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Martin Burrett

Fit To Teach - 16 views

    A beginner's guide to start running for educators.
Martin Burrett

Quality playground experience matters - 5 views

    "Playtime, or break, periods can offer physical, cognitive, social and emotional benefits to primary school children, but those benefits are tied closely to the quality of the playground experience. Playground safety, access to play equipment, peer conflict resolution and quality engagement between adults and students are among the factors that contribute to a quality recess experience, new research from Oregon State University (USA) shows."

Speaker Lab - 29 views

  • A speaker is a device that converts an electronic signal into sound. The speaker you will build (see figure 1) consists of a Styrofoam or paper cup, a coil of wire, a permanent magnet, and a signal source. The electronic signal goes through the coil and creates a varying electromagnet. The attraction and repulsion between the electromagnet and the permanent magnet cause the cup to vibrate and produce sound.
    • anorred79
      Student should work in groups of 2 to 3.
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