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établi. sac longchamp pliage noir - 0 views

Or, ces exercices, si propres à faire des gens durs et sauvages?rrr, avaient besoin d'être tempérés par d'autres qui pussent adoucir les m?urs. longchamps en solde La musique, qui tient à l'esprit ...

sac longchamp pliage noir

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majestic1 majestic1

conduire. Sac à Epaule Longchamp pliage - 0 views

Il y a pourtant une chose que l'on peut quelquefois opposer à la volonté du prince?vv c'est la religion. sac longchamps pas cher neufOn abandonnera son père, on le tuera même, si le prince l'ordonn...

Sac à Epaule Longchamp pliage

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Steve Ransom

Principal: 'I was naïve about Common Core' - 32 views

  • The promise of the Common Core is dying and teaching and learning are being distorted.  The well that should sustain the Core has been poisoned.
  • Whether or not learning the word ‘commission’ is appropriate for second graders could be debated—I personally think it is a bit over the top.  What is of deeper concern, however, is that during a time when 7 year olds should be listening to and making music, they are instead taking a vocabulary quiz.
  • The Common Core places an extraordinary emphasis on vocabulary development
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  • Teachers are engaged in practices like these because they are pressured and afraid, not because they think the assessments are educationally sound. Their principals are pressured and nervous about their own scores and the school’s scores. Guaranteed, every child in the class feels that pressure and trepidation as well.
  • I am troubled that a company that has a multi-million dollar contract to create tests for the state should also be able to profit from producing test prep materials. I am even more deeply troubled that this wonderful little girl, whom I have known since she was born, is being subject to this distortion of what her primary education should be.
  • Parents can expect that the other three will be neglected as teachers frantically try to prepare students for the difficult and high-stakes tests.
  • Real learning occurs in the mind of the learner when she makes connections with prior learning, makes meaning, and retains that knowledge in order to create additional meaning from new information.  In short, with tests we see traces of learning, not learning itself.
  • They see data, not children. 
  • Data should be used as a strategy for improvement, not for accountability
  • A fool with a tool is still a fool.  A fool with a powerful tool is a dangerous fool.
Steve Ransom

Austin Carroll, Indiana High School Student, Expelled For Tweeting Profanity - 6 views

    Do a Google search for "fake facebook twitter imposter principal"... it's not all that uncommon :-(
majestic1 majestic1

un. Sac à Main longchamp Pliage Medium - 0 views

L'idée de l'empire et de la domination est si composée, et dépend de tant d'autres idées, que ce ne serait pas celle qu'il aurait d'abord.Hobbes demande pourquoi, si les hommes ne sont pas naturell...

Sac à Main longchamp Pliage Medium

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intermixed intermixed

Polo Lacoste homme Mais - 0 views

Polo Lacoste pas cher homme femme

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The online job fair and career gateway for educators - 0 views

    TopSchoolJobs eXPO  Join thousands of teachers, principals, and other school-based educators who are exploring a revolutionary approach to navigating and advancing in their K-12 callings. Search and apply to job opportunities with K-12 organizations across the U.S. (CA, NY, AZ, DC, MD, CT, and more), chat with knowledgeable recruiters, receive expert job advice, and gain empowering career insights.
Martin Burrett

3 steps to raising academic attainment through your school library by @Elizabethutch - 0 views

    "I have created several posts recently about how Headteachers/Principals, teachers and librarians can work together in order to make a difference to academic attainment. If we are to effect change I do believe it has to come from the top. There are, however, many teachers out there that have never worked alongside a school librarian and have no idea what we can do for them or their students and we need to find a way to change this ourselves too. Which teacher would say no to free help and resources within their classrooms? Not many, I'm sure, so this has to be down to a lack of knowledge and understanding of what we do and this is where we can all do something. So whilst working towards change at the top, librarians need to find a way to start collaborating with those who never use the library and encouraging those who are already working with us to start sharing their best practice."
intermixed intermixed

népalais. survetement nike pas cher - 0 views

Mandela est retourné à sarésidence à Johannesburg après avoir suivi avec succès "un examenmédical à l'Hôpital de Prétoria", a indiqué le porte-parole de laprésidence sud- africaine Mac Maharaj. Bot...

survetement nike pas cher

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Scott Kinkoph

Education Week Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook: The Coming Age of the Teach... - 0 views

