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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Christopher Carlson

Christopher Carlson

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  • Not only do they cheat, but they justify their behavior as business as usual’
    • Christopher Carlson
      More discussion on ethics is needed as technology is used to assess student learning. I believe the use of the letter grade system exacerbated the problem.
  • However, ‘academics who once praised the Internet for giving students more access to information are now worried it is providing students with easy access to pre-written essays
    • Christopher Carlson
      Parts of an essay can be quoted in a Google search in order to trace "cut & paste" plagiarism.
  • However, where calculators make it easy for students and adults to make quick calculations, they are ‘becoming a mental crutch for students, rather than a tool that promotes higher order learning’
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  • survey
    • Christopher Carlson
      It can be difficult to have complete faith in surveys but most true cases of cheating go unnoticed.
Christopher Carlson

Learning Works for Kids - 36 views

    This is a great website that reviews online video games for their use in education. A great site for teachers looking for games for students who show symptoms of ADD/ADHD.
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