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Martin Burrett

Becoming and being the leader you want to be by @JohnPearce_JP - 11 views

    "In education we are very comfortable using the term "middle leaders", rather than "middle managers", to talk about heads of department and heads of faculty. But are they really leaders? What distinguishes middle leaders from middle managers?  Middle managers - and senior managers for that matter - work to the specification of their leaders. Managers only become leaders when they inject something of themselves into their work. Managers sing the hymn sheets of others. Leaders do much more, they add verses, create harmonies and the best compose new scores. "
Martin Burrett

11 Female Teachers Who Changed the World by @RichardJARogers - 8 views

    "From authors and actresses to CEOs and engineers: Women prove time and time again that they can perform any job just as efficiently and professionally as any man can."
Sharin Tebo

Dear Administrators, Please Don't Forget About the Little Things | Blogging Through the... - 2 views

  • But before you get too far in your dreams, think small first, please.  Before you roll out all of the new initiatives, the changes that you know will make everything so much better for everyone, yourself included, make me a promise first; promise to take care of the little things as soon as possible.
  • An amazing school doesn’t just come from dreams.  It is built upon a foundation of trust, of accountability, of feeling respected.  And all three of those are built on getting the management side of your job done for those who need it.
  • So this year, please do dream big.  Please do work for change.  Get excited about the big things.  But don’t forget the little things, those boring to-do tasks that don’t seem pressing.
Matt Renwick

Education Week: School Leaders: Don't Let Your Teachers Lose Heart - 51 views

  • Survey teachers. In the spring, as you consider programs for the following year (or years), send out a survey to teachers asking them to rate the areas where they need help. Pick your programs accordingly. You won't please everyone, but this is a chance to address your teachers' real concerns.
    • Matt Renwick
      I like this idea. It will help set our goals for the next three years.
  • Take something off the table. Teachers are being asked to do more without letting go of something else. Surprise your teachers before school next year and strike a program that was assessed to be ineffective. Your teachers will love you for easing their load.
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    • Matt Renwick
      What would we take off?
Daryl Bambic

Welcome to - A Community for Education Leaders | - 88 views

    Connect with educational leaders/reformers around the world at
    Allan November talks about the role of the principal/school leader in educational reform. Four main goals for 21st century educators.
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