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Tero Toivanen

TEDxCapeTownED - Associate Professor Laura Czerniewicz - SA Needs Open Education - YouTube - 4 views

    Great TED-talk about open education and open access to research materials.
Tero Toivanen

The corridor of uncertainty: Why aren't open educational resources being used? - 33 views

  • the main reasons behind the reluctance to use OER are the following:
  • Tradition. My course, my class, my classroom, my way. Teachers are proudly independent and proud of their courses and teaching methods.
  • Concern about openness. Many are worried about digital rights and have been brought up to believe that you must protect your own work from theft.
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  • Lack of official approval. Even if many teachers are highly self-sufficient there is still a great respect for authorities.
  • Open Access would not have become accepted without an EU directive.
  • Trust. Linked to all the above but many teachers are uneasy about the trustworthiness of material found on the net. There's a perception that anything that's free on the net can't be very valuable and that printed material with a price tag is automatically more credible. We need quality assurance and some kind of faculty peer review to build trust.
  • Comfort: Textbooks are designed a certain way to offer a bundle of curriculum bliss, topped with slides and quizzes. OER need to be found, sequenced, and often require to fill in the gaps. That's scary work for some faculty.
  • 1. Help each other to find what we believe is good OER in "our" subject areas.2. Create a system and agree on how to (meta)tag OER we found in a similar way (with subject area, level, learning outcomes, language,type of media etc.) and make everyone use this. 3. Make it possible for users (teachers & students) to evaluate(rate)and review OER in a similar way that we today rate books,hotels ( like at, etc). 4. Create a way to show all this in one place on Internet
Jenny Davis

OER Commons: Open Educational Resources - 4 views

    The Internet is rich with open educational resources that both educators and students might want to use. However, finding those resources is often time-consuming. The OER Commons website was created to help educators, students, and lifelong learners find Open Educational Resources that are already posted somewhere on the Internet. OER Commons is not a search engine (like Google) and it is not a list of links. This site is a structured database of links to high-quality resources found on other websites. OER Commons provides a single point of access through which educators, students, and all learners can search,browse, evaluate, and discuss over 30,000 high-quality OER.
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