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Laura Rivera

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started by Laura Rivera on 02 Apr 12
  • Laura Rivera
    Since starting the MTT program, I have enjoyed collaborating with my colleagues in using the new technologies which we have been introduced to. In interacting with my fellow MTT's, I have found that one of the major obstacles in using technology in the classroom is time. We have the ideas and, for the most part, we have the hardware. We only lack in time. Should we go back to a scheduled technology period? What are other ways to ensure that technology is being used by our students in school?
  • Claudia MARQUEZ
    I know what you mean. Most of the time we have so many things to introduced and yes I use technology to do so, but I do not have as much time to let children use it by themselves. I also have a hard time since I do not have the all the hardware needed for children to interact with the technology. I believe that we should have an allocation of time so the technology can be adequately used by the children.
  • Esther Sauceda
    Integrating technology can be challenging, especially because the skill needs to be taught before students can apply the skills in the content. I am one of three teachers to teach Technology Applications in one of the middle schools in DISD. By having students acquire technology skills in a separate classroom, it helps core teachers reduce time spent introducing the skill. Thus, technology integration becomes easier in content areas.
  • Pedro Torres
    Yes, the time is so hard to find. I have been trying to integrate technology in so many ways and out schedules keep changing because of testing and other activities. Many students learn to use the programs we intoduce them to but many dont have computers at home or internet that I feel it unjust for them to give them assignments.
  • Corina Carmona
    Laura, you are not alone, finding the time to integrate technology can be overwhelming. I like the idea of students keeping an online portfolio. This will prove most useful for them when they are in college, learning organizational skills and having documents readily available.
  • Itza Moses
    That would be a great idea Laurie. A technology period would be ideal, where teachers would just be able to integrate the technologies in the classroom without having to take time to show students how to use the technology. A technology class could be used in rotation with PE as an elective. This class would be great just to introduce the students to how to use the applications, then students will be able to apply and integrate into the core subjects.
  • Adriana G Hernandez
    I think you all have great ideas, and I have one more. I think that many times we go at it alone. We need to work in teams. Each teacher in the team can teach one tech app, or Web 2.0 tool really well. Then your students can become experts with 4 different tools/apps that can be used in all classes. After a while, each teacher can teach one more.
  • kate Binns
    I agree with Esther! If we had a separate technology period that taught our students the needed skills for basic technology use it would help content teachers immensely! As a 5th grade elementary teacher, I try to help them prepare for middle school by increasing the amount of technology I require. For example, they're asked to present using a variety of Web 2.0 tools, some homework is based online, and I often ask them to type their work rather than hand write it. However, I find that it sometimes difficult to allow them the needed time to learn how to use the tools and to complete the assignment.

    Currently all of my students go to the computer lab at least once sometimes twice a week. However, we've been told that they MUST be using things like Achiever. For those of you unfamiliar with Achiever, it's a program that helps them increase their skills in a content area. While I agree that this is useful for the content area, computer lab shouldn't be for remediation!

    I think that my district would really benefit from creating technology curriculum for each grade level. That way students are being exposed to the technology and learning how to use them outside of the classroom. This will allow the content teacher to assign projects using the technology while feeling confident that the majority of students will be familiar with it.
  • Olivet Castillo
    Laura, that has been one of my setbacks with the mini laptops that were issued to our 8th grade students at our campus. I spent more time teaching BASIC skills ( such as how to save their documents, center the title) to students that I did not have enough time to teach them the 2.0 tool that I was trying to utilize. I'm not saying all of my students were behind in that area, but I had more students that needed the help compared to the few students who have access to laptops at home. That makes a big difference and was quite obvious to see the students who were a bit more tech savvy. I think creating a class that teaches them the basic skills would be beneficial to all teachers (core and elective as well), but I think it can even start at the Elementary Level! Once they reach Middle School, we should be integrating technology in ways that will help them in High School and even College material!
  • Lisandra Medina
    Laura you are right! There is no extra time in the day for us to use technology. I think we do what we can in order to have our students use it. Sometimes it takes to long because some students do not know how to use a computer so you have to teach them as well as do the technology lesson that you have planned. That takes time and with everything else we have to do it gets hard to have a technology lesson. Maybe if it was a period on its own it would be better!!
  • Salina V
    I think most middle school students and up have a technology time already. 6th grade begins with the basics in keyboarding, and then they go into a different tech class when they are in 7th and 8th grade. I believe high school even had BCIS 1 and 2. Besides these classes though, I think making sure technology is used well in the classroom would have to come from the teachers planning time. Time is a hard thing to work with most of the time since their doesn't seem to be enough of it during the day, but I think make full use of any off time given can help with this.

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