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Michele Rosen

Assessment and Rubrics - 78 views

    A mother lode of rubrics for all sorts of products, projects, and processes
Paul Beaufait

10 Reasons Why I Want My Students to Blog - Getting Smart by Susan Lucille Davis - DigL... - 42 views

  • For my money (which usually means free), blogging provides the best venue for teaching student writing.
  • This emphasis on process encourages reflection and re-thinking, doubling back on earlier posts and feedback to watch how the process of learning unfolds.
  • Transparency requires being comfortable in your own skin; it requires being who you say you are; it requires a healthy openness and an equally healthy sense of privacy armed with a modicum of skepticism.
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  • Being truly Internet savvy in today’s world means learning how to be honest about who you are, professional in your dealings with others, and willing to learn openly from mistakes as well as from successes.
    Davis (2012.10.22) supports her assertion, "For my money (which usually means free), blogging provides the best venue for teaching student writing" ( ¶1).
Paul Beaufait

Free Technology for Teachers: Page-level Permissions and Digital Portfolios in Google S... - 24 views

    Richard Byrne advises teachers to activate page-level permissions when giving students access to classroom websites for blogging or digital portfolio development (2012.05.24).
Paul Beaufait

Free Technology for Teachers: Best of the Summer - 5 Ways to Use Google Sites - 25 views

    Richard Byrne explains "five ways that Google Sites are commonly being used in schools" (2012.08.20).
Paul Beaufait

How to set up a classroom blog: 10 Essential Steps | The official blog of PikiFriends - 39 views

    "What you do before you start blogging is arguably the most important time of all" (¶3)..
Paul Beaufait

Create a Google Map from a Spreadsheet | Zadling - 33 views

    This tutorial by Zachary Zawarski explains "how to create a map with custom locations that you can publish on your website" (¶1). "The greatest benefit of this tool is that current entries can be edited and new entries can be added to the map through the Google spreadsheet without having to update the map's code..." (¶2, retrieved 2011.09.07). Thanks to Denise Krebs for pointing it out, and demonstrating how to do it in a recorded RSCON3 session (Elluminate recording entitled: Where in the world? Or, adding a directory map using a spreadsheet to your wiki.  For more info., please see her blog posts:
Teresa Ilgunas

All Edublogs Blogs Are Now Advertisement Free - Help Us Keep It That Way! - 14 views

    Now ad-free, even for the free blogs. Yes!
Steve Ransom

Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter - - 10 views

    The gist of this is that blogging takes 2 much time & thought... with the younger more interested in quick soundbytes and informal social interaction
Jorge Gonçalves

The Practicality of Social Constructivism in eLearning - 32 views

    This guest post is contributed by Ryan Goodrich, a staff writer for NorthOrion. Ryan writes on topics including loans, insurance and online education.Social constructivism, an educational theory originally accredited by Jean Piaget, suggests that experiences are what best fuel knowledge. When we
Maggie Wolfe Riley

Writing With Web Logs - 45 views

    Using blogs for teaching.
Jason Heiser

I AM A LIAR!: Technology - 18 views

    Technology entry
Enrique Rubio Royo

The BOBs - Deutsche Welle - - 3 views

  • ¡Por fin terminó la espera para determinar quiénes ganarán los premios del público de los BOBs 2010! Ya tenemos nominados y ahora es el turno de los internautas de todo el mundo para votar por sus favoritos en las 17 categorías. De entre las cerca de 8.300 propuestas realizadas en la primera fase, el jurado compuesto por conocidos bloggers  de todo el mundo nominó a once candidatos por categoría: seis categorías principales (Mejor Weblog, Mejor Podcast, Mejor Videoblog, Premio Blogwurst,  Premio Reporteros sin Fronteras y Categoría Especial Cambio Climático) y once categorías destinadas al Mejor Weblog por Idioma (alemán, español, inglés, francés, ruso,  portugués, árabe, farsi, chino, indonesio y, por primera vez en los BOBs, bengalí). En total, 187 blogs, podcasts y videoblogs nominados a los que se podrá votar aquí hasta el 14 de abril de 2010.   Al día siguiente, el 15 de abril de 2010, se harán públicos los ganadores en el marco de una gran ceremonia. Esta vez con invitados de excepción. Por primera vez en su historia, los premiados se anunciarán en el marco de re:publica 2010, la conferencia de bloggers e Internet más grande de Alemania, en uno de los escenarios más importantes de Berlín: el Friedrichstadtpalast.
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