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started by Claudia MARQUEZ on 19 Feb 12
  • Claudia MARQUEZ
    Last week we got inspired with Shannon's discussion, now we should reflect on how becoming an MTT has change you.
    Before starting this program I did not have an idea of how technology could be used properly in the classroom. I thought just playing radio or using the old school projector will was consider high tech.
    Discuss about what this journey has taught you and how has it change you?
  • kate Binns
    When I entered the MTT program, I was not sure what to expect. I felt that my use of technology in the classroom was fairly decent-- my students used computesr to do research, used some Web 2.0 technology, and I used my projector almost every day. What I had never considered was copyright. It never crossed my mind to question if copying and pasting an amazing photo from a website was legal. It was something that I had the capability to do and so I did it. If it was something illegal, it wouldn't be so easy right? Since we've done several assignments on copyright I've become more cognizant of the correct way to handle others work and more protective of the work that I share. My students have also started to share that respect for others work. I think it's a concept they grasped more readily than I did, because there's nothing worse than being a "copycat" in elementary school.
  • Pedro Torres
    When I first started with the MTT program I was in the misconception that I was already doing a great job of integrating technology in the classroom. I did most of the manipulating, of technology that is, and I thought if I used computer programs and had the kids go up to the smart board and click for me that that was technology integration. I have come to learn what technology integration is and I can see how the higher order thinking of our students if improving and how technology is helping me add the rigor into my lessons by using technology.
  • Adriana G Hernandez
    This is the 13th year that I've been out of the classroom. As a librarian, I figured that by using the online catalog to look for books was enough. Now after taking these courses, I have realized that there is so much more out there. I don't feel like I've done enough integration because there are so many things I have to do in the library, but I'm working on it. I think my library wiki is a good start. I also think that helping train teachers with some of the Web 2.0 tools is helping too. I get students in the library working on Prezi's and they come to me for help and I can actually help them. I hope that as teachers continue to require students to complete their performance assessments using Web 2.0 tools, I will be able to help out more. I have an online book request form in which students ask me for books they want when they can't make it to the library. I also plan to have students submit book reviews using Prezi and other online tools and post them on the wiki. So am I doing enough tech integration right now? No, not yet, but I'm getting there and these classes have sure made a difference!
  • Olivet Castillo
    I definitely have a different point of view today from when I started last semester. I joined the program with hopes of learning new tools and ways to integrate technology for myself. I am now eager and love to share everything I know with my students and my colleagues. Little by little I am gaining the confidence to come out of my "shyness shell" and become confidant in myself to help others. I truly love to see my student's reactions when they come across a "cool" tool. It definitely helps that our students (8th graders at Veterans Middle School) were given access to mini notebooks, which makes technology integration a little easier. I am grateful to have joined the MTT program, for the growing confidence and new technology training I have received.
  • Itza Moses
    With this program I've know realized how little technology opportunities I was providing for my students. Like Claudia mentioned I thought that by me using the SMART Board that was technology integration. Since beginning the program I've discovered new ways of using technology in classroom activities, like using Edmodo for class discussions and reader response, also using Glogster as a center activity instead of paper and pencil. This last week for our performance assessment I had the students using a Flip Camera to record a "pseudo" news cast interviewing a character from a story. THey really enjoy these types of activities.
  • Esther Sauceda
    I thought I knew instructional technology, but this program has giving me so many useful tools and perspectives on technology. I enjoy the reaction my students and my colleagues have when showing a new technology tool/skill. Part of becoming an MTT is developing leadership skills to lead the way into a new technological world. As an "MTT in training", part of my duties is to ensure teachers-ELA teachers and Elective Department--- are effectively integrating technology into their curriculum. Other MTTs on campus are in charge of different departments. However, we are all here to support any teacher with instructional technology concerns. Becoming an asset resource to the school has/is a rewarding experience.
  • Corina Carmona
    Entering the MTT program has opened up a whole new digital world for me that I may have never meddled into alone. Being in the program with my peers gives me confidence that we are all learning to utilize these tools in our own way. I really enjoy seeing how we all do things differently with the same tools. I would have hit a plateau when it comes to certain projects, but I am always blown away to see other MTT's take on a project. There are so many digital tools out there that its great learning of some of them through the program or by our peers.
  • Lisandra Medina
    Entering the MTT program has given me nothing but more stress in my life. I would never do this again. I have learned about some web 2.o tools through out these past two semesters. I don't think I would have ever learned about them if I was not in the program. I remember when technology was not a big deal. Technology is every where.
  • Karina Arias
    In past years I had integrated technology but not to the extent that we have been taught. We need to completely understand the web tools in order to have successful lessons with our students. Lets not just imply that because we use the tools we have learned that that it self makes it higher order. We need to thoughtfully plan out our lesson and the integration of the most suitable web 2.0 tool for the assignment. MTT program has definitely given me a different persepctive in what technology in our classroom should look like.
