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Corina Carmona

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started by Corina Carmona on 24 Feb 12
  • Corina Carmona
    I would say that I am from the Net Generation, I remember the Internet being referred to as the "Information Superhighway." I'll bring up this article again because the first time I posted it too early and I think it is very interesting. What generation do you consider yourself from and how to you perceive the iGereration?

    One great section from Dr. Larry Rosen's book, Rewired: Understanding the iGeneration and The Way They Learn:

    "I have interviewed thousands of children in both formal research
    studies and informal settings. I will never forget an interview with Ashley,
    the ten-year-old daughter of a friend of mine. I asked her why she
    liked technology so much. Ashley looked at me blankly and said, "What
    do you mean why do I like technology? Isn't everything technology? I guess I
    don't even think about it. It's sorta like the sky, ya know. I don't think about
    the sky. I just know that when I look up it's there. Same with technology. It's
    just everywhere." To Ashley, technology is not a tool to use, as it is for
    many adults. It is the center of her life and as we shall see next, she most
    certainly is consumed with it and by it." (Rosen, 25)

    Rosen, Larry D., Mark L. Carrier, and Nancy A. Cheever. Rewired: Understanding the IGeneration and the Way They Learn. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. EBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 30 Jan. 2012.

    Rosen, Larry D. Rewired: They Psychology of Technology. Psychology Today [serial online]. March 26, 2010; Available from: Accessed Jan. 30, 2012.
  • Karina Arias
    I believe the I Generation is everyone that is able to keep up with the new technology trends and is able to use them with ease. I personally think I am surviving in the I Generation, I don't consider myself saavy, but I am definetely not drowning. I like to learn what is new and apply it to my daily life as well as to bring it to my classroom when suitable. I learn a lot from my students and my own children and that is an advantage for some of us or at least it has been for me.
  • Lisandra Medina
    Generation? I think that I would consider myself in the igeneration! I know how to use technology to a certain extent. I love to use the ipad to get apps for my students. The students love to use it as well as myself. I think that most of us in the MTT program would be consider the igeneration. The igeneration would be everyone who stays up to date with the new technologies come out. That is my perspective.
  • Adriana G Hernandez
    I don't think I fit into any category. I'm definitely in the iGeneration for some things. We have an iPad at home and we use it all the time. For example, if we are watching a movie and we can't ting of an actor's name, we look it up. We want to try a recipe, we look it up, and we don't even think about how it was like before we had an iPad. The only thing that really keeps me from being totally in iGeneration, I think, is that I refuse to get on facebook. I have too many things to do and don't have time for it.

