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Lori Jones

Place Value- Ideas for Teaching, Resources for Lesson Plans, and Activities for Unit Pl... - 1 views

    • Lori Jones
      This game can be differentiated by grouping students (7 cards, six cards, five cards) and they can earn a certificate when they demonstrate they are ready to move up to a new group.  This is a great way to reinforce skills and also assess students' progress.
    • Lori Jones
      Game can be modified to include rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, etc.
    • Lori Jones
      For differentiated learning, have sections of students competing.  Some could compete at the seven card level, others at six, and others at five.  As they "pass" each level, they earn a certificate entitling them to compete at the next level.  Great way to improve skills and assess progress!
  • place value game
    Posted by:Tonda #62793

    Not only do my third graders know place value, they beg to play this game. On long strips of paper I made place value charts, making sure the commas were in place and writing the words (ones, tens, hundreds, etc.) under the blank line where a number will be placed. Laminate. With a partner and a deck of cards the children shuffle the deck and then pass out the predetermined number of cards according to how far you want them to learn place value. Hundred thousands would be 6 cards, millions 7 cards, 10 millions 8 cards, etc. Cards are face down in a pile. Face cards equal 1, aces are 0, and everything else what they say. They are trying to make the largest number possible to win (or smallest). Both players turn over a card at the same time and decide where to place it. Once placed it must stay there....
    This is a GREAT game idea to reinforce place value.  FANTASTIC!  Kids love games. Easy and inexpensive to make.  You need paper (laminate finished product) and decks of cards.  Can be independent learning, homework, or station time with students.
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