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Isabelle Jones

My Languages: Motivating Tools for Reading and Writing in the EAL and MFL Classroom, Pr... - 17 views

    My Languages: Motivating Tools for Reading and Writing in the EA...
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    My Languages: Motivating Tools for Reading and Writing in the EA...
Paul Beaufait

Social Media for Teachers: Guides, Resources, and Ideas | Edutopia - 41 views

    "[I]t can be a challenge to incorporate social media into lessons. There are many gray areas for teachers to navigate, like setting guidelines, accessibility at school, and student safety. But to help teachers navigate this ever-changing landscape of social media tools, here are some of the best guides on the web for four popular networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest" (¶2, 2015.02.23).
Steve Ransom

Teachers - The 10 Stages of Twitter | - 41 views

    Teachers - The 10 Stages of Twitter: Good for newbies to see how this evolution can happen and that their struggles are normal and just part of the evolution.
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Steve Ransom

For Public Schools, Twitter Is No Longer Optional - Forbes - 27 views

    Good points, but completely misses the most powerful part of this - learning with others.

    but, from a branding expert, I guess this is primarily what they are concerned with - protecting and promoting one's brand. The sad part in this is that for some admins, it might actually take a piece in Forbes by a marketing person to catch their attention rather than the countless educators who having been promoting this message... and more.
Steve Ransom

Twitter is Stupid. (until you realize…) - 23 views

  • Saying Twitter is ‘stupid’ is like saying all of TV is stupid. All newspapers, all magazines, all radio, all movies. EVERYTHING is stupid if that’s how we think.
  • The truth of the matter is that if all you’re tuning in to is the worst, most annoying things you can find on TV or on the radio, then EVERY kind of media will provide a horrible experience.
  • Tune in to the channels that have the best shows, and your Twitter experience be awesome. Tune in to people that post junk, and you’ll hate it. It’s not the channel that’s stupid; it’s the content we choose to see. Ultimately, if your Twitter experience sucks, it’s your fault, not Twitters.
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  • A Twitter experience isn’t made in 2 minutes. It’s crafted over time. It occurs as you discover awesome people you’ve never heard of. It occurs when you begin to see the world differently because you’re exposed to the lives of interesting people from all over the globe. It occurs when you interact with them. It occurs when you inspire them, and are inspired by them.
  • If you’ve tried Twitter and left because all your friends were posting updates from the bar or sharing the latest and greatest cat meme pictures, maybe your friends aren’t who you should be following.
Steve Ransom

How to Use New-Media Tools in Your Classroom | Edutopia - 30 views

    Listen to video #1 about Twitter
    Listen to video #2 by Chris Lehman about Facebook in school

    The other videos are also useful.
Steve Ransom

Austin Carroll, Indiana High School Student, Expelled For Tweeting Profanity - 6 views

    Do a Google search for "fake facebook twitter imposter principal"... it's not all that uncommon :-(
Jason Heiser

Twitterfountain - 37 views

Tero Toivanen

EDTEC 470 - Using Twitter to Learn from Others - 31 views

    "Reading RSS feeds is a great way to keep up with what's happening. But there's another technology that provides a different, more spontaneous window into the minds of other people. It's called Twitter and it's one of the fastest growing Web 2.0 technologies."
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