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Shelley Hull

Microsoft Word - BlockingSchedules.rtf - CAREI BlockingSchedules.pdf - 25 views

    • Shelley Hull
      " Early advocates of bloc scheduling identified the block schedule as the ca talyst, or vehicle, for bringing about desired changes in secondary education (Carroll, 1990; Canady and Rett ig, 1995)"
  • Research examining student achievement in block-scheduled schools compared to traditional schools showed mixed and inconclusive results
  • Most research about block scheduling and classroom instruction, as with research on school climate, used student, teacher, and parent questionnaires and surveys.
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  • The levels of engagement were much better in the first year under the block schedule, while in the second year the ratings were the same as under the traditional schedule.
  • Students reported “thinking hard about ideas” and “having indepth discussion” significantly more often under block schedules.
  • his may also be supported by Bexell (1998) who found teachers on block schedules using teaching strategies requiring more interaction than teachers on a traditional schedule
  • It would seem that the small amount of change in the way teachers teach after switching to a block schedule would be disappointing to block scheduling advocates
  • Important questions hover over these findings. What is an effective amount of teacher lecture? Or group work? Or individual work?
  • One thing that is missing from the observation instrument used in this study is any judgment about the quality of a lecture, quality and depth of a discussion, or the complexity of group or individual work
Todd Finley

Welcome to Jiffle | Scheduling Made Simple - 75 views

    Even better than Doodle for scheduling, Students can self-schedule themselves for conferences on your e-calendar. When you accept, Jiffle sends a confirmation.
    viewable only in IE and Firefox, not yet for Safari.
Stacy Olson

YouCanBook.Me - 46 views

    Scheduler that can be used for scheduling Parent-teacher conferences.  Links to Google calendar - free basic version.
Stacy Olson

Google+ Hangout scheduling, made simple | ScheduleHangout - 4 views

    Great tool for scheduling a Google+ hangout. Gives those you invite a few date options and allows you to schedule the hangout based on how invitees respond, or you can have the scheduler set up the event based on the responses you receive. 
Stacy Olson

PTCfast | parent teacher conference software |parent-teacher-conference software | sche... - 32 views

    Free parent-teacher conference scheduler
Steven Engravalle

Schedule Email Gmail Send Later Email Tracking - 0 views

    "Schedule Emails in Gmail. Track Views and Clicks"

What are the Disadvantages of Online Schooling for Higher Education? - 18 views

    "hat Are the Disadvantages of Online Schooling for Higher Education? Today, online schooling for higher education is prevalent across many fields. While there are several benefits to online schooling, such as flexibility and convenience, there are also real and perceived disadvantages. Explore some of the potential drawbacks of online learning. View 10 Popular Schools » Online Schooling In 2012, about a quarter of undergraduate college students were enrolled in distance education courses as part -- if not all -- of their studies, according to a 2014 report from the National Center for Education Statistics. That same data found that 29.8% of graduate students in this country are enrolled in some or all distance learning classes as well. A 2013 report from Babson Survey Research Group and Quahog Research Group, LLC, pointed out that approximately 86.5% of higher education institutions offer distance learning classes. Clearly, online schooling is commonplace. Disadvantages: Student Perspective Despite advantages, online schooling is not the right fit for every student. Taking online courses is generally believed to require more self-discipline than completing a degree on campus, a belief that is supported by SCHEV -- the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. Because online schooling options often allow students to complete much of the coursework at their own pace, students must be motivated to stay on schedule and manage their time accordingly. Other potential disadvantages from a student's viewpoint may include the following: Less Instructional Support Although instructors are available to students via e-mail, telephone, Web discussion boards and other online means, some students may see the lack of face-to-face interaction and one-on-one instruction as a challenge. A lack of communication or miscommunication between instructors and students may frustrate students who are struggling with course materials. That could be exacerbated by the casual nature
Mrs. Lail2

NextUp. Your Meeting. On Schedule. - 80 views

    This tool is designed to keep meetings running on time - which I am all for, but it can be used in the classroom in many different ways, such as structuring a lesson or doing a 'speed writing' session.
    This webpage allows you to schedule meetings, classes, etc, and then functions as a timer, letting you know when it is time to move on to the next topic or activity. Might be a helpful or fun tool for educators!
Jim Julius

PDF Course Schedule Builder - 165 views

    Free tool using a remarkable Adobe PDF form allowing instructors to create a module-based course schedule (as you might include in a syllabus, on a website, or as a handout). 
Rob Reynolds

Doodle: Easy Scheduling - 0 views

    A very simple poll generating tool. Doodle helps finding suitable dates and times for group events, e.g., an appointment, a conference call, a family reunion, etc. In addition to scheduling events, Doodle also supports polls in general. That is, groups can conveniently decide on options other than dates.
Sheri Edwards

earthbridges » Earth Day 2009 - 0 views

    earthday earthcast earthbridges environment wiki earthcast sign up schedule
    earthcast signup schedule
Ann Steckel

Free Technology Tutorials » Google Launches New Course-Scheduling System - 79 views

    google course scheduler
Susannah Azzaro

ITSCO - 40 views

shared by Susannah Azzaro on 07 Oct 09 - Cached
  • Ohio on iTunes UFeatured Podcasts of the Week:ITSCO's programming may now be downloaded directly to your computer or mobile device for personalized professional developmen
  • To register for a class, click the date/location links found above the course description.  You may also visit the Course Schedule where you may view our courses and sort them by course title, date, and location.  
Donna Albertson

Planboard - Lesson planning made easy for teachers and educators - 7 views

    "Planboard helps you easily plan and view your academic year. It's quick and easy to add items for each class. Need a synopsis on weekly schedules? Just hit the week button. Have a lot on your plate? An overview of your day is just a click away."
Nigel Coutts

The danger of teacher burnout - The Learner's Way - 59 views

    Teaching is by nature a high energy profession that demands a lot and while their is much to celebrate there is arena danger of burnout. Taking some time to relax and de-stress is important as is noticing the signs that you are reaching your limit. For all teachers understanding that a break and a change of schedule benefits not just you but your students too can be the catalyst for granting yourself permission for a genuine break.
Mr Casal

Weekly Twitter Chat Times - 45 views

shared by Mr Casal on 16 Apr 13 - No Cached
    Great schedule of live Twitter chats & hashtags. Excellent resource for any educator on Twitter
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