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    What is the process for verifying a Binance account? The cryptocurrency exchange Binance offers a trading platform for several cryptocurrencies. Verifying your account on the Binance platform involves the Binance account verification process. You need to validate your account before you may trade on the Binance platform. You must submit some basic information about yourself in order to complete the account verification procedure, which is a quick and easy process. Buy Verified Binance Accounts How can I purchase a verified Binance account? Purchasing a verified Binance account is a rather simple process. However, there are a few considerations. Make sure you only do business with reliable sellers in the beginning. There are many con artists who will attempt to take advantage of you. Second, make sure you are aware of the costs involved in the transaction. You must take Binance's 0.1% fee into consideration when calculating the cost of the account. Finally, be sure to safeguard your account information and personal information. This is crucial for any online transactions, but it's crucial when using cryptocurrencies. Buy Verified Binance Accounts What advantages come with a verified Binance account? A verified Binance account has a lot of advantages. One benefit is that it enables users to trade with larger sums of money. Additionally, verified accounts have access to features like margin trading and short selling that are not available to unverified accounts. Higher withdrawal limits for verified accounts are also beneficial for users who want to withdraw substantial sums of money. Finally, users may feel more trust and confidence when trading on Binance if their account is verified. what documents are needed to verify a binance account? Opening a bank account is a process that the majority of people are familiar with. Opening a Binance account follows the same fundamental steps. To open an account, customers must give some basic personal information as well
fabrizio bartoli

Document Management Software | Manage Documents Online : Zoho Docs - 0 views

    Create, share, co-edit and save your documents online. Keep your content organized with smart formatting, editing and real-time collaboration tools.Create and share interactive spreadsheets on the web. Collaborate in real time. 300+ functions, 25+ charts, VBA macros, and more!Organize and present your ideas more effectively. Engage your audience with visually appealing presentations. Dynamic Shapes, Enhanced Slide Transition, Animation Effects and more!Take your documents with you and access them anytime, anywhere or go mobile with apps for the iPhone and Android. Create or edit documents and files with our online editors and share them securely with anyone, within an organization or among personal members and groups.
Judy Robison

Our Documents - 100 Milestone Documents - 31 views

    Really impressive resource for US history, includes teacher resources, document summaries, document transcripts, and high res PDF's of original documents.
Roland Gesthuizen

Dropbox Adds Super Simple Sharing For Your Documents | Cult of Android - 0 views

    "The ability to share my documents across all of my devices and have them with me wherever I go is indispensable to me, and so Dropbox is one service I couldn't be without. However, one of its biggest flaws has always been the difficulty in sharing documents."
fabrizio bartoli

Features - Gobby - 0 views

    "Features Realtime Collaboration through encrypted channels (version 0.4.0 and up) Provides local group undo (version 0.4.90 and up) Shows cursors and selections of remote users (version 0.4.94 and up) Each user has its own changeable colour to be identified by others IRC-like chat for communicating with your partners while coding Syntax highlighting for most programming languages Session password protection Multiple documents in one session Drag'n'drop of documents into Gobby Document synchronisation on request Zeroconf support Unicode support Cross-platform: runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X"
David Wetzel

20 Google Doc Templates for use in Science and Math Classrooms - 0 views

    Google Docs is an easy-to-use online word processor that enables you to create, store, share, and collaborate on documents with your science and math students. You can even import any existing document from Word and Simple Text. You can work from anywhere and with any computer platform to access your documents.
Paul Beaufait

Free Technology for Teachers: 12 Awesome EdTech Tools for 2012-2013 - 85 views

    "12 Awesome EdTech Tools for 2012-2013 is designed to share what I think is a selection of free tools that can be used in almost every K-12 setting. I intentionally kept this document short because the intended audience is teachers who are new(ish) to using technology in their classrooms and I didn't want to create something that would be overwhelming. You'll also notice that I left out iOS and Android apps. Those will be featured in future documents." (Bryne, ¶2) "Please feel free to download, print, and distribute this [embedded document] in your school." (Byrne, ¶3)
ashkif as

Avinash - 0 views

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ashkif as

Top Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants Training Colleges Kukatpally - 0 views

    ISFS offers the Excellent Accountancy and Financial Courses in Hyderabad. CIMA is our special courses in Accountancy. Tweet$(document).ready(function() {var media = $('img[src*=\'oc-content/uploads/\']').attr('src'); if(media==undefined) { media = ''; $('.pinterest').remove(); } else { media = '&media='+escape(media); };$('.pinterest').find('a').attr('href',''+escape(document.URL)+'&description='+escape(document.title)+media);});
ashkif as

Best Degree education college in india - 0 views

    are you looking to Join Degree Program in kukatpally? here it that wonderful opportunity, Avinash college of commerce now offers Degree College program. Tweet$(document).ready(function() {var media = $('img[src*=\'oc-content/uploads/\']').attr('src'); if(media==undefined) { media = ''; $('.pinterest').remove(); } else { media = '&media='+escape(media); };$('.pinterest').find('a').attr('href',''+escape(document.URL)+'&description='+escape(document.title...

