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Shannon Reynolds

Do you know about TED? - 49 views

Fall 2012

started by Shannon Reynolds on 07 Feb 12
  • Shannon Reynolds
    One of my favorite speeches to date. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions.
  • Karina Arias
    Thanks Shannon for sharing this site with us. I was particularly impressed by a group of students that won the Google Science Fair. These three young ladies started their projects based on curiosity on a topic that was close to them. It let them to discover many things that for their age is far beyond excellent. This is the sense of inquiry that I would love for all of my students to possess. The last student that was presented in the video came up with a computer software that would create a lung function report. I loved how she integrated technology in such a high level !
  • Lisandra Medina
    Thanks Shannon for posting this website. The firs video about the wii remote is awesome!! I think I am going to have to try it, my classroom does not have a interactive white board! I really want one my students would be amazed with it! I need to get the guys website so I can download the software. The video that I watched was about a no more creativity in school!! I think that this is true. He said that now a days students are taught that they can not make mistakes. If you think about it, it is true. Most of our students are taught to make everything look and be perfect. We do not let students be creative anymore. Watch the video and you'll see what he's talking about. Thanks again Shannon!!
  • Olivet Castillo
    Thanks Shannon, for sharing this website with us. I found the Wii Remote - Interactive Board fascinating. It shows you the creative minds that are out there. The video I want to share deals with improving and motivating our "at risk" students. I think it is safe to say that we all became educators with student success being our main priority. I know I got a reality check when my classroom was not the "picture perfect" scenario they talked to us about during college (LOL). What we have in our classrooms are students with different backgrounds and their own struggles they carry with them. The video I am going to share is inspirational, because it allows "at risk" students to use their creative sense and ultimately become skilled, productive members of society. The video is about a training institution in Toronto, called The Remix Project. This project provided resources for those students who don't have it. The program allowed students to enter with the options to excel in recording arts, creative arts, or the art of business. It also shows the success stories of these "at risk" students. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
  • Elva Mendoza
    After viewing the video on the wii control I am amazed how creative one person can be to overcome barriers (money) when it comes to educating our children. I was so impressed after I viewed the video that I began to read comments left by other viewers. I came to the link below and was in ahh how two teachers from Cambodia took this idea about the wii remoted and used it to create interactive whiteboards using obsolete technology.

    If two teachers in Cambodia can overcome creative barriers, why are not teaching our students creativity when we have the means to teach creativity in the United States.

    Thank you Shannon for sharing such a great website.
  • kate Binns
    I am also a TED talks addict! It is the best source for cutting edge technology, ideas for the future, and inspirational stories. Some of my favorite topics include-- growing your own clothing, footage of a octopus' camouflage, and an amazing story of a 14 year old boy in African who used simple machines to purify water in his village while simultaneously charging cellphones. It's an amazing story!

    TED talks has a special section dedicated to youth and I've used these videos to inspire my fifth grade students. At the end of last year, I chose to assign passion projects to my students. I asked them to think of something that would improve the world around them and to create a plan to do it. My students thought that this was a silly project at first, because how can an 11 year old change the world? To answer that question I showed them the passionate talk hosted by 11 year old Birke Baehr. Birke is a boy with a mission to create awareness of the problems within our food systems. After watching the video, my class was ready to tackle the problems of the world around them. Some of them created their own video styled after TED talks to share their concerns and solutions.

    Here's the link to the video. He truly is an inspiring boy!
  • Shannon Reynolds

    After watching all three of the young ladies speak was so inspiring. Did you not find it interesting that the girls had such a difficult time finding a lab and/or a mentor to help them with research. The amount of data they all came up with and yet under the age of 18! Thanks for sharing.

  • Shannon Reynolds
    Lisandra, I actually watched this video a few months ago. I find him so fascinating and so eloquent. I am originally a music teacher where we are always encouraging our students to be musical and expressive. It is very difficult to explain this concept until they just get it... As a teacher I always told them to "feel the music" this a very difficult concept but once they get it, what an amazing accomplishment. Thanks for sharing.


    ps. Sir Ken Robinson wrote 2 books:
    The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything (Penguin/Viking 2009)
    Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative (Capstone/Wiley)
  • Shannon Reynolds
    Olivet, wow!!! This is a great project. I wanted to post the video that has to go with this blog so others can view it too. I also wanted to share with you another project that happens here in the states. It's called the John Lennon Educational Bus

    The Lennon Bus is committed to providing students with increased access to music, audio, video, and broadcast technologies. The program works together with local partners to create free events for middle, high school, and college age students to tour the bus, and participate in the production of music, video and digital photography projects reflective of their ideas and concerns, regardless of their levels of expertise.
    Check it out any campus is eligible!
  • Adriana G Hernandez
    Thanks Shannon for this website. I had never heard of it before! I really want to try out the Wii Remote for a SMART board. I watched several videos online before I found this one that really made an impact on me:

    It is an Educational Scientist named Sugata Mitra. He has been running educational experiments with students, focusing on Child Centered Education. He has proven some claims that I know we all know are true, such as "If children have interest, then education happens." Another one is "Children will learn to do what they want to learn to do."

    He ran experiments all over, in places such as India, South Africa and Italy. Here's an example of one. He put a computer in a wall with high speed Internet in a small village. Children had never seen a computer before. After two months, he went back and found that students could use the computer to search for information easily. He had lots more examples of the experiments he tried out. They are very eye-opening. If students can do those things by themselves, can you imagine what they could do with a little guidance?
  • Shannon Reynolds
    Elva, don't you find that if you were able to let your students "explore" learning our administrators would have fit? "How does this fit into the curriculum?" they might ask. I always found myself scrambling for the correct answer. Why can't we just let them compose a piece of music at the computer or write a poem or draw a picture?

