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Jennifer Carey

Reviews and Ratings for Family Movies, TV Shows, Websites, Video Games, Books and Music - 11 views

    Reviews & Ratings for Family Movies, TV Shows, Websites, Video Games, Books and Music

YouTube- knowledgeessentials's Channel - 30 views

    Good videos for teachers, parents, homeschool
Kerry J

Handipoints - Print Chore Charts Free | Kids Allowances | Kids Virtual World - 0 views

    Parents and kids agree upon tasks that are to be accomplished, when child completes task, parent releases bonus points that kids can use to buy accessories for their characters.
Ruth Howard

Basics - In a Helpless Baby, the Roots of Our Social Glue - - 0 views

    Quote "Our capacity to cooperate in groups, to empathize with others and to wonder what others are thinking and feeling - all these traits, Dr. Hrdy argues, probably arose in response to the selective pressures of being in a cooperatively breeding social group, and the need to trust and rely on others and be deemed trustworthy and reliable in turn. Babies became adorable and keen to make connections with every passing adult gaze. Mothers became willing to play pass the baby. "Dr. Hrdy points out that mother chimpanzees and gorillas jealously hold on to their infants for the first six months or more of life.Dr. Hrdy wrote her book in part to counter what she sees as the reigning dogma among evolutionary scholars that humans evolved their extreme sociality and cooperative behavior to better compete with other humans." Very cool.
Clif Mims

ConnectSafely - 1 views

    The forum for parents, teens, experts and more to discuss safe socializing on the fixed and mobile Web.
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