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Adriana G Hernandez

Tablets Haven't Killed the PC Yet -- Campus Technology - - 17 views

started by Adriana G Hernandez on 26 Mar 12
  • Adriana G Hernandez
    I thought this article was really interesting. My unprofessional opinion is that there is a good probablity that the tablets will replace PCs. I'm not talking about tomorrow, but they are so powerful already. I remember when the "bag phone" first came about. It was huge! Now we have tiny cell phones that are used for way more than just talking. I think that if they can improve cell phone technology, they can improve on tablets.
  • Itza Moses
    I think you're right Adriana. Tablets are definitely the in thing right now. Technology changes so fast. Before when you would walk into an electronic store you would see desktops only. Gradually the laptop started coming in. Today, you go in there and there are limited amount of desktops, a variety of inexpensive and accessible laptops, and an entire section of tablets. There are so many apps available to do a variety of things, before you know it tablets will take over or something better.
  • Delia Torres
    Choices, choices, so many choices to select from among the technlogy tools that will increase our multi-tasking environment. Due to their mobility size and powerful capabilities, these computer tools are with their owners just about anywhere. A couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I were at PF Chang's having dinner; we saw a boy engaged with an I-Pad while family was having their dinner, a young lady using a tablet while eating her meal, and a young couple that had a laptop, but shut it down when their food was brought to them.
  • Olivet Castillo
    So true, Adriana! As educators, and future MTT's we can see the positive things that will come up with tablets. But Itza is right too, technology changes so fast that we need to change with it too! (kind of intimidating) :/
  • Pedro Torres
    I agree tablets may not replace them today but they will in the near future. The change in technology has been so fast that just when you think you have the latest technology there is something better already in development.
  • Corina Carmona
    I think the tablet is a great gadget for children or young adults. A tablet is more affordable than most PC's or laptops, and I assume would require much less maintenance. It is also much more useful and educationally functional than a cell phone. It may require wireless internet service, but it certainly does not require a contracted service and monthly rate like a cell phone company. I think it would be ideal for kids, and teenagers; inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Claudia MARQUEZ
    I do believe there is much more technology to come, but the question could be will the school districts be prepared. As far as I know the school district that we work at still needs much more work to be done, there are only a few students who have access to the latest technology.
  • Paul Edward Mendiola
    On my opinion, as a computer engineering graduate, tablets are just so new in the market that it has so much room for improvement compared to PC's. PC's are like traditional old school computers that everyone can see familiarity even if they come up with new operating systems. That is the good part of having PC's, not to relearn so much that people sometimes end up getting frustrated. To sum it up, I think there would always be two groups of people, first the ones who would prefer portability, convenience and innovation. Second, those who would prefer traditional. old school, update-from-time-to-time-with-new-operating-systems kind of people.
  • Salina V
    I can see how they would replace PCs in the future. I know that my laptop replaced my desktop here in my house. While I think they would still have the items available for those who do prefer PCs, I think the vast majority would switch to a tablet if they get more powerful in the future. They would really have to go all out to make them PC game compatible with the same graphics as good PC graphics card. There was actually something like these mentioned in a T.V. show that I watch called Supernatural. In the scene, the character as for a computer to complete research and they guy gives him an iPad. They character, who is an older fellow, probably 55, looks at it and says, "What is this?" "I asked for a computer." Then the guy replays, "But, that is a computer." The character is confused but continues working on the iPad anyways with no problems. This goes to show that many already think of it as a computer instead of a tablet, and are replacing their computers with them.

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