    I also fit into the Net Generation because I do lots of things online. I can remember back in the day when we were barely getting Internet in the classrooms (yes, I'm old), I would learn something new and I couldn't wait to share it with my students. I would gather them around the one computer I had in the classroom and show them what to do. Then we would have to wait until our scheduled computer lab time so they could practice what I taught them. We've come a long way since then and I cannot even begin to imagine what it is going to be like in a few more years.
  • Corina Carmona
    That's right, most of us in the MTT program have to keep up with the iGeneration and the technology they were born into. We have a big responsibility keeping up with the digital world. The world of technology can be overwhelming when its out of our grasp and exhilarating when we master a task. Rest assure, we all are learners in every generation.
  • Shannon Reynolds
    I'm to old to know what generation I fit in LOL. I think you're right Corina... We just need to keep up. I've always said that the first rule in technology is knowing how to turn it on. I'll tell you what we just try a stay a second ahead and if you can't that don't worry about asking for help. Yes we are "learners in every generation."
  • Claudia MARQUEZ
    I was also born during the internet boom, but did not have the technology available in my home. Children now a days do have it everywhere, so they are now immersed in technology. I have been learning to manipulate technology much more during this two semesters then in my whole life. I am much more comfortable using technology now and as I learn my children are learning.
  • Maria De Leon
    According to, Welcome to the i Generation!, I am categorized as the X generation. I agree with the findings, but as i was evaluating myself, i can also include myself in the i generation because of my technology usage. Overall, The article was very interesting and enjoyed reading it!
  • Elva Mendoza
    I am definitely part of the NetGeneration, because I do use email,texting, and now blogging thanks to the MTT program. I am from the old school(GenXers) when it comes to the telephone and texting. When I want to catch up with an old friend I prefer talking than texting. I think texting is okay for quick responses, but not for l. For example, a good friend of mine told me that she and a guy she met were talking on the phone. She was so excited, because everything he tells her seemed like he was ready for a relationship. But, the following week she noticed that his conversations were different from before. I adviced her to ask him about it the next time they talked. Well, to my surprise she told me that there conversations were done through text message. I told her that she needed to hear his voice to see if he was sincere or not. With that being said I guess I don't qualify to be part of the iGeneration. I am hoping that through the MTT program I will get closer to being part of the iGeneration.
  • Pedro Torres
    I guess I'm an igeneration participant. I don't like label but if I have to label myself I consider myself a multi-generation person. I grew up learning about computers and was introduces to the Web when I was in high school. I have worked with Apple IIE, Macintosh, IBM and then Windows PC. Going from dialup to networks to fiber optics and now DSL and satellite 3g and 4g LTE in just a couple of years is amazing. It is so hard to keep up and as soon as you buy something, the next new device is coming into the doors of your nearest BestBuy.
    What is really amazing is that children seem to be born adapted to technology. I had such a hard time controlling the mouse and touch pads at first and my kids seem to use them so naturally. My son at the age of 5 was able to program the television and the PlayStation 3. My wife has a hard time with technology but my son is always showing her how to do things in the computer.
  • Josie Mendoza
    I do not know what generation I would place myself under because I actually didn't like using technology much until recently. I have found myself looking up information for my lessons using technology when in the past I had to scrounge around looking up information in books and making copies. Now I find myself enjoying using the technology available. I can now show my own children how to use certain Web 2.0 tools that they are not familiar with. Makes me feel a little smarter than them when it comes to the new technology I've learned..
  • janie martinez
    I definetely belong in the baby boomers generation but have adapted somewhat to the netgeneration and even the igeneration to some extent. I can truly say that I have become more technological savy in the last year and I enjoy surfing the net as they say. There are many things that I do on line like pay bills, look up research for class and even look for lessons to help my students and keep up with 21st century technology. However, I don't have a high tech phone or an ipad but not because I don't want to use them but I can't afford them. As soon as I get either one, I will definetely become part of the igeneration. : )
  • Leticia Mendez
    I'm from Generation X with a technology heart. I have always thought of my self as technolog savy because I have always kept up with the ttrend of computers startng with a manual typewriter and eventually getting my first computer in 1995. I actually started using Excel 95 and I remember going huh! but I figured it out and at that point I new that technology was going to be huge but I had no idea how fast it would grow. I do have an iPhone but I have not bought an iPad, not because I don't want to, I just think that the iPad has limitations that I don't have with a laptop, granted laptop does not have a touch screen but that is ok for me.
  • Delia Torres

    I belong to the "baby boomer" generation! In December 1986, when I left Edcouch-Elsa HS, about 10 new TRS-80 computers were delivered to the class which had 20 IBM Selectric typewriters. I recall when I would use two overhead projectors and transparencies for classroom instruction--that was technology for that time! I definitely feel like a time traveler that has been going through each generation of technology and it just gets better. I look forward to purchasing two iPhones now that my daughter will be attending UTSA in the Fall. I believe that technology should help us become more efficient and productive, but it can be a distraction and dangerous when misused.
  • kate Binns
    I find it really interesting that the Apple way of thinking is coming to a point of even naming a whole generation! I'm not sure that Steve Jobs anticipated the significance of the letter "i" as a prefix to so many words! What started off as just a way to market an mp3 player is now a way to signify that a whole generation of people are technologically linked.

    It is amazing to me how technology has become so integrated into our daily lives and how it has to cross all generational lines! I was in elementary school when we received our very first Macintosh computer. I was about 16 when my parents connected our home computer to the "World Wide Web." I was among the first generation of college students with personal computers. My first lap top cost upwards of $3500 and my current Macbook cost half of that and out does that laptop in so many ways! I'm not sure where I fall into the generations, but I certainly am an "iPerson."

    Technology is for everyone! My grandmother (85) and I email each other every week. My grandfather (75) texts me from his iPhone when he has a question or a funny joke to share. My dad (65) had a facebook account before I did! Is it fair to label one specific generation as a being the 'technology' generation? I don't think so. However, the students we teach have certain standards because they don't remember a time that "googling it" was just someone mispronouncing "goggle."

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