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Adriana G Hernandez

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started by Adriana G Hernandez on 21 Mar 12
  • Adriana G Hernandez
    As a librarian, I'm always helping students with their research for reports, PPT presentations, Prezi's, etc. I find that the majority of them go straight to google or another search engine. There's nothing wrong with that, but as a district, we pay for some terrific online resources that are much more academic and are really underused. I know that if teachers would use these online resources and see the value, they would require students to use them. I use EBSCO for all of my graduate assignments. So it is my mission to get the word out about EBSCO, World Book, and Encyclopedia Britannica.

    If you work for Donna ISD, ask your librarian for your school's passwords, find an article that will help you with either an assignment or one you could use in your classroom. Then write about your experience. You can find the link to the databases at
    Click on your school and look for the online resource you want to try out. (The reason I would like for you to use your school's passwords is because then you can share them with your students.)

    If you do not work for the district, or you weren't able to get passwords from your librarian, UTB also has online resources. (Way more than Donna ISD) You have the same task, but you will go to the UTB homepage, click on Library under Academics, then Databases A-Z. I would suggest you use EBSCO because most school libraries subscribe to this resource. To login, use the same username and password for Blackboard.

    I'm sure many of you have seen these before, and I hope you continue to use them regularly.
  • kate Binns
    As a science teacher, my students are required to do a science fair project. I always schedule time for them to have a library lesson and then use the tools that are available to them. My students are always excited when they get the "secret" user name and passwords to Discovery Education and World Book. (They're in fifth grade after all). I like using the resources we've been provided with because they tend to be a lot more safe than Google. I'm always shocked at the type of images that sometimes pop up with seemingly innocent search terms.

    Thank you for the tip on the UTB resources! I will check them out now!
  • Corina Carmona
    After I graduated from the University of Texas-Pan American, I continued to use, which was one the the university's library resources. I love electronic books, and use them all the time. I don't own a Kindle, Nook, or iPad so I don't know if I would enjoy any of those more so than reading an ebook on my computer. Anyhow, Sometime last semester I was completely devastated to learn that my login no longer worked. I was found out, weeded out alumni after several years of freeloading the university's resources. When I needed to research an assignment last semester, I asked my husband for his login from the university he is attending, and he reminded me that I could use the resources at UTB. DUH! I don't know why I didn't think of it. I had completely forgotten about those resources. They are awesome, I can do so much from home. I look up articles, books for class, and when I have time I look up books for leisure. I look forward to an herb garden in the summer.
  • Olivet Castillo
    To be quite honest, I had never used EBSCO, and after using it, based on Adriana's suggestion, I was amazed at the quantity and quality of information available. I too, am quick to use Google and only use a couple of other search engines (because I'm so used to them). I was impressed at the ease of the research, viewing my article. I am always looking for ideas when it comes to Reading Comprehension Improvement with my own students, and I found so many useful sources with EBSCO. I completely agree with you, Adriana, having the students use the available, useful, resources that the district allows us to use, we, as the teachers can feel satisfied that our students are using reliable ones. Thanks!
  • Claudia MARQUEZ
    WOW I will have to say thank you Adriana!
    I did not know we had access to this site, I had seen the librarian use it though. It is so convenient specially when you have students researching a given topic. This site does not through you off as the internet wide pages do. Even though this is a page that we should know I notice that I am not the only one that had nor been in contact with it before. I hope to use it much more now.
  • Itza Moses
    I've used World Book to get articles for my center activities. I have always loved EBSCO and used it through the university. Our library also has access to other things such as Discovery Education and United Streaming. They have excellent virtual field trips and videos of all sorts that are educational.
  • Janice Wilson Butler
    EBSCO is really a life-saver when it comes to research. The UTB library also has an incredible number of resources available to students - take a look at those as well. You can access all the digital content at the library through the main portal. The username and password are the same ones that you use to login to Blackboard.
  • Esther Sauceda
    Thanks for providing the information. I have utilized EBSCO before and it truly does provide quality articles while conducting research. EBSCO certainly will assist students narrowing a topic and produce quality research on any desired topic. I agree we need to encourage students to make use of the school's online library resources. These resources contain reliable websites that provide valid information to use with respective campus' password. Students enjoy the educational videos available.
  • Pedro Torres
    I have used the EBSCo and other tools that the library has and we all have passwords and addresses that our librarian has provided in the begining of the year. Like I have said "I" have used them but not my students. I always look for the arcles and then print them to provide all the information to the students because of time and to avoid students time wasted in other searches. We must let our students use these resources on their own. the district must also provide training on these tools even if they are very easy to use.
  • Salina V
    What is good about our library is that they have all the passwords and links for these resources on bookmakers at the circulation desk. Even with this though, I do agree that students do not use all the resources that are more educational then just researching with Google. I think if teacher pointed out these bookmarks at the circulation desk however, and modeled the use of one of the databases given, students would be more prone to go to those databases for research. I think items such as EBSCO is a little above age level for the students I have right now, but the other ones that are good for kids can be used well in the class and library.

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