Buy Verified Revolut Account - 100% USA UK CA Revolut - 0 views

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J Black

Web 2.0 Tools - Web 2.0 That Works: Marzano & Web 2.0 - 4 views

    Web 2.0 Tools From Web 2.0 That Works: Marzano & Web 2.0 Jump to: navigation, search Master List of Web 2.0 Tools "Y" Under each category indicates that this tool can be used with this strategy. "Free +" Indicates that the tool is free at the basic level, but that more advanced versions are available at a cost. Category Key: SD = Identifying Similarities and Differences CL = Cooperative Learning SNT = Summarizing and Note-Taking ER = Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition HP = Homework and Practice NR = Nonlinguistic Representation OF = Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback HYP = Generating and Testing Hypotheses QCO = Questions, Cues, and Advance Organizers Tool Link Desc Cost SD CL SNT ER HP NR OF HYP QCO Notes Ajax13 [[1]] Online Graphic Editor Free Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Requires Firefox 1.5 (or higher) Browser Backpack [[2]] Online Personal Organizer Free + Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Basecamp [[3]] Online Project Collaboration Free + Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Blogger [[4]] Blog Hosting Website Free Y Y Y Y Y Y [[5]] Online Brainstorming Free Y Y Y Y [[6]] Online Social Bookmarks Free Y Y Y Y Diigo [[7]] Online Social Annotation Free Y Y Y Y Y Y EditGrid [[8]] Online Spreadsheets Free + Y Y Y Y Y Integrates with Facebook and iPhone EduBlogs [[9]] Blog Hosting Website Free Y Y Y Y Y Y Exploratree [[10]] Online Graphic Organizer Free Y Y Y Y Y Y Interactive, pre-made graphic organizers that can be edited online Flickr [[11]] Photo Hosting Website Free + Y Y Y Y Part of Zoho Suite of Online Apps Gliffy [[12]] Online Diagramming Software Free + Y Y Y Google Documents [[13]] Online Word Processor Free Y Y Y Y Y Y Also contains Spreadsheets & Presentations Google Earth [[14]] Dynamic Global Geographic App Free Y Y Downloads to computer Google Maps [[15]] Online Ma
Jonathan Wylie

Interactive Whiteboard Games for Classroom Review Activities - 2 views

    These interactive whiteboard games are a great way to review units of study in the classroom. All are based on popular TV shows and are fun and engaging for the whole class. Download the templates, customize them to your own needs, and you will be ready to play these great games on an interactive whiteboard or LCD projector." />
Tero Toivanen

How One Classroom Actually Used iPads To Go Paperless (Part 1: Research) | Edudemic - 53 views

  • “The technology used really help to enhance the writing and research process. Diigo and the iPads proved to be particularly helpful during the process of researching and annotating. Some minor challenges were presented with the use of this technology (writing with the IPads was a bit more difficult than typing on a computer), but nothing interfered with the process in a negative way. Some of the technology could prove very useful in the future.” 
  • Dropbox - This app allows students to work offline in the Pages app and upload their document to their Dropbox account with each new draft.  Pages does not support direct upload to Dropbox.  As a solution, students linked their Dropbox accounts with SendtoDropbox.
  • One of the earliest steps in the process was to have the students share a folder in their Dropbox account with their teacher in order to allow the teacher to check in on their progress along the way.
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • Pages - While there are less expensive alternatives for word procession on an iPad, Pages is the most stable option that will consistently be supported and updated for the life of the iPads.
  • Diigo Web Highlighter for Safari - As one of our goals was to take advantage of the web connectivity and social bookmarking, Diigo was a perfect solution.  Once the Diigo app is installed, there is a three step process to install the Safari web highlighter.
  • To access and refer to each other’s research, students had to access Diigo through Safari, not the Diigo app.  The purpose of the collective research group was to have students examine each other’s research and use the resources their classmates found in their final research paper.
  • Notability - Because students would still be conducting traditional paper based research, we needed a solution that would allow them to digitize and share their research.  When students found traditional paper content that was part of their research, they could snap a picture of the document and pull it into Notability.  They could then digitally highlight, underline and insert notes on the document.  Notability will also export directly to Dropbox from within the app.
  • Explain Everything - This step was a late addition to the process and allowed students to create video screencasting feedback of each other’s papers.
  • Students exported a PDF version of their paper from Pages and email it to a classmates SendtoDropbox email address.  This would place the PDF version of the paper into the classmates Dropbox account.  The receiving student could then open ExplainEverything, link to their Dropbox account and use the PDF of their classmates paper as the back drop to the screencast.  To share the video files, we had students publish directly to the teacher’s YouTube channel from ExplainEverything. 
  • the recent update to the Google Drive app that allows for in-app creation, editing and sharing of a Google document absolutely changes the landscape of going completely paperless with iPads.  The clunky workaround of combining Pages, SendtoDropbox and Dropbox in order to get student work shared with the teacher would be much streamlined by conducting the entire process through Google Drive.
  • As an alternative to the process of writing in Pages, collecting research in Diigo and storing documents in Dropbox, I would consider jumping to Evernote to house the entire process.  Writing, researching and sharing could all be conducted within Evernote.
    Great article about how to use iPad:s in projects, with useful tips about apps.
Martin Burrett

Office Lens - 0 views

    A great document, whiteboard, note scanner app from Microsoft which converts camera images to Word documents, PDFs, OneNote files and more. Great for recording brainstorming sessions and meetings.
Maggie Verster

Manage Your PDF Documents with Free Tools - 0 views

    Whether you are downloading ebooks, gadget manuals, research papers or your monthly bank statements, chances are that all these documents are available as Adobe PDF files. That's because PDF is probably the only format that can retain the original formatting and can be read across all platforms or even on the web if you don't want to install any desktop software for reading PDFs.
Nigel Coutts

Maximising the Power of Documentation - The Learner's Way - 2 views

    What place does documentation play in our learning environments? What roles might it play?
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