  • the schools of 2030 will need growing numbers of teacherpreneurs, which she described as teacher leaders of proven accomplishment who have a deep knowledge of how to teach, a clear understanding of what strategies must be in play to make schools highly successful, and the skills and commitment to spread their expertise to others—all the while keeping at least one foot firmly in the classroom.
  • The beauty of a hybrid, teacherpreneurial role is that I would always maintain a classroom teaching practice. Teaching is the soul of my work in education
  • We are talking about teacherpreneurs as an aspect of teachers’ “ownership” of their profession. An evolution. Many of us aren’t selling anything but a vision for a better educational future for children
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  • Our principal motivation isn’t money, but to make education better.
  • Our principal motivation isn’t money, but to make education better.
  • In our conception, the teacherpreneur is always engaged with students, while also investing know-how and energy into important projects, including those supported by the district, the state, or a partnering organization
Jeff Johnson

Crossroads in Education: Issues for Web 2.0, Social Software, and Digital Tools - 1 views

    We are at a crossroads in educating our youth. Since public schools became the norm for education, we've identified curriculum based on the social, political, and economic need. We've classified what counts into tight packages of content in subject areas as math, science, social studies, and so on. Echoing Owen, Grant, Sayers, and Facer (2006), our approach to teaching and learning, including the order and how information is presented to students, the stages of assessment and what constitutes appropriate discussion on those subjects have also been tightly defined (p. 31). Advancements in technology, principally Web 2.0, social software, and digital tools, have challenged what it means to be educated and how we proceed to educate our youth in a culture where innovation and creativity, lifelong learning, personalization (my own learning space), and knowledge from and with the collective vie for a rightful place.
Tom Daccord

Program on Teaching Innovation - FPRI - 0 views

    The teaching of U.S. and world history is incomplete if it does not address the history of innovation from economic, scientific/technological, and sociological perspectives. We feel it important for students to be encouraged both to explore the role of innovation in U.S. and world history and to develop their own sense of innovation and creativity. FPRI's Program on Teaching Innovation is co-directed by Lawrence Husick, co-founder and principal system architect of Infonautics Corporation (now HighBeam Research, Inc.); Alan Luxenberg, and Paul Dickler. Rocco L. Martino, Ph.D., founder of XRT and CyberFone, is the Program's Senior Fellow.
Kathleen N

Georgetown Elementary School - 0 views

    Kelly Hines said... I would like to recommend to administrators everywhere. This blog is maintained by the principal of Georgetown Elementary School, Teresa Reagan. Her school blog is an excellent example of leading by example. She engages her staff, students and community though her own passion for learning and sharing, which is contagious. Her dedication to leading her school into new frontiers of collaborative learning should be a model for other leaders/administrators who are hoping to see the same from their own staffs. When you lead with such passion, your staff will have no choice but to follow.
Tom Daccord

MASCD | Online Institutes: 21st Century District Leadership - 20 views

    "21st Century District Leadership: Leading Change in Changing Times March 15 - April 26, 2011 We are pleased to offer a unique online institute for superintendents, principals, curriculum designers, and other educational leaders, focused on preparing how to use new technologies to foster 21st century competencies in students."
Roland Gesthuizen

Schools set up for the Google generation | - 0 views

  • "I think a teacher tries to organise their classroom so they scaffold the learning of students. When they can't see what's going on, it can be really challenging."
  • "There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. What we have to do is set up an education environment so that the innovations actually become helpful to education. It is quite possible that if we do nothing, they will get in the way."
    In the classrooms of the future, students will use their phone as a computer and instead of raising their hand to ask a question, they'll simply send the teacher a tweet. Imogen Neale reports. Some schools demand students leave their digital devices at home, but Albany Senior High School, north of Auckland, has taken the opposite approach, BYOD. "That means, Bring Your Own Device," explains deputy principal Mark Osborne.
Robert Letcher

Survey of K12 Educators on Social Networking and Content Sharing Tools - 15 views

    The final research report for a Survey of K-12 Educators on Social Networking and Content-Sharing Tools is now available. The survey was sent to 83,000 educators nation-wide (teachers, principals, and librarians) during late August and September and was co-sponsored by, MCH, Inc., and MMS Education. Educators, like millions of other Americans, are exploring the world of social networks and see a high value for this technology in education. Here are some key findings
Martin Burrett

Marvin and Milo guide to physics - 0 views

    A superb set of comic strips explaining physics ideas and principals. Really interest and much more accessible for children.
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