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Siri Anderson

Dyslexiefont B.V. - home-use - 23 views

    Claims for this font are unsubstantiated, but it would make sense that some fonts are easier to read than others. I taught for several years before learning the trick that if you added a space between every four lines in a list children could get through the list much more quickly.
Deborah Baillesderr

Free OpenSource Dyslexia Font - OpenDyslexic - 67 views

    Open Dyslexic is a free font based on research about dyslexia that is designed to improve readability on screen and in print for dyslexic students.

20 Free Handwriting Fonts - Remaking June Cleaver - 116 views

    Great, fun and exciting fonts for the computer. I love it! 
Wayne Holly {Fonts} :: Illustration & Design, Digital Scrapbooking, Free Fo... - 89 views

    The MTF Collection Provides Many Fun, Free Fonts to Liven Up Your Designs, Presentations, and More
Martin Burrett

Font Squirrel - 106 views

    A great site full of free fonts for commercial use. Great for publishing children's work.
Steve Kelly

FontStruct | Build, Share, Download Fonts - 73 views

    An amazing site that lets you create fonts by shading in a grid. Your class will love it. The tool allows you to make any pattern for a key stoke, so you can even create pictures or codes that only they can read.
Ann Steckel

Font Size May Not Aid Learning, but Its Style Can, Researchers Find - - 0 views

  • “Studying something in the presence of an answer, whether it’s conscious or not, influences how you interpret the question,
  • participants studying a difficult chapter on the industrial uses of microbes remembered more when they were given a poor outline — which they had to rework to match the material
  • raw effort, he and other researchers said. Concentrating harder. Making outlines from scratch. Working through problem sets without glancing at the answers. And studying with classmates who test one another.
    We know this- working with the material, incorporating it with that we already know takes time- time on task - if a weirder font makes us think about the material more, we'll remember more
Chris Betcher

Identifont - Identify fonts by appearance, find fonts by name - 46 views

    Welcome to Identifont, the largest independent directory of typefaces on the Internet, with information about fonts from 651 publishers and 176 vendors.
tom campbell

Google Font API - Google Code - 34 views

    make it pretty, pretty easily!
Kathy Malsbenden

Typetester - Compare fonts for the screen - 69 views

    The Typetester is an online application for comparison of the fonts for the screen. Its primary role is to make web designer's life easier.
Betty Powell

Resources » Free Photoshop Tutorials | PhotoshopStar - 0 views

    Download free fonts, backgrounds, textures and other elements for webmasters to use.
Lee-Anne Patterson

Create a font from your own handwriting - - 1 views

    Create your own font - no software required. All you need is a printer and a scanner and it's free. You can give this to kids and they can create their own font!. NOTE - this site is no longer Free. You can see your font but need to pay $9.95US to download it. What a rip off!!
Lee-Anne Patterson - 0 views

    site for free fonts - good tagging system makes it easy to search
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