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Maggie Verster

Cellphones as Instructional Tools (free webinar) - 0 views

    This free event is scheduled for Thursday, July 23, at 4 p.m. Eastern time. Cellphones have been called "the new paper and pencil" or "the new laptop," and they could be in the hands of as many as 10 million to 15 million schoolchildren in the next few years. For their instructional potential and ability to connect students to the Internet, mobile devices are quietly making their way into schools in the United States and abroad. What does your district, school, or classroom need to make this technology leap? Guests will discuss policy and implementation issues and offer practical curriculum ideas for every subject.
Tom March

Shortcuts - New Worries About Children With Cellphones - - 0 views

  • “Let them know there are rules. There comes a time when parents have to be parents.”
  • One suggestion, she said, is putting a basket out where children place their phones upon arriving home.
    "Now, about half of American children 12 years and older have cellphones, according to Christopher Collins, a senior analyst for consumer research at the Yankee Group, a research firm. And that has spawned all sorts of problems, like questions about etiquette and costly scams."
    Good example of the kinds of adjustments "basic parents" make as we learn about making guidelines for technology use with children and teens. Key quote, I think: "Let them know there are rules. There comes a time when parents have to be parents."
Steve Ransom

Education Week: Cellphones in Schools: Flip 'Em Open - 16 views

    VERY weak rationale for cel phones in the classroom!
Steve Ransom

ipadio - phonecast live to the World, any phone, anywhere - 14 views

    Podcast free from your cellphone. Automatic posting to your blog.
Cathy Oxley

Turn Your Cellphone Into a High-Powered Scientific Microscope | Wired Science | - 36 views

    That's a great find. So fun.
Judy Robison

Figment: Write yourself in. - 44 views

shared by Judy Robison on 07 Dec 10 - No Cached
    an experiment in online literature, a free platform for young people to read and write fiction, both on their computers and on their cellphones. Users are invited to write novels, short stories and poems, collaborate with other writers and give and receive feedback on the work posted on the site.
Philippe Scheimann

A Vision of Students Today (& What Teachers Must Do) | Britannica Blog - 0 views

  • It has taken years of acclimatizing our youth to stale artificial environments, piles of propaganda convincing them that what goes on inside these environments is of immense importance, and a steady hand of discipline should they ever start to question it.
    • Russell D. Jones
      There is a huge investment in resources, time, and tradition from the teacher, the instutions, the society, and--importantly--the students. Students have invested much more time (proportional to their short lives) in learning how to be skillful at the education game. Many don't like teachers changing the rules of the game just when they've become proficient at it.
  • Last spring I asked my students how many of them did not like school. Over half of them rose their hands. When I asked how many of them did not like learning, no hands were raised. I have tried this with faculty and get similar results. Last year’s U.S. Professor of the Year, Chris Sorensen, began his acceptance speech by announcing, “I hate school.” The crowd, made up largely of other outstanding faculty, overwhelmingly agreed. And yet he went on to speak with passionate conviction about his love of learning and the desire to spread that love. And there’s the rub. We love learning. We hate school. What’s worse is that many of us hate school because we love learning.
    • Russell D. Jones
      So we (teachers and students) are willing to endure a little (or a lot) of uncomfortableness in order to pursue that love of learning.
  • They tell us, first of all, that despite appearances, our classrooms have been fundamentally changed.
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  • While most of our classrooms were built under the assumption that information is scarce and hard to find, nearly the entire body of human knowledge now flows through and around these rooms in one form or another, ready to be accessed by laptops, cellphones, and iPods. Classrooms built to re-enforce the top-down authoritative knowledge of the teacher are now enveloped by a cloud of ubiquitous digital information where knowledge is made, not found, and authority is continuously negotiated through discussion and participation. In short, they tell us that our walls no longer mark the boundaries of our classrooms.
  • And that’s what has been wrong all along. Some time ago we started taking our walls too seriously – not just the walls of our classrooms, but also the metaphorical walls that we have constructed around our “subjects,” “disciplines,” and “courses.” McLuhan’s statement about the bewildered child confronting “the education establishment where information is scarce but ordered and structured by fragmented, classified patterns, subjects, and schedules” still holds true in most classrooms today. The walls have become so prominent that they are even reflected in our language, so that today there is something called “the real world” which is foreign and set apart from our schools. When somebody asks a question that seems irrelevant to this real world, we say that it is “merely academic.”
  • We can use them in ways that empower and engage students in real world problems and activities, leveraging the enormous potentials of the digital media environment that now surrounds us. In the process, we allow students to develop much-needed skills in navigating and harnessing this new media environment, including the wisdom to know when to turn it off. When students are engaged in projects that are meaningful and important to them, and that make them feel meaningful and important, they will enthusiastically turn off their cellphones and laptops to grapple with the most difficult texts and take on the most rigorous tasks.
  • At the root of your question is a much more interesting observation that many of the styles of self-directed learning now enabled through technology are in conflict with the traditional teacher-student relationship. I don’t think the answer is to annihilate that relationship, but to rethink it.
  • Personally, I increasingly position myself as the manager of a learning environment in which I also take part in the learning. This can only happen by addressing real and relevant problems and questions for which I do not know the answers. That’s the fun of it. We become collaborators, with me exploring the world right along with my students.
  • our walls, the particular architectonics of the disciplines we work within, provide students with the conversational, narrative, cognitive, epistemological, methodological, ontological, the –ogical means for converting mere information into knowledge.
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Buy Square Accounts - 100% Safe Usa Uk Ca ... - 0 views

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Randy Rodgers

BYOT/BYOD Pearltree - 0 views

    Pearltree I am putting together with resources covering variety of BYOD-related topics, including issues, implementation, classroom strategies, more.
Muveen Ahmed

Movie Review: "Fruitvale Station" - 0 views

    Rating: R (some violence, language throughout, some drug use) Release Date: July 12, 2013 Directed by: Ryan Coogler Plenty of films start off with a shooting, but few start off with cellphone footage of a real-life shooting like "Fruitvale Station" does.

He forgot his cell phone: A sad story - 1 views

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Kyle Stevens

Top News - Cell phones used to deliver course content - 2 views

    U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan says schools and colleges should deliver course content to the cell phones that students use to talk and text every day. Some campus officials are listening, and classes via web-enabled cell phones could be mobile learning's next evolution.
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