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Great place to find tips on social bookmarking - 0 views

    You have a chance to win a social media video training course!
avivajazz  jazzaviva

ScrapBook Plus :: Add-ons for Firefox :: Remember Onfolio? - 5 views

    Replaces Onfolio. Fantastic for foldered archiving of webpages on your local drive.

How to earn money with Google Adsense? - 1 views

    Just how do we even make money with Google Adsense? I know it can be difficult, but it is nevertheless possible. Read on to find out.
sandi jacques

PDF Annotation, Online Highlighter and Sticky Note Tool | WebNotes - 0 views

    WebNotes Online Research Tool - Annotate PDFs and web pages with highlights and sticky notes, organize your research, and share it with others.
    References to WebNotes annotation of PDF may be misleading. Please see notes at
my mashable : Save and Share Tweet, Facebook and Digg from Your Mobile - 0 views

    People today read latest topics and updates via mobile phones. Reading the tweet, Facebook updates and your favorite Digg is possible in phone, but still share the information is still challenging for for phone app makers. Recently i read about, it offers simple social sharing and bookmarking tool that proves especially useful for iPhone and other smart phone users.
Clif Mims

ConnectSafely - 0 views

    The forum for parents, teens, experts and more to discuss safe socializing on the fixed and mobile Web.
Ariel Castro

5 Daily Social Media Builders In Less Than 10 Minutes (Total!) | Internet Marketing Str... - 0 views

  • Update Your Facebook Page I freely admit I am terrible about this. I’m never thrilled about dealing with the river of application requests, zombie bites, knighthoods, images of gifts I’d like (instead of the actual gift), weather trivia, quizzes and other utterly worthless junk that await me.
    Here's what you need to do these 5 steps: * A Google account * A Yahoo! account * A Stumbleupon account and the toolbar * A Facebook account (c'mon, you don't have one?!) * A Twitter account These steps take a total of 10 minutes a day, because that's all I can stand

social bookmarking with a wiki - 142 views

Business Online Food Recipes

bookmarking wiki

Jeff Johnson

Online bookmarking dilemma - 0 views

    I have been facing the problem of which online bookmarking service to use for quite some time now. This is due to the fact that I have the StumbleUpon and Google toolbars installed on Firefox, and also have accounts on, blinklist and digg (and possibly some others which I can't remember right now :-). Too diversified for my own good you say. Well my thoughts exactly. So, if you have any suggestions or comments be my guest.
Marco Castellani

Edina Technology CoP: Personal Learning Networks:Do You Diigo?! - 0 views

  • On Saturday at the Scratch workshop I attended at TIES, I convinced Troy Cherry, the presenter, to give Twitter a try. This morning, he created an account and started following me. Later he "tweeted", "I'm a huge fan of I may become a bigger fan of Diigo."
    Really interesting, since it's not too different from my recent "history"; I was quite addicted to delicious, then I discovered in a blog the daily summary from Diigo (a service that I didn't know at all), then I investigated, I learned how is working and... wow, I may become a bigger fan of Diigo, too! ;)
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