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Steve Ransom

Talentism: My Son Won't Do His Homework - 2 views

  • Every employer I know of (and I would assume that you are no exception Colin) wants engaged employees who are passionate about their jobs. Most employers do not want employees who hate their work but persist through it anyway. It is a fallacy to believe that we are teaching our kids that the heart of innovative capability (and therefore their future job prospects) is best served by doing something you hate for an extended period of time no matter the consequences.
  • But I have to focus on what will get them work, even if that will hurt them, society, the companies that hire them and everyone around them.
  • "Why are you so convinced that my son is going to be an academic or an investment banker?" Because as far as I can tell, those are the only two things that schools prepare kids to be.
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  • and that the stuff that he loves (art and music and video games) will be a great future for him and the stuff he hates (math and science) is something he will never compete in, never have a chance at.
  • But school doesn’t care, because school does not have the objective of helping my son produce the maximum amount of value in the future that he will probably encounter. School cares about ensuring that he knows how to take tests, follow directions and can do math that he will never have to care about for the rest of his life.
    Most employers do not want employees who hate their work but persist through it anyway. It is a fallacy to believe that we are teaching our kids that the heart of innovative capability (and therefore their future job prospects) is best served by doing something you hate for an extended period of time no matter the consequences.
Mark Gleeson

David Truss: Transformative or just flashy educational tools? - Teachers with Apps - 72 views

    There are a couple tools out now that I see bantered around in educational circles that I just hate! And there are some pretty awesome tools out there that are being used in rather old and traditional ways, and I don't hate the tool, but I hate the use of them. Exceptions don't contradict what I'm trying to explain here, but rather prove the point that: A tool is just a tool! I can use a hammer to build a house and I can use the same hammer on a human skull. It's not the tool, but how you use it that matters.
Steve Ransom

Education Rethink: Kids Don't Actually Hate That - 6 views

    A great post to get one thinking about what it is that kids actually hate...

10 Things Every College Professor Hates - Business Insider - 42 views

  • 1. Don’t use unprofessional correspondence.
  • 2. Don’t ask the professor if you “missed anything important” during an absence.
  • 4. Don’t ask a question about the readings or assignments until checking the syllabus first.
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  • 3. Don’t pack up your things as the class is ending.
  • 6. Don’t grade grub.
  • 5. Don’t get mad if you receive critical feedback.
  • 7. Don’t futz with paper formatting.
  • 8. Don’t pad your introductions and conclusions with fluff.
  • 9. Don’t misrepresent facts as opinions and opinions as facts.
  • 10. Don’t be too cool for school.
    "10 Things Every College Professor Hates"

College papers: Students hate writing them. Professors hate grading them. Let's stop assigning them. - 69 views

    "Nobody hates writing papers as much as college instructors hate grading papers (and no, having a robot do it is not the answer)."
Peter Beens

Stump The Teacher: My Issues With Homework - 46 views

    Homework is one of those issues we see come up in educational debates on a fairly regular basis. There seems to be two camps where you either love it or hate it...
Frank Noschese

Pseudoteaching | The Becker Blog - 17 views

    "If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you; but if you really make them think they'll hate you." via
Roland Gesthuizen

Education Outrage: Back to School: A message to high school students who hate high school; Here is why you hate it - 21 views

  • I say in this interview that the only way we can learn is by doing and to do that we must practice constantly. Schools rarely teach doing, mostly teaching abstract theories that will never matter to 99% of the population.
  • So, my advice. Know what matters to you. Learn that. Temporarily memorize nonsense if you want to graduate but have a proper perspective on it. Nothing you learn in high school will matter in your future life.
    "I believe that every single subject taught in high school is a mistake. What I write here will infuriate teachers, but teachers are not my enemy. It isn't their fault. They are cogs in a system over which they have no control. I believe there are many great teachers, and I believe that teaching and teachers are very important."
Roland Gesthuizen

On Facebook, Bullies 'Like' if You Hate - - 27 views

  • It is too late to establish distance. To end cyberbullying, we must use the closeness we’ve allowed to breed to our advantage. We must teach them that if one is a cowardly, bullying, rage-baiter online – no matter how many laughs had or page views generated or ad space sold – then one is a bully off-screen, too.
  • Both the older set of digital natives and the generation above us assume that the Internet is a bubble – a space with limits
  • Rage-baiting is commonplace and infuriatingly successful, so the most prevalent language of the Internet is at its best cynicism and its worst outright meanness
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  • there is no wariness, no understanding, no concept of an Internet identity. There is no such thing for them, for example, as “Internet famous.” There is only fame, and the allure of instant gratification.
    For the digitally native generation, self-worth is accrued in likes.
Jeannie Anderson

The Air Force Painting Atheists Found Repugnant - 54 views

  • They allegedly received a complaint from someone at the base who said the picture made “me feel terribly uncomfortable, disheartened and disappointed.”
    Diigo in Education is not an appropriate forum for promoting political views. Perhaps there's another Diigo group that's a better fit for this link/comment.
    I agree with Martha, this is not a forum for promoting political views. I find your comments and links especially distasteful, full of hate and prejudice. Please find another way to look at and interact with the world.
    Sorry Martha. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I just realized that comment was public; it was meant to be private and an expression of frustration (and sarcasm) over all the issues of privacy and freedom of speech discussed in the news this week. Just trying to make sense it all. I haven't done much on Diigo outside of bookmarking, so I'm still trying to understand how this part of the site works. Webster, I'm sorry I offended you. That's not my intent. If you find my links distasteful, you don't need to review them. I'm simply bookmarking troublesome subjects I see to further investigate whether or not I should be concerned, what I should believe, and if I need to take any form of action within my own community. I have a right to be concerned: every time I turn on the news, another issue of privacy and freedom of speech is being trampled on by our government. Bookmarking sources and highlighting ideas that stand out in an effort to further investigate the validity of the sources and see what other sources say to counter is not hateful and full of prejudice: it's simply a process by which one can attempt to find hope to better understand a topic. That's really all that's going on here. Hope I've clarified my intent and appeased you both by removing my comment. Again, thanks Martha for your kind reminder.
Steve Ransom

