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The University of Arizona - Institute for Mathematics & Education - 35 views

    "Progressions Documents", the documents which outline specific mathematical learning progressions upon which the Common Core State Standards were based. If you're in a state that teaches these you should definitely find some time to read through them. If you are a teacher elsewhere, it can't hurt to understand these progressions.
Brianna Crowley

Is Common Core the Enemy of Autonomy? - Teaching for Triumph: Reflections of a 21st-Cen... - 35 views

    An elementary teacher in a 99% school elaborates on how the CCSS can improve the current system that we have.
susan gehrke

Actively Learn - 38 views

shared by susan gehrke on 05 Oct 13 - No Cached
    This is amazing!! I couldn't wait to share it with teachers at our school. Thank you for sharing the link.

Inspirational Teaching Videos: Covering Common Core, Math, Science, English And More - 90 views

    194 videos on Common Core, most are no more than 10 minutes long. The ones I've viewed so far have been very informative. Some are great examples of lesson you can try in your own classrooms
Martha Hickson

Newsela | About Newsela - 48 views

    Newsela automatically gives each student the version of an article that's just right for his or her reading ability. And an easier or harder version of each article is just a click away.
Brianna Crowley

Education Week Teacher: In Common Core, Teachers See Interdisciplinary Opportunities - 89 views

    For English and Social Studies teachers looking to align to Common Core while not sacrifice engagement and content this has some great suggestions. 

Thursday 3/14 is Pi Day! From Common Core and Educational Technology - 86 views

    2013 Pi Day is coming up 3/14. Here are some sites with fun and relevant class activities from our recently started blog supporting Common Core and Ed Tech. Please take a look at the site and provide any feedback! Thanks,

Keyboarding tools to support CC stds! From Common Core and Educational Technology: - 89 views

    Here's our latest post on web-based keyboarding tools that support the Common Core. Please take a look and give us feedback. We're a new site with a goal to address ed tech tools that support Common Core.
Brianna Crowley

Education Week: Interpretations Differ on Common Core's Nonfiction Rule - 0 views

  • Ideally, she said, teachers are working in cross-disciplinary teams to decide how to balance those shared responsibilities in a solid curriculum.
  • And Ms. Highfill has not found the guidance on shared, cross-curricular responsibility to be translating into classroom reality. In her district, she said, "there still seems to be more of a focus on English teachers' using nonfiction in classrooms than the other content areas stepping up to the plate."
  • such titles are meant for classes other than English, and seeing them as texts that displace works like The Catcher in the Rye takes titles out of context and ignores the messages of the standards document as a whole.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • teachers and local administrators are the ones who must decide how to share responsibility for the increased emphasis on nonfiction. "If a lot of good, close reading of high-quality, challenging texts is going on in science and history classes," she said, "then English/language arts teachers need to carry less of that responsibility."
  • It is English/language arts teachers who will be held accountable for the results, which will drive what happens in their classrooms week to week, he said.
Susan Harari

What should children read? - 5 views

    NYT op-ed on using narrative nonfiction in the classroom.
N Carroll

Common Core Reading Lessons - 154 views

  •  This site is meant to be a resource for K-12 teachers who are or will be implementing the National Common Core State Standards
N Carroll

Common Core Math Lessons: Welcome! - 88 views

    With information and resources for grades K-12
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