. We invest so much in other programs that really are not efficient when we should be investing in technology. How can other districts buy ipads, Nooks, and other technologies for their students and staff? We don't have the funds to purchase those types of items and our school doesn't even have a mobile lab unit. In order to have a successful technology integration program we need a good strong infrastructure of technology just like the article stated.
Esther Sauceda

Professional Development and Administrator Support - 30 views

technology classroom tech
started by Esther Sauceda on 02 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Pedro Torres
    I agree with the article and just this past week I sent an email to one of our administrators at central office explaining that I wanted to integrate technology by using Glogster and having the students create a Glogster about the American Constitution. I did all the planning rubrics and when we were starting the terminals were very slow, they were missing plugins, and it felt like I was just wasting time and energy. After I sent the email I received a carbon copy email where the administrator was asking technology department to help fix our problem. I am trying to "Model! Model! Model!" but if the technology is not working and I feel that I'm wasting too much time then how am I to inspire the rest of my campus to integrate technology?
Corina Carmona

iGeneration, what the fuss? - 40 views

started by Corina Carmona on 24 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
  • Pedro Torres
    I guess I'm an igeneration participant. I don't like label but if I have to label myself I consider myself a multi-generation person. I grew up learning about computers and was introduces to the Web when I was in high school. I have worked with Apple IIE, Macintosh, IBM and then Windows PC. Going from dialup to networks to fiber optics and now DSL and satellite 3g and 4g LTE in just a couple of years is amazing. It is so hard to keep up and as soon as you buy something, the next new device is coming into the doors of your nearest BestBuy.
    What is really amazing is that children seem to be born adapted to technology. I had such a hard time controlling the mouse and touch pads at first and my kids seem to use them so naturally. My son at the age of 5 was able to program the television and the PlayStation 3. My wife has a hard time with technology but my son is always showing her how to do things in the computer.

How has becoming an MTT change you? - 45 views

tech classroom
started by Claudia MARQUEZ on 19 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
  • Pedro Torres
    When I first started with the MTT program I was in the misconception that I was already doing a great job of integrating technology in the classroom. I did most of the manipulating, of technology that is, and I thought if I used computer programs and had the kids go up to the smart board and click for me that that was technology integration. I have come to learn what technology integration is and I can see how the higher order thinking of our students if improving and how technology is helping me add the rigor into my lessons by using technology.
Shannon Reynolds

Do you know about TED? - 49 views

Fall 2012
started by Shannon Reynolds on 07 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
  • Pedro Torres
    Wow Shannon thanks for introducing me to TED! I spend so much time looking at videos and at the same time learning how technology is progressing in such a fast pace. I did enjoy watching the video about a new program acquired by Microsoft called Photosynth. It links all pictures shared by everyone in the world. I thought that Google earth was awesome because I could see places from the world but this is like looking at peoples "personal memories" Pictures are taken to help us remember unforgettable moments and to have everyone's photos of a certain thing and have them all linked is just amazing. It's like viewing the world though someone else's eyes. Thanks for sharing Shannon!
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