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Clara Bakken

Extensions and Web Apps - Chromebook Classroom - 104 views

    Explanations for what an app and an extension are as well as great list of links.
    Great list of extensions and apps for use in the classroom

What Can You Create on a Chromebook? - Google Docs - 98 views

    Chart shows what tasks you can do on a Chromebook (pretty much anything) and the application that you can use to do it.
Nina Levine

Keyboard shortcuts - Chromebook - 3 views

    Quick reference list of useful shortcuts to use on the Chromebook.
Liane St. Laurent

Why Some Schools Are Selling All Their iPads - The Atlantic - 49 views

    "While nobody hated the iPad, by any means, the iPad was edged out by some key feedback, said Joel Handler, Hillsborough's director of technology. Students saw the iPad as a "fun" gaming environment, while the Chromebook was perceived as a place to "get to work.""
Roland Gesthuizen

Put Chromebooks in proper context: This is not a joke - TechRepublic - 83 views

  • The issue, instead, is whether a user's needs can be met with web applications and services.
  • Google and Chromebook manufacturers are betting that the web will be enough for many users. That's not a joke. That's a market. And I think many people believe that's where the world is heading.
    "view the Chromebook from an entirely different perspective: that of someone whose applications and data exist entirely in the cloud"
Liane St. Laurent

Use Chromebooks for Student Assessments - Chrome for Business and Education Help - 57 views

    How to set up chromebooks to securely deliver assessments.
Liane St. Laurent

Chromebooks and iPads: Rivals No More | EdSurge News - 85 views

  • Clearly, iPads and Chromebooks each have their own appeal -- but when paired together, the resulting hybrid model can provide quite the package to an innovative and multi-level school. Integrating both devices into classrooms allows for flexibility of teaching and learning, and exposes students to various ways of accessing information and creating content. Students also develop much-needed 21st Century Skills, with collaboration, critical thinking, and digital literacy coming into play as they explore new ways to integrate devices into their learning.

The CHROMEBOOK TEST - 99 views

    Using a chromebook in schools
Oskar Almazan

What's new for Diigo Chrome extension 2.1 - 102 views

    • Brian Davis
    • Thieme Hennis
      very nice.
    • Steve Kelly
  • As you can see, this is a significant update that our team has worked really hard to deliver. We hope you like the changes, and would love some 5-star ratings from you! If you have specific ideas or feedback, please join us at our user forum. The changes include the following:
    • Brian Davis
    • Cassandra Molsen
    • Oskar Almazan
    • Oskar Almazan
    Using a Chromebook in the classroom
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