Trends in Bullying and Peer Victimization - 1 views

    "In this bulletin, we will summarize the trends, from youth sur‐ veys that have tracked bullying specifically, and also those that have tracked closely related phenomena such as school assaults, school thefts, school fighting and school hate speech."
Martin Burrett

Marking: Why It Doesn't Work by @guruteaching - 27 views

    It consumed every evening and at least one day of the weekend. I had no life and the cycle repeated itself every week until the summer holidays. I hated marking. Oh, and by the way, it made no difference! I was ticking and flicking, leaving comments that were far too generic and the marking often went unnoticed or unacknowledged by the students. So, I've stopped. Or at least, I've stopped doing what I was doing. Now, my marking is less frequent but makes a much greater difference to the progress of my students.
Roland Gesthuizen

It's time to stop hating Google Glass - 26 views

    "In the nearly two years since Google began testing its augmented-reality eyewear, public reaction has progressed from "that's amazing" to "those look stupid" to "if you wear them, you deserve to be physically assaulted." Google always said people would need some time to adjust to the concept of smart glasses, but this probably isn't the evolution the company had in mind. "
Liane St. Laurent

Why Some Schools Are Selling All Their iPads - The Atlantic - 49 views

    "While nobody hated the iPad, by any means, the iPad was edged out by some key feedback, said Joel Handler, Hillsborough's director of technology. Students saw the iPad as a "fun" gaming environment, while the Chromebook was perceived as a place to "get to work.""
jeffery heil

Hate PowerPoint? Here Are 5 Web-based Alternatives - 253 views

    5 web-based alternatives to PowerPoint
Martin Burrett

7 Plenary Activities for Newly Qualified Teachers by @RichardJARogers - 8 views

    "I loved competitions when I was a kid. Anything involving puzzles, quizzes or games really excited me. In truth: I loved being right and I hated being wrong! School can be quite a competitive environment. Some of our students can really feel the pressure when it comes to scoring highly on tests, exams and extra-curricular tournaments and events."
Virginia Meadow

Diigo Tutorials - 4 views

  • Diigo Tutorials Last edited September 19, 2008 More by Cliotech - Jennifer Dorman »
  • #6: Hate photocopying and assembling bulky, wasteful handouts? Save time and money. Just tag the pages, including highlights and notes, you want to include, then quickly Extract all the information under that tag. Give students CDs containing copies of the HTML file which has links to all the original pages and includes highlighted passages and your notes, or print copies as you need them. Watch this demo to see how it's done.
    • Donna Lacon
      Teacher uses for instruction
  • #11: Whether you write a blog for colleagues or to keep your students infromed, Diigo offers several useful features. You can blog directly from the Diigo toolbar, with a link to the page you're writing about as well as your highlights and notes already added to the post. Diigo will also send a linkroll of resources you've saved directly to your blog with no extra effort on your part.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • As you build your lesson plan, tag each resource by unit or by week, highlight passages you want to draw students' attention to, and add your own notes to guide them. You can also 'chain' resources by simply adding a link to the next page at the bottom of each note. Diigo's flexibility gives you freedom to use just the structure that is right for your needs and the needs of your classes.
  • Keep up with changes, and always offer your students the latest, most accurate information. By finding frequently updated academic or educational sites on the Web, you can provide them with the most current and relevant material. All you need to do is delete links that have become useless, add the new ones you want, and when you extract the entire topic everything will be up to date.
  • Share anything you find with a colleague, including your highlights and notes, even if they don't use Diigo. Simply use the Forward feature, and Diigo will send anyone you choose a link to the original page along with the text you highlighted, your notes, and any comments you choose to add. All with no cutting, pasting, or going to another window to compose an e-mail.
    Jennifer Dorman's Google Notebook listing Diigo Tutorials. Jennifer if obviously deep into diigo and generously sharing her resources in the best web 2.0 tradition. Check out the list of twelve uses for diigo at the bottom of the page! (I'll highlight a few.)
    How to get access to this demo?
    tutorials for diigo

TechLearning: Four Web 2.0 Collaborative-Writing Tools - 104 views

    • tararoot
      Summary is pretty comprehensive. WhiteBoard and ThinkFree are decent options. GoogleDocs would be my top choice, but I hate that with all of these students need an account. I would rather use the district Wiki for students to collaborate. 
Christopher Williams

Julia Kristeva - 5 views

  • Theories of the body are particularly important for feminists because historically (in the humanities) the body has been associated with the feminine, the female, or woman, and denigrated as weak, immoral, unclean, or decaying.
    • Christopher Williams
      Feminism and post-structuralism operate in binaries: good/evil, truth/lie, love/hate, man/not man(woman)
  • Kristeva emphasizes the maternal function and its importance in the development of subjectivity and access to culture and language. While Freud and Lacan maintain that the child enters the social by virtue of the paternal function, specifically paternal threats of castration, Kristeva asks why, if our only motivation for entering the social is fear, more of us aren't psychotic?
  • Kristeva argues that there are three phases of feminism. She rejects the first phase because it seeks universal equality and overlooks sexual differences. She implicitly criticizes Simone de Beauvoir and the rejection of motherhood; rather than reject motherhood Kristeva insists that we need a new discourse of maternity.
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