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Animal Behaviorist: We'll Soon Have Devices That Let Us Talk With Our Pets - Megan Garb... - 23 views

  • Let Us Talk With Our
    This speaks for itself! 
Don Doehla

Found in Translation - 28 views

    Language life at UC Berkeley and beyond. Relfections on meaning, language use, cultural means of expression, status of languages, and more.
Judy Robison

Guest Post - Implementing the First 5 Days | November Learning - 17 views

    a blog post detailing a 15 + min. exercise to see if students recognized the value of Google Translate, and were they aware of its advantages and disadvantages."
Deborah Baillesderr

MobyMax: Complete K-8 Curriculum - 58 views

    Find & fix Missing Skills Adaptive & Differentiated Common Core Aligned
Michael Sheehan

10 Websites for Foreign Language Learning - 127 views

    !0 excellent web based resources for learning e new language.
David Olio - 60 views

    NEA's toolkit for teachers learning to work with CCSS with excellence
David Olio

Common Core State Standards - Resources for CT Teachers - 57 views

    Portal to Common Core State Standards resources for teachers based on teacher's level of concern--where they need to enter the conversation.
Smith Shots

One, two, buckle my shoe: Importance of language to learning math - 38 views

  • use numbers when you talk
  • better head start in math than teaching her to memorize 1-2-3 counting routines
  • "Our study provides the strongest evidence to date that the language a child speaks affects the rate at which they learn number words, and also that hearing number words in naturalistic speech -- not just in counting routines and procedures -- is a critical part of number word learning," Barner said.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • put numbers into natural speech and say to your 12- to 24-month-old "There are two buttons," when pointing to a pair.
Lauren Rosen

Foreign Language Teaching Methods - 50 views

    A great resource for refreshing pedagogical skills. Choose which modules you find most useful and focus on those or do the whole course. Go at your own pace.

LA Woman - 26 views

    My thoughts on what it means to have a label based on test scores and how my students and I are getting through it together.
Don Doehla

For Young ELLs, Learning in Two Languages Best, Review Says - Learning the Language - E... - 16 views

    "nstruction in English and in a child's home language in the preschool and early elementary years leads to the best outcomes for the youngest dual-language learners, both in terms of academic-content achievement and as English-language proficiency, a new research review and policy brief concludes."
Adrienne Schroeder

Thinking About Syncing? Technology Resources for the World Language Classroom - Catheri... - 40 views

    Tech resources for WL classroom chunked into purpose of use
Don Doehla

Why don't US elementary schools teach foreign language? | Edutopia - 32 views

    WL Community Forum discussion @Edutopia
Don Doehla

Language Magazine » The U.S. Foreign Language Deficit - 13 views

    Americans must learn other languages! Pick one to learn, any one! Pick one that interests you. Pick one from your community, your family history... Just pick one and enlarge your mind, your connections, your world! Support others learning as well, especially your own children if you have any. 
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