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Siri Anderson

Owl Together by Rose Abernathy - 11 views

    Multiplayer online game posing the spotted and barred owls against one another in territory acquisition as a means to teach about biospheres and global warming. Brilliant idea. I don't have anyone to play with so not sure how it works.
Martin Burrett

Video: The Strangest Plant In The World?! - 5 views

    "What is the strangest plant in the world? This video explores the contenders and teaches lots about plant science at the same time."
Martin Burrett

Ecology Lab - 18 views

    "An interesting food chain/web simulator to help your pupils understand the interdependence within an ecosystem."
Martin Burrett

Pink Trombone - 52 views

    Interesting voice simulator where you adjust the shape of the virtual mouth and voicebox to investigate how these work to produce sound.
Martin Burrett

When fish come to school, kids get hooked on science - 14 views

    "A programme that brings live fish into classrooms to teach the fundamentals of biology not only helps students learn, but improves their attitudes about science, a new study finds. The study of nearly 20,000 K-12 students, who raised zebrafish from embryos over the course of a week, found that kids at all grade levels showed significant learning gains. They also responded more positively to statements such as "I know what it's like to be a scientist." The results, to be published by the journal PLOS Biology, suggest that an immersive experience with a living creature can be a particularly successful strategy to engage young people in science, technology, engineering and maths."
Mark Glynn

The Cell Cycle & Mitosis Tutorial - 22 views

  • se, anaphase, and telopha
  • s, although a dark spot called the nucleolus may be visible. The cell may contain a pair of centrioles (or microtubule organizing centers in plants) both of which are organizational sites for microtubules.
  • of the cell and fibers extend from the centromeres. Some fibers cross the cell to form the m
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • eres creating the kinetochores. Microtubules attach at the kinetochores and the chromosomes
Glenn Hervieux

Ecosystem Explorer | EARTH A New Wild | Science | Interactive | PBS LearningMedia - 46 views

    "Inspired by content from the upcoming PBS series EARTH A New Wild, the Ecosystem Explorer is a collection of videos, games, and infographics designed to take students deep into the ecosystems of three thrilling animals: vultures, wolves, and sharks. Use the related videos highlighted below to introduce each ecosystem and discover that the relationship between animals and humans is often much more complicated than we realize. Then, encourage students to play through the interactive and discover more exciting science about the ecology and conservation of these three worlds."
Martin Burrett

DAQRI Anatomy 4D - 31 views

    An augmented reality Apple & Android app which allows you to explore human anatomy.

DragonflyTV . Dog Breeding | PBS KIDS GO! - 20 views

    • anorred79
      Make sure students go through all levels - great for teaching genes (dominant and recessive) & genetic mutations.

Highlights for High School | MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials - 35 views

    Open Course Ware for High School Science and Math with Exam Prep
sjkm 's bookmarks

Once upon a time... Life - YouTube - 49 views

    Series of educational videos, basic biology
Michele Brown

Home of CELLS alive! - 53 views

    interactive science site
Martin Burrett

Snapshot Serengeti - 32 views

    This is a wonderful citizen science project where users are asked to classify animals on the Serengeti from camera traps to help real scientists survey and track populations of important and endangered wildlife.
Martin Burrett

SciShow - YouTube - 108 views

    This is a fabulous and fascinating YouTube channel where all sorts of science ideas are explored and explained in a friendly and engaging way. The topics range from near Earth Asteroid to dung beetles. The videos often cover science stories that are currently in the news.
Derrick Grose

Dr. David Suzuki ... all Environmentalists - 19 views

    In this interview with School Libraries in Canada, Dr. David Suzuki discusses how he became engaged with science and the importance of engaging all citizens as environmentalists as National Science and Technology Week approaches in Canada.
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