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Martin Burrett

Discovering the TechFuture - 29 views

    Read @ICTmagic's article about how pupils can have bright @Tech_Careers in future by pursuing a career in tech.

Reasons why teachers leave the profession & what they do next - - 60 views

    Workload and Bullying Main Reasons for Teachers Leaving the Profession A survey and interviews commissioned by UKEdChat.Com has revealed the main reasons why teachers are leaving the profession, and the careers they move onto once they have made th…

UKEdMag: Careers when Leaving Teaching | - Supporting the #UKEdChat Educat... - 7 views

    A look at the careers teachers turn to when if they leave the profession

PCN Strategies: Careers | LinkedIn - 21 views

    This video demonstrates how products are being developed using open source and open funding. I am going to show this to teachers in a PD session to discuss how the workplace is changing and why students need to learn how to work in collaborative groups. This is important because workplaces are going in this direction. In our classrooms, teachers need to have students involved in collaborative work where they are using higher order thinking skills to create. This methodology supports Common Core curriculum and teach to the future.
Glenn Hervieux

What is Jobs Made Real? | Jobs Made Real - 1 views

    "The website features thousands of videos of people describing and engaged in doing their jobs. The idea for the website was created in response to teens saying they do not know what people really do in their jobs, and therefore find it difficult to decide on a career direction.
Tonya Maier

How high-school decisions can affect your career - 72 views

  • According to research cited in the book, high-school seniors who worked 20 hours per week had annual earnings as young adults that were 25 to 30 percent higher than those seniors who didn't work.
  • Increased chance of being hired More hours of work over the year Higher hourly or annual earnings Increased benefits offerings, such as health insurance Greater employment stability Better upward mobility Increased chances of employer-supported training
  • four key issues that need to be addressed in high school to help set students up for career success.
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  • "The problem for many students, and even parents, is that they fail to think of high-school education as an investment good," according to the book "College Majors Handbook with Real Career Paths and Payoffs."
  • Pay levels can also vary based on how much higher learning is obtained. As the book explains, graduates of two-year degree programs earn 22 percent more per year than high-school graduates with no degree. Bachelor's degree holders earn about 66 percent more per year than their high-school graduate counterparts.
Ron Plank

To Train Teachers, a New Lesson Plan - - 94 views

    Only available to subscribers?
Amy Roediger

The Future Ready Project | The Future Ready Project - 26 views

    Achieve's Future Ready Project is an initiative to promote and sustain college- and career-ready education policies in all states. We want to make sure all students graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century economy.
Peter Beens

7 Skills students need for their future - YouTube - 126 views

    Dr. Tony Wagner, co-director of Harvard's Change Leadership Group has identified what he calls a "global achievement gap," which is the leap between what even our best schools are teaching, and the must-have skills of the future: * Critical thinking and problem-solving * Collaboration across networks and leading by influence * Agility and adaptability * Initiative and entrepreneurialism * Effective oral and written communication * Accessing and analyzing information * Curiosity and imagination
Jean Potter

Scientists @ the Smithsonian - 57 views

    Smithosonian battles the stereotypes often associated with scientists by featuring 20 scientist with interviews, job descriptions, and additional resources.
Holly Barlaam

Explore Health Careers - 29 views

    A resource for health careers. Includes information on dentistry, veterinary medicine, mental health, nursing, medicine, pharmacy, public health, physical therapy, and lots more. Could be used as a reference for reports/presentations/etc on health-related careers.
Kevin Kaeser

SPENT - 99 views

    Great online simulation that challenges students on their views about poverty and homelessness.
    A social economic game where you are presented with lots of financial challenge. Can you make it to the end of the month?
    Simulation where students are unemployed and make decisions about seeking employment, spending money, and raising a family though finanancial obstacles.

Engineer Your Life - Homepage - 26 views

shared by quirozd on 30 Mar 10 - Cached
    Encourage girls to pursue engineering by showing them good role models
Barbara Moose

Careers of the Future - 39 views

    Converge Magazine article on careers of the future
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