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Paul Beaufait

The Teacher's Guide To Open Educational Resources | Edudemic - 31 views

    Comforto (2015) explained how to identify open educational resources (OERs), listed a handful of places to start looking for them, and provided micro reviews of repositories for literature, math and science OERs, as well as videos, courses and textbooks. She included suggestions for appropriate use and re-use of OERs, and invited comments pointing out similar repositories or resources. Comforto, Nicole. (2015, July 30). The Teacher's Guide To Open Educational Resources [Web log post]. Retrieved from
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Michele Rosen

Assessment and Rubrics - 78 views

    A mother lode of rubrics for all sorts of products, projects, and processes
Steve Ransom

ScootPad :: Practice. Learn. Succeed. - 29 views

    Free for teachers, students, parents.
Judy Robison

Symbolab - Symbolab Science & Math Search Engine - 40 views

shared by Judy Robison on 08 Nov 12 - No Cached
    a "Science and Math Search Engine" and makes it easier to find science content online. It specifically searches for science content using semantic search tools. You can search from the site, or use a free download for Chrome and Firefox. The other unique feature that truly sets it apart is that it lets you use math and science symbols and equations to search. This is especially helpful when searching for topics that are related to a formula or symbol, vs. just a word.
Dwayne Abrahams

Time Sheet Calculator - 10 views

    time sheet calculator allows for input of up to 14 time periods (in hours and minutes), and totals them. It also calculates hours worked by inputing start time and end time.
Judy Robison - 48 views

    Emaths for Teachers provides free classroom resources for teachers of mathematics, helping you to teach topics clearly and interactively. Emaths for Students contains many useful resources and links to help students who are learning mathematics.
Judy Robison

Bricsys Makes Engineering Software, APIs Free to Students -- Campus Technology - 6 views

    "Bricsys has launched a global academic program, which provides free engineering software and application programming interface (API) access to students and schools."
Jason Heiser

perimetros.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) - 0 views

    A fun and useful area and perimeter 2D shape tutorial and interactive activities for you whiteboard. Learn how to find the area and perimeter of rectangles and triangles and then complete the questions.
Paul Beaufait

What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success - Anu Partanen - National -... - 16 views

  • As for accountability of teachers and administrators, Sahlberg shrugs. "There's no word for accountability in Finnish," he later told an audience at the Teachers College of Columbia University. "Accountability is something that is left when responsibility has been subtracted."
  • The main driver of education policy is not competition between teachers and between schools, but cooperation.
  • Decades ago, when the Finnish school system was badly in need of reform, the goal of the program that Finland instituted, resulting in so much success today, was never excellence. It was equity.
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  • Finland -- unlike, say, very similar countries such as Norway -- was producing academic excellence through its particular policy focus on equity.
  •  the number of foreign-born residents in Finland doubled during the decade leading up to 2010, and the country didn't lose its edge in education. Immigrants tended to concentrate in certain areas, causing some schools to become much more mixed than others, yet there has not been much change in the remarkable lack of variation between Finnish schools in the PISA surveys across the same period.
  • Educational policy, Abrams suggests, is probably more important to the success of a country's school system than the nation's size or ethnic makeup.
  • When Finnish policymakers decided to reform the country's education system in the 1970s, they did so because they realized that to be competitive, Finland couldn't rely on manufacturing or its scant natural resources and instead had to invest in a knowledge-based economy. 
  • It is possible to create equality. And perhaps even more important -- as a challenge to the American way of thinking about education reform -- Finland's experience shows that it is possible to achieve excellence by focusing not on competition, but on cooperation, and not on choice, but on equity.
    Partanen, Anu. (2011). What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success. The Atlantic. Retrieved January 9, 2012, from
Judy Robison


shared by Judy Robison on 05 Jan 12 - Cached
    Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies. This MIT initiative features a courseware library with about 50 math and science lessons, all freely available to teachers in multiple formats: as streaming video, Internet downloads, DVDs, and videotapes. Each 50-minute lesson is a complete resource with video segments, a teacher's guide, downloadable hand-outs, and a list of online resources about the topic. The lessons mix short videos--all less than five minutes--with in-classroom exercises designed to engage students in problem solving and critical thinking.
mbarek Akaddar - 90 views

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