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Deborah Baillesderr

Global Oneness Project | Bringing the World to Your Classroom - 59 views

    "Bringing the World to Your Classroom"
Deborah Baillesderr

Lesson Plans, Assessments, Homework, Videos, Games. Over a million items aligned to Com... - 104 views

  • - Great site.
Deborah Baillesderr

CueThink - 51 views

    "An innovative iPad application to improve critical thinking skills and math communication of students in grades 4-12. "
Matt Renwick

Common Sense for the Common Core - edu Pulse - 27 views

  • literacy achievement gains tend to be fleeting
  • Without administrators who have a solid knowledge of effective literacy instruction
  • two huge obstacles may eventually cause the downfall
  • ...15 more annotations...
  • became necessary when it was blatantly apparent that not all students in U.S schools had equal opportunity to learn
  • standards are necessary but insufficient
  • isolated skills and/or standards
  • depends on teachers and leaders knowing how to expertly implement them
  • proliferating “Common Core-aligned” materials
  • We are a “quick fix” society, and we often reject a commitment to long-term goals and outcomes. 
  • What’s on the test is what gets taught
  • high-stakes testing that accompanies the standards
  • Administrators need to take the lead
  • Become discerning readers and writers.
  • Do more read-alouds of excellent literature.
  • Standards do not transform teaching and learning
  • Organize curriculum through emphasizing big ideas and important concepts.
  • Embed shared experiences in your teaching.
  • a culture of trust, inquiry, coaching, collaboration, celebration of strengths, and, yes, even joy
Matt Renwick

Rage Against the Common Core - - 22 views

  • Race to the Top program to encourage states
  • misconception that standards and testing are identical has become widespread
  • Many teachers like the standards, because they invite creativity in the classroom — instead of memorization, the Common Core emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • 76 percent of teachers favored nationwide academic standards
  • unreliable and biased against those who teach both low- and high-achieving students.
  • Obama administration has only itself to blame
  • emphasized high-stakes “accountability” and market-driven reforms
  • link talented teachers with engaged students and a challenging curriculum

The University of Arizona - Institute for Mathematics & Education - 35 views

    "Progressions Documents", the documents which outline specific mathematical learning progressions upon which the Common Core State Standards were based. If you're in a state that teaches these you should definitely find some time to read through them. If you are a teacher elsewhere, it can't hurt to understand these progressions.
Sharin Tebo

Creative Educator - Build Thinking Skills with Informational Text Projects - 38 views

  • This informational text piece lends itself to having students create an associative letter project versus a traditional report. In an associative letter project, students are assigned a letter that they must use to find words representing the text they’ve just read. For example, “R is for the Montgomery Bus Boycott” might lead a student to choose words like race, rights, or Rosa as the focus of a variety of paragraphs that describe the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
    • Sharin Tebo
      I like this associative activity!
  • By providing students with meaningful, thought-provoking experiences, you can turn informational text study into an exercise in creative and critical thinking!
  • Informational text isn’t going to bring about the death of creativity; rather, creativity depends upon what we ask students to do with the text once they’ve read it. If we ask students to read a non-fiction passage then fill out a worksheet about the passage, we are missing a chance to provide our students with an opportunity to create imaginative, artistic end products demonstrating critical thinking skills hard at work.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Grades 6-8 Exemplar Informational Text: Freedom Walkers, the Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, by Russell Freedman Creative Thinking Approach: Associative Letter Project In Freedom Walkers,
Deborah Baillesderr

Common Core Standards Explorer - 64 views

    This site lists CCSS sites related to a particular standard.
Steve Kelly

9 Ideas to Help Explain Common Core to Parents -- THE Journal - 2 views

  • 9 Ideas to Help Explain Common Core to Parents
    Resource for #BTS #BacktoSchool night for #Parents in #LMTSD to explain #CCSS #CommonCore State #Standards...
Deborah Baillesderr

FlexMath - Home - 98 views

    This site is great! It includes objectives, math vocab, modeling problems, exercises, differentiated problems, student self-eval, writing component, and homework. Best of all it's FREE!
Deborah Baillesderr

Parent Roadmaps to Common Core Standards / Parent Roadmaps- English Language Arts - 35 views

    This is another great resource for parents on Common Core and how they can help their child in each grade. I like this one in particular because it shows parents a 3 year CCSS snap shot.
Deborah Baillesderr

Common Core Standards Explorer - 55 views

    "Looking for Common Core-aligned edtech? We've got you covered."
Deborah Baillesderr

Front Row - 46 views

    A great freeK-8 math program worth checking out.
Jane Trotter

BetterLesson: Share What Works | Free K-12 Lesson Plans, materials and resources - 58 views

    A rich site full of Common Core lessons for all to use.
    "Over 5,000 complete Common Core-aligned lessons from our 130 Master Teachers. Introducing CC.BetterLesson - a brand new, free resource from the BetterLesson team featuring the highest quality Common Core-aligned lessons created through our Master Teacher Project."
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