  • Elva Mendoza
    Enrolling in the MTT program has brought a new perspective on the integration of technology. I thought by me going from an overhead projector to using a document camera and smartboard I was integrating technology. After last semester I realized that my teaching habits hadn't changed. I was using this great technology that I had in my room the same way I would use the overhead projector. I want to make a difference in my school and show teachers how great of a tool technology is to teach our students. I want teachers a well as administrators to trust technology to be at the forfront of our instruction. The MTT program has taught me what is web 2.0, because in the past I dismissed any training having to do with web 2.0 and just didn't see the importance of technology staff development. I find myself wanting to attend more staff development based on technology. I have asked my principal to allow me to share some web 2.0 sites with the teachers. I hope to continue with the program to receive my masters degree.
  • Shannon Reynolds
    As a music teacher the use of technology has literally just started booming, especially in the elementary classroom. For the last few years I have seen the huge increase of technology in music. After being in the MTT program I have learned a plethora of avenues to take my students not just in our classroom but virtually. There are so many tools to choose from we are kids in a technology candy store!
  • Maria De Leon
    I have to admit, I had no Idea what I was getting myself in when I joined the MTT program. But now looking at how it has changed me, I have to say that it has given me an insight of how enormous the technology world is. I feel like a tiny ant in that world. I feel like I have so much to learn, so i can implement knowledge to my kindergarten class. The program has defiantly given me a different perspective in how to prepare our students to become ready for success in the century to come.
  • Paul Edward Mendiola
    As a computer engineer/math teacher, technology and mathematics has always been my greatest passion. Technology first ofcourse but, when I started teaching, I never knew technology has so much impact in a students way of learning in school. In the Philippines where I graduated from, technology in the classroom is not so much of an importance compared here in the United States. I learned mathematics in whole different manner. Manually graphing equations to a graphing paper, solving equations using paper and pencil are just a few things that i knew what to do when I was in school. It had its ups and downs but realizing now, if only we had these technology when we were in school, thinking about it now, we never should have questioned our teachers so much! Displaying data through softwares and projection devices to solving systems of linear equations could have made learning much more interesting. The MTT program has given me so much help in understang as to what and why are we using technology in our classrooms. This program had solidified my knowledge and now, my desire to help other struggling teachers to integrate technology will be fulfilled. Starting with my immediate co teachers in the mathematics department to my friends in other departments to our whole district, one step at a time. This is my domain, and I want to learn more!
  • Salina V
    I think the main item that this journey has taught me is patience. I always thought technology in the classroom was important, however, I never had the patenice to teach it. I always felt that I would get frustrated in showing students how to do certain WEB 2.0 tools, but as I got more comfortable with them, I realized that if planned well, it is not only much easier to teach, it is a way for kids to retain more information.

    I feel that trainning to be an MTT is slowly changing me into a more social, and more confident person. I was iffy about signing up for MTT, since I still feel that those who have been teaching longer than me as higher than me, and tend to be afraid to speak. I was always the quite kid in class in the background who had the answer, but was too afraid to say it outloud. Now, I am getting better at raising my hand, or just discussion something with a co-working. Since my first year, I was always in a subject that had no team, no department structure, ESL Inclusion, READ 180, so it was basically every man for himself. Now, I am building more and more professional relationships, which will help me when applying for librarian positions, and when teacher come to me for technology intergration help.
  • janie martinez
    My own personal children are very technological savy and they are always talking about the latest technology tool so I want to keep up with the latest so that I could communicate with them. Also, I see the importance of the responsibility that we have as teachers to create students that are prepared for the 21st century. I decided to get into the MTT program so that I could be up to date on the latest tools that are available to us as teachers. Although I have had problems keeping up, I am not giving up. I want to be an asset to my school and serve in a MTT teacher role and mentor to those teachers that are lacking technology to get them excited about integrating technology into their lessons.
  • Josie Mendoza
    Taking this MTT program has really opened my eyes. I thought technology was just a way to communicate. It actually teaches us and helps us teach others. My daughter is in ninth grade and she was the one teaching me how to use some of the technology out there and now I'm the one showing her how to use some of the cool Web 2.0 tools. If there is one thing I enjoyed in taking these courses it would be learning about these Web 2.0 tools, because it sure has been stressful.
  • Delia Torres
    The Master Teacher Technology (MTT) courses have given me an insight to some of the problems that teachers in general encounter while attempting to integrate technology into their content area. I have a better understanding of the importance of the Texas STaR Chart, Long-Range Plan, and the No Child Left Behind Law. Furthermore, I believe that through the MTT participants/mentors who believe that technology integration will ehance the instructional capabilities of teachers in order for the students to use the technology that will make them 21st Century Learners and to compete in a gobal society.
  • Delilah Alegria
    When I first started the MTT program, I was a bit skeptical about my abilities to perform at a high level. I quickly realized that becoming an MTT was more of a learning experience than an assessment or something that would test my knowledge and skills. This program has changed me in the sense that I am now more comfortable trying out new web tools. Also, it has alloted me the opportunity to network with other people through the web. And i'm just not talking about facebook; although I did learn that facebook could be used in an educational way. As an educator, I am now more aware of what our students should be learning and doing and am more able to apply what I've learned in the classroom.

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