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Speaker Lab - 29 views

  • A speaker is a device that converts an electronic signal into sound. The speaker you will build (see figure 1) consists of a Styrofoam or paper cup, a coil of wire, a permanent magnet, and a signal source. The electronic signal goes through the coil and creates a varying electromagnet. The attraction and repulsion between the electromagnet and the permanent magnet cause the cup to vibrate and produce sound.
    • anorred79
      Student should work in groups of 2 to 3.
Liane St. Laurent

New Visions CloudLab - 24 views

    List of useful scripts for Google Apps users
Justin Eames

3D GameLab Guildsite - Let the journey begin! - 31 views

    3D GameLab is a quest-based learning platform for teachers and students of all ages
Randolph Hollingsworth

wePapers - PSY 100 LAB 2 UKY Summer 2010 - 12 views

    Creating the world's biggest study group - a Univ of KY student sharing his notes from PSY 100 Lab from Summer 2010
Greg Brandenburg

SUBnet.192 - 25 views

    Lab guide for Cisco CCNA certification class
Paul Welsh

digg labs - 0 views

    these visualizers take reading the stats of what's popular on the web even further - great for visual learners and inspiration
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