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Nigel Coutts

A culture of innovation requires trust and resilience - The Learner's Way - 5 views

    Two quotes by Albert Einstein point to the importance of creating a culture within our schools (and organisations) that encourages experimentation, innovation, tinkering and indeed failure. If we are serious about embracing change, exploring new approaches, maximising the possibilities of new technologies, applying lessons from new research and truly seek to prepare our students for a new work order, we must become organisations that encourage learning from failure
Paul Beaufait

The Overselling of Ed Tech - Alfie Kohn - 7 views

    ""[W]e shouldn't confuse personalized learning with personal learning. The first involves adjusting the difficulty level of prefabricated skills-based exercises based on students' test scores, and it requires the purchase of software. The second involves working with each student to create projects of intellectual discovery that reflect his or her unique needs and interests, and it requires the presence of a caring teacher who knows each child well" (Kohn, 2016.03.12, ¶9).
Nigel Coutts

Creating a Generation of Innovators - 14 views

    Innovation is very much on the agenda in Australian and globally. The OECD publishes lists of nations most likely to succeed through innovation and nations seek to encourage increased innovation to maintain their competitive edge. The result of this in Australia is the recent launch of a new 'Innovation Australia' policy with wide reaching measures to encourage and foster a culture of innovation.
    goodby 2015 welcome 2016 to all friends
Matt Esterman

Research Papers · Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning - 27 views

    Research papers prepared by the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning. 
Vahid Masrour

About the book | Invent To Learn - 19 views

    a book to help teachers feel comfortable with invention inside the classroom, and using invention as a resource for learning.
Steve Ransom

What Is Innovation Day and Why Should You Care? - 32 views

    Love it... should be more than a single day, of course.
Dimitris Tzouris

30 Game Changing Innovations - Business Insider - 28 views

    "30 Innovations That Will Change The World "
Tero Toivanen

The Special Agents of Change - playDUcation - 25 views

    "Here are insights from the team of educational innovators at one of the most transformational schools I have visited: SCIL, the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning at NBCS, the Northern Beaches Christian School." (via Pekka Ihanainen)
Tania Sheko - 19 views

    Employers are expressing increasing dissatisfaction with the ability of college graduates to access, evaluate, and communicate information; to use information technology (IT) tools effectively; and to work well within groups across cultural lines. A change of instructional paradigms--from passive to active (authentic) learning strategies, such as project-based learning, problem-based learning, or inquiry-based learning--is clearly needed.
Sheri Edwards

Peace Innovation Lab - 17 views

    Report random acts of kindness
Tero Toivanen

"Reboelje!" - Invisible Learning in the Netherlands | Education Futures - 12 views

    The purpose of the Invisible Learning Tour is to raise awareness for the need for innovation in education.
Marc Lijour

Danger: America Is Losing Its Edge In Innovation - CIO Central - CIO Network - Forbes - 7 views

  • Almost every adult I’ve talked with in these countries shares a belief that the path to success is paved with science and engineering.
  • scientists and engineers are celebrities in most countries
  • Already, 70% of engineers with PhD’s who graduate from U.S. universities are foreign-born. Increasingly, these talented individuals are not staying in the U.S – instead, they’re returning home, where they find greater opportunities.
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • Saudi Arabia has a new university for science and engineering with a staggering $10 billion endowment.
  • In 2009, for the first time, over half of U.S. patents were awarded to non-U.S. companies.
  • China has replaced the U.S. as the world’s number one high-technology exporter.
  • The World Economic Forum ranks the U.S. #48 in quality of math and science education.
  • Five years ago, I was part of a commission that studied U.S. competitiveness. We issued a report called Rising Above the Gathering Storm,
  • Improve K-12 science and math education. Invest in long-term basic research. Attract and retain the best and brightest students, scientists and engineers in the U.S. and around the world. Create and sustain incentives for innovation and research investment.
  • In 2007, Congress passed the America COMPETES Act,
Steve Ransom

The Heart of Innovation: 23 Reasons Why Nothing Happens After a Brainstorming Session - 41 views

    This would be excellent to discuss prior to initiating new initiatives.
Dimitris Tzouris

Techne » Mobile Computing and Education - What are the Conditions for Innovat... - 10 views

  • We use new technologies in innovative ways to solve problems. The bigger the problem, the more creative and innovative we need to be. It’s like the United State space program in the 1960’s and 70’s. The huge advancements in fuel cells, integrated circuits, or even freeze-dried foods were not the results of research units considering how space travel might work; rather, they were the results of a national imperative to put a person on the moon within a decade.
  • When we have a working, effective systems – like liberal education – new technologies like mobile computing find less context for innovation.
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