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Every Email Students Send Professors - 76 views

  • “Hi professor X! Before the exam tomorrow, do you mind answering these 47 very specific questions I have about the material that I’ve been meaning to ask you all semester? If you do not help me I will fail and lose my scholarship and probably die, thank you in advance.”
  • “hey I just realized that since I didnt show up for the midterm or do any of the homework im probably failing the class, is there any extra credit i can do between now and tomorrow to make sure I get at least an A?”
Roland Gesthuizen

Teachers demand protocol for emails - - 101 views

    "Teachers across NSW will refuse to respond to student and parent emails unless all public and private schools put protocols in place to deal with the after-hours use of technology, privacy issues and legal concerns.

    Check the date please... Dec 2002 is what shows when I read article. Were you doing historical piece on changes?
Steven Szalaj

Can Computers Be Funny? - - 71 views

    Teaching computers humor - it helps us learn more about what sets us apart as humans.

What's So Funny about Disability? » The Society Pages - 58 views

    very useful perspective covering critique, useful film summaries and mention of comedians with disabling conditions
Deven Black

Overcome Writer's Block, Suggestions To Get You Writing Again. - 66 views

    Writer's Block can stop your creative efforts in their tracks and overcoming writer's block is a tough task. WEbook is here to help you overcome this creative hurdle. Use our 911 Writers Block for helpful suggestions and ideas to get the creative juices flowing again.Share: 
Roland Gesthuizen

xkcd: Internet Argument - 50 views

    Internet Argument
Steve Ransom

SlideFest Do & Don't - 156 views

    5 great videos that mock the misuse of any presentation tool... along with tips to improve
Lena Darnay

I'm a Teacher and After Tuesday, I Could Be Fired - 135 views

    This is an interesting perspective blog post from Huffington Post sharing the view of education reform from a High School English teacher in California.
Steve Ransom

Daily Kos: Notice to All Banker Types from a Teacher - 97 views

    Sadly funny.
Kate Tabor

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski - 46 views

    What if Shakespeare wrote the Big Lebowski?
Michele Brown

Educational Jargon Generator - 96 views

    This site generates educational jargon to use for your report or grant.  Find the right combination of words.
Virginia Meadow

Hooverdog's BadJokes - 11/21/2001: - 0 views

    Anatomy jokes check it out
Steve C

Teachers Working - 0 views

    Museum of humor teacher lessons.
Steve Ransom

Joachim de Posada says, Don't eat the marshmallow yet | Video on - 0 views

    In this short talk from TED U, Joachim de Posada shares a landmark experiment on delayed gratification -- and how it can predict future success.
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