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Steve Ransom

A senior prank, told through tweets - The Buzz - The Washington Post - 47 views

    A perfect example to use with students on so many fronts!
    I agree with the person who said, "give them a bucket..." I recently told my 10th grade daughter about my senior prank, which couldn't have hurt anyone, and finished by saying that when you do something, be prepared to accept the consequences!
Tracy Sockalosky

"What's Your Story?" 2012 Winners - 18 views

    Great student created PSA videos about online safety.
Steve Ransom

Austin Carroll, Indiana High School Student, Expelled For Tweeting Profanity - 6 views

    Do a Google search for "fake facebook twitter imposter principal"... it's not all that uncommon :-(
Steve Ransom

Think Before You Tweet (Blog or Update Status) - 18 views

  • Speaking these words can be a way to commiserate with colleagues, or they can become “in jokes” among friends.  These exchanges can be OK when we are face-to-face with others, as we have body language and voice inflections to help us understand the meaning and context behind the statements.  Online is a different situation, however.
  • Suddenly my Twitter stream was a teacher’s lounge.
  • if we have an online presence, we must be responsible in what we say or write.  This seems simple, doesn’t it?  Nevertheless, we forget that we are not in the company of friends when we say or write the things we do.  Almost anyone can read our words, and they might misunderstand our intent.
    Good advice.
Martin Burrett

eEtiquette - 101 Guidelines for the Digital World - 58 views

    These are great - post one every day in your classroom.
    Watch your Ps and Qs (and all the other letters on your QWERTY keyboard) with this site dedicated to proper web etiquette. Keep your inner Troll in it's box (or should that be cave?) and help make the internet the happy shiny utopia you know it never will be.
Maggie Verster

Facebook Friending 101 for Schools - 52 views

    "Facebook has added an incredible complexity to our lives and relationships for one simple reason: it is in writing. The courts have always put things "in writing" in higher esteem above word of mouth. Now that we are inundated with video, text, and photographs and a set of complex relationships - we end up with things "in writing" that are distributed far beyond our true "friends" into places that get us in trouble."
Jenny Gilbert

The Importance of Digital Citizenship in Social Media | Edutopia - 37 views

  • The best offense always begins with a solid defense. This is true in sports and is directly applicable to responsible use of classroom technology and social media. In my last post I encouraged educators to "Just Get Out There," but in this post I am pulling back on the reins a bit. While we want our students to get out there and use new and emerging technologies, we need to give them the fundamentals to play the best defense. Educate, before you integrate.
Cathy Oxley

Digital Citizenship Education - 41 views

    The Digital Citizenship and Creative Content program was developed to create awareness of intellectual property rights and foster a better understanding of the rights connected with creative content. Four units comprise the curriculum resources. Each unit consists of standalone yet complementary lesson plans that play off a creative rights scenario presented through a case study
Steve Ransom

A new way to trash 'friends' - Arts & Culture - - 14 views

    "We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us." is true... but why do we allow the tools (and the creators of these tools) to shape us in such negative ways?
Steve Ransom - 22 views

    .GOV PDF document about online safety... reproducible!
Dennis OConnor

Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood : 7th Grade Humanities - 22 views

    This is James Robinson's class blog. It also hosts blogs from all of his kids. James teaches literature and writing at SAS (Shanghai American School). He's been blogging for about a year and a half. As you'll see if you visit this great example of classroom blog use, this blog rocks! James is using Wordpress to create a website/blog presentation. He's happy to have teachers or students drop in and respond to the personal blogs his students have created. If you're looking for a chance at an international student exchange blog connection, give it a look. (Heck, give it a look if you're just curious.) The kids love to get comments from folks around the world so don't forget to be interactive! ~ Dennis O'Connor
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