    Thank you for sharing your video. I encourage everyone to think out of the box this week in your classrooms.

  • Claudia MARQUEZ
    I see now why this discussions are set up even though I had a hard time reaching it and had to ask for help from a peer, I did learn something totally new from your video. I had no idea what TED meant, but now that I know I can become more resourceful with technology in my classroom and school. I think most of us have once said or talked about all the technology resources we are missing, but this video is showing us that what we need to do is to get up and make a change. I found this video at edutopia that i hope will help all us get some new ideas for our classrooms.
  • Shannon Reynolds
    Kate, I had my ten year old watch Birke's speech. Just last night he watched a video about processed meat and now I've been told he doesn't want to each at the school cafeteria any more. Well after watching Birke's speech, he informed me that we are shopping at the farmers market on Saturday.

    I just love that you show a video like Birke's to your students for inspiration. Keep up the great work! and keep watching TED it's good for your soul (hehe).

  • kate Binns
    That's fantastic Shannon! I think it's so important that we empower our students and children to think for themselves and not blindly accept the world as it is. There are so many amazing things that have happened because of a child! Creative is so important in all aspects of life. I am lucky to be a science teacher, because it IS part of the curriculum to encourage my students to think creatively to solve problems. It takes longer sometimes, but in the end the lessons are much more powerful.

  • Shannon Reynolds
    Claudia, thanks for sharing this link on edutopia. Isn't it great to use technology to take project-based learning to the next level? There are so many fantastic resources to help teachers come up with PBL projects for their classrooms. You'll find EDTC 6341 a great avenue in incorporating PBL projects with the aid of technology.

  • Shannon Reynolds
    "When you have interest you have education..."

    Adrianna, that was one of many quotes that came from your video selection. I am so honored to have been able to watch Mr. Mitra, it would be amazing to follow him around while he sets up computers in villages around the world. I am also very excited for you to have discovered TED! I hope you continue to searching for more inspiring videos.

    Thanks, Shannon
  • Salina V
    One video that I have seen is to help educators see the many uses smartphone have in the classroom.

    The reason I think many people can get inspired by this video, is because I recall hearing a great deal about pros and cons of having smartphones in the classroom. Many teachers are worried about allowing smartphones in the classroom and working them into their curriculum because they are capable of so much. However, I think because they are capable of so much that they should be embraced in the classroom, and not feared. In this video, different uses for the smartphone are given such as calculators, being able to go to classroom blogs, and even the use of new educational apps that are in the smartphone market.
  • Corina Carmona
    Thank you Shannon, for sharing that, it was so interesting how innovative and simple it is to have an interactive whiteboard. It seems a little technical, but not impossible.
  • Shannon Reynolds

    A few years ago I taught music for Lyford CISD and although most kids did not have internet access at home they all seemed to have a cellphone. One day I decided to teach a lesson with the students and their phones. They were very apprehensive to take them out of their pockets in fear I would turn them in but I assured them that I didn't even ask for permission to teach this assignment.

    The assignment was simple... Play the class of music that you have downloaded onto your phone while we clap the rhythm. I even took in one step further in some classes and asked them to do rhythmic dictation. It was a huge success! Rhythmic dictation, well any music dictation, is difficult to teach and very overwhelming for any young musician but the chance to pull out your phone in Ms. Reynolds class seemed to conquer all fears.

    I highly recommend you trying the same thing I think you'll be presently surprised by your students enthusiasm.

  • Shannon Reynolds
    Corina, the video does tend to be a bit technical but I think if you asked for student help if you were teaching at the middle or high school level you would probably have yourself a remote.

  • Pedro Torres
    Wow Shannon thanks for introducing me to TED! I spend so much time looking at videos and at the same time learning how technology is progressing in such a fast pace. I did enjoy watching the video about a new program acquired by Microsoft called Photosynth. It links all pictures shared by everyone in the world. I thought that Google earth was awesome because I could see places from the world but this is like looking at peoples "personal memories" Pictures are taken to help us remember unforgettable moments and to have everyone's photos of a certain thing and have them all linked is just amazing. It's like viewing the world though someone else's eyes. Thanks for sharing Shannon!
  • Maria De Leon
    Sharron , let me start by thanking you for sharing this awesome website. I lost track of time watching videos to find a favorite. I viewed many interesting topics and ideas. I especially enjoyed the section of listening to teachers. My favorite was Diana Laufenbergs's How to learn to learn By Mistake. I agree with her ideas that learners need to step out of the walls of a school to experience learning!
  • janie martinez
    I spend about an hour watching different videos from this website. The videos were very interesting and I shared this site with my son. He loved the website. I found the one with Bill Gates very interesting. In this video talks about state budgets that affect our school system. Very scary too... too close for comfort.
  • Leticia Mendez
    Shannon, this is a great web site to look for videos that can bring light to new ideas. There are so many resources at our disposal and we should really take advantage to get as much knowledge as we can. The ideas that this particular video talks about is amazing because we are in a poor area and our technology budget is small and it is an eye opener for our students to get their juices going to start thinking out of the box. Thank you so much for sharing.
  • Delia Torres
    Wow! Shannon, I was absolutely amazed by the Wii remote video from It proves that out of necessity, will, and creativity, there are individuals that are super creative and are willing to share their knowledge to help the world become better. Thank you, Shannon for sharing!

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