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Michelle Kassorla

The Scale of the Universe - 113 views

    Interactive scale tool
    This is one of the most amazing sites you will ever visit. It compares the scale of things from quarks to supernovas and beyond. Prepare to be very impressed.
Martin Burrett

Magnifying the Universe - 6 views

    A great resource for viewing the very biggest and very smallest things in the universe, ranging from galaxies to insects, nebulae and stars to molecules and atoms.
Bruce Gurnick

The Scale of the Universe 2 - 87 views

    An amazing sequel to Scale of the Universe. See the smallest and biggest objects in our universe. This version is animated and has lots more objects to view.
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    Powers of 10 for the web browser!
    compares the size of small and large objects that make up our known universe; shared by Ginny Byrne
    Zoom from the edge of the universe to the quantum foam of spacetime and learn about everything in between.
Martin Burrett

The Scale of the Universe - 118 views

    An amazing resource which shows the relative scales of things in the universe and guaranteed to make you feel insignificant. But wow it's good.
Ann Steckel

Font Size May Not Aid Learning, but Its Style Can, Researchers Find - - 0 views

  • “Studying something in the presence of an answer, whether it’s conscious or not, influences how you interpret the question,
  • participants studying a difficult chapter on the industrial uses of microbes remembered more when they were given a poor outline — which they had to rework to match the material
  • raw effort, he and other researchers said. Concentrating harder. Making outlines from scratch. Working through problem sets without glancing at the answers. And studying with classmates who test one another.
    We know this- working with the material, incorporating it with that we already know takes time- time on task - if a weirder font makes us think about the material more, we'll remember more
Justin Medved

Cell Size and Scale - 94 views

    This is amazing!
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