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Matt Renwick

Principal: What I've learned about annual standardized testing - The Washington Post - 36 views

  • the Department of Education should not be “a national school board.
    • Matt Renwick
      Quote from Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island)
  • to think that first-graders fluently reading would “cure poverty” is not only indefensible, it trivializes the great economic inequities that are the root cause of our nation’s greatest challenge.
  • I have witnessed schools move from progressive practices such as inclusion, to the grouping of special education students with ELLs and other struggling learners into “double period” classes where they are drilled to pass the test.
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  • There is now minimal support from the research community for the use of annual test scores in teacher evaluations, often referred to as VAM.
  • When teachers begin losing their jobs based on test scores, how easy will it be to attract excellent teachers to schools with high degrees of student mobility and/or truancy? Who will want to teach English language learners with interrupted education, or students with emotional disabilities that make their performance on tests unpredictable?
Jennie Snyder

Building the Culture of an Empowered Mindset Towards Technology Innovation | The Princi... - 23 views

  • In this work, I have realized how truly important the role of principal is in building, not only in creating a positive culture, but an innovative one.  
  • Often times, as the principal goes, so does the culture of the school.
  • It is unlikely for an entire school to be “pushing the edge” if the principal or administrative team is not helping to pave the way for their community as they learn alongside of them.
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  • o create a visual that discusses the correlation of the school mindset on technology innovation in learning, and the alignment it has with administrator support, professional development, and the corresponding hardware/infrastructure within the school/classroom.  

The 21st Century Principal: Which Model of Project-Based Learning Is Needed in 21st Cen... - 50 views

    PBL and 21st Centruy Schools

- From the Principal's Office: Autonomy Breeds Change - 31 views

    For administrators - try freedom
Jennie Snyder

The Principal of Change - 0 views

  • The schools that have someone (or a group of people) helping to push the boundaries of what can be done in schools seem to move a lot quicker with a larger amount of “buy-in” through the process.
  • I do not believe change is solely dependent upon their skills, but also the culture in which they exist.
  • So although a change agent can trigger growth in an organization, the culture in which they exist or are brought into has a huge bearing on their success.  If a school embodies itself as a true learning organization, change will happen much quicker.
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  • individuals that are really successful in helping to be a catalyst for change certainly embody some similar characteristics
  • a “change agent” does not have to be the person in authority, but they do however have to have a clear vision and be able to communicate that clearly with others.
  • it is essential to tap into the strengths of the people you work with and help them see that there are many ways to work toward a common purpose.
  • To have sustainable change that is meaningful to people, it is something that they will have to embrace and see importance.
  • he persistence comes in that you will take opportunities to help people get a step closer often when they are ready, not just giving up on them after the first try.
  • When that solution is someone else’s, there is no accountability to see it through.
  • character and credibility”; they are not just seen as good people but that they are also knowledgeable in what they are speaking about.
  • If you want to create “change”, you have to not only be able to articulate what that looks like, but show it to others.
  • How can you really know how “kids learn” or if something works if you have never experienced it?
  • All of the above, means nothing if you do not have solid relationships with the people that you serve.
  • People will not want to grow if they do not trust the person that is pushing the change.
  • Trust is also built when you know someone will deal with things and not be afraid to do what is right, even if it is uncomfortable.
  • positive change is not reserved to be the responsibility of any position.
  • The best leaders may have all of these qualities but also empower others to be those “change agents” as well to build a culture of leadership and learning.
Roland Gesthuizen

How Twitter Changed Everything « The Learning Principal - 108 views

    "I have alluded to the difference Twitter has made to my professional growth before. I thought I would take time to write a blog that strictly addresses what it has done for me. "
Roland Gesthuizen

A Principal's Reflections: Common Misconceptions of Educators Who Fear Technology - 1 views

  • as there are many creative ways to cut costs, as well as to free resources that can be used with existing infrastructures.  Schools can utilize cost-effective lease purchase programs for computers, investigate the implementation of a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program, or promote the use of a plethora of free Web 2.0 tools.
  • Schools and classrooms do not, and will not, spiral out of control when we allow teachers the flexibility to take calculated risks to innovate with technology or permit students to learn using social media or their own devices.
  • One of the most powerful means of professional development is through the use of social media where educators can create their own Personal Learning Network (PLN) based entirely on their unique needs and passions.
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  • Don’t let fear based on misconception prevent you from creating a more student-centered, innovative learning culture
    "Even as we are seeing more schools and educators transform the way they teach and learn with technology, many more are not. .. Opinions vary on the merits of educational technology, but common themes seem to have emerged.  Some of the reasons for not embracing technology have to do with several misconceptions revolving around fear."
Roland Gesthuizen

21 Signs You're a 21st Century Principal - SimpleK12 - 180 views

    Are you a 21st Century Principal?  Find out!
    LOVED this article! Wish our principal was on board. We move forward with or without her - mostly without her!
Roland Gesthuizen

School principal answers call to ditch mobile phone ban - 60 views

  • 'If there is too big a disconnect between school and the rest of society, people start to think we have got our heads in the sand - and the boys think we are even bigger idiots than they do normally,'
    "THIS year Christian Brothers' College in St Kilda East did something radical: overturned its long-standing ban on students bringing mobile phones to school. The decision was not made lightly. Principal Gerald Bain-King recalls agonising over the risks when a trial was first mooted several years ago."
Steve Ransom

The Whole Child Podcast « Whole Child Education - 22 views

    In this interview we see an administrator/principal who is passionate and who values attributes beyond teaching skills - capacity to love and care for students. We teach students, not subjects.
Roland Gesthuizen

Inspiration delivers. | The Principal's Posts - 110 views

    My vision for how staff development should look in my school has undergone a transformation over the past year. In my first year as a principal I recall the dread of conducting the marathon faculty meeting on opening day, droning on and on about everything from recess line-up procedures to my expectations for lesson plan submissions.

A Principal's Reflections: Opening Minds on Social Networking - 53 views

    Before opening his mind to the educational value of social media, he blocked You Tube at school. Great message for school board members and administrators.
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