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Gaby K. Slezák

TrustRadius: Software Reviews, Software Comparisons and More - 11 views

    Compare reviews by categories - i.e. education, Learning Management Systems etc. - and find alternatives to a specific platform/software/app
Jean Potter

BBC - Schools: Educational resources from the BBC - 40 views

    Many educational resources from the BBC - separated by level. Although with a "British" twist for vocabulary, well worth checking out. The "questionnaut" on the KS2 Bitesize page is quite different than typical US review games.
Jennifer Carey

Reviews and Ratings for Family Movies, TV Shows, Websites, Video Games, Books and Music - 11 views

    Reviews & Ratings for Family Movies, TV Shows, Websites, Video Games, Books and Music
Roger Zuidema

Diigo : The End Of Bookmarks? | Search Engine Journal - 12 views

    Diigo is perhaps one of the web's premier research tools - this is widely accepted. Whether Web 2.0 actually ever existed is irrelevant, but the innovation
Dimitris Tzouris

About Google Wave - 20 views

    In case you havent's checked that out yet...
Kathleen Cercone

FunnelBrain - Answers, Questions, Flashcards | AP Calculus, AP History, AP Psychology, ... - 0 views

    FunnelBrain is a collaborative academic question and answer flashcard site for online learning.
darren mccarty - 84 views

I have created a website that allows teachers to create interactive review games for their students. Teachers should email me at if they would like a screen name and password to cr...

Interactive review games Advanced Placement k-12

started by darren mccarty on 29 Apr 09 no follow-up yet
Ebey Soman

Congo: Red Rubber, White King, Black Death - 0 views

    Congo: Red Rubber, White King, Black Death is a critical film and documentary on the reign of King Leopold of Belgium over his private property we now know as the country of Congo. The film graphically illustrates the atrocities that occurred, the injustices, the evils and the popular lies that people hold to be true. Below is a quick summary of the film and a few notes on what seemed interesting to me.
kathy dounelis

Highly recommend Diigo Educator Account - Classroom 2.0 - 1 views

  • I tried out Diigo educator and was REALLY impressed. This let me very quickly (and with no email addresses needed) set up accounts for 30 students. I then created a group for all 3 classes to use and added all the students to the group. In this case, since I only have one more day with the kids and am not sure if they'll be using Diigo after this, I just used the 30 accounts for multiple classes, but if this were for my actual students, I would have created an account for each student. Anyway, once all the students were added to the group, I just instructed them to make sure to share every bookmark for this project with the group. All of the students will then be able to view all of the bookmarks. Again, we couldn't install even the diigolet, but saving right from Diigo worked fine for our purposes. They used the same technique of tagging with last name, class hour, and other appropriate tags. I taught both of these methods in a 45 minute class period and the actual explanation of the bookmarking technique took only 7-10 min. of each class period. The kids (7th graders) picked up on it EXTREMELY fast.
  • for long term use and for individual projects I strongly recommend using Diigo educator, especially since I use Diigo so heavily in my personal and professional web research.
  • I highly recommend Diigo Educator to any teacher!
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • then created a group for all 3 classes to use and added all the students to the group. In this case, since I only have
Maggie Tsai

iLearn Technology » Education Diigo - 1 views

  • What it is:  Education Diigo offers k-12 and higher ed educators premium Diigo accounts!  The premium accounts provide the ability to create student accounts for whole classes, students of the same class are automatically set up as a Diigo group so they can easily share bookmarks, annotations, and group forums, privacy settings so that only classmates and teachers can communicate with students, and any advertisments on Education Diigo are education related.  If you aren’t familiar with Diigo, it is a social bookmarking website where students can collaborate on the web.  Diigo works in to a project based learning environment nicely and allows for exploratory learning and collaboration.  
  • Education Diigo is an outstanding place for students to solve problems together.  Provide students with a problem and send them on a web scavenger hunt to find the answer, students can post their findings and notes about their findings on Diigo.  Students can collaborate online to solve the problem.  Education Diigo is also a great place for “teachers to highlight critical information within text and images and write comments directly on the web pages, to collect and organize series of web pages and web sites into coherent and thematic sets, and to facilitate online conversations within the context of the materials themselves.”  This feature makes Education Diigo a great place to create webquest type lessons and virtual field trips around the web.    Diigo also allows teachers to collaborate and share resources among themselve. Education Diigo is a must for students who are learning to complete web-based research!
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