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Haiku Deck - 10 views

    Presentaciones donde se prioriza la imagen y no el texto. Rápido y sencillo.

Vocaroo Grabador de voz - 9 views

Sunčana Kukolja Taradi

Digital Differentiation ~ Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners - 97 views

Ravi Monitor

Global Market Finder - 6 views

    A new free tool to help businesses identify markets with high demand for their products or services. The Global Market Finder automatically translates your keyword-for example, [business suit]-into 56 languages and then uses Google search trends data to see where in the world people search for your product or service.
Scott Beamer

TwtRoulette - 12 views

    Once upon a time, Shervin was viewing one of his friend's home timeline, and he discovered a lot of interesting tweets/people that he'd never seen in his own Twitter. So he thought: why shouldn't we allow people to view each other's timeline? It's a great opportunity for extended information discovery and consumption! And a week after collaborating with Stephen, the creator of iTunes Instant, TwtRoulette is live. Add yourself to the directory and start peeking!
Maxime Lagacé

FreeApps Download, All Must-have Free Apps in One Click | FreeNew - 32 views

    Wow, awesome internet tool to make a package of all software that you like....
    watch online and downloads
David Slattery

Soocial * Hassle-free contacts - 9 views

    Finally, one hassle-free address book Save time and frustration, stop messing with cables and difficult software Keep your contacts in sync Your phone, your computer and web applications will have the same address book. Never lose your address book again! Automatic daily backups of your contacts, so you'll be prepared when disaster strikes. Keep your address book clean Your duplicates are automatically removed, or you can merge them with our easy to use tools. Keep up to date with your friends Automatically let Soocial update your address book when your friends change their details.
Kerry Calnan

TodaysMeet - 8 views

shared by Kerry Calnan on 19 Jun 10 - Cached
Shirley Chaz liked it
    Parece bastante interesante
Donna Baumbach

pgscreading / FrontPage - 7 views

    "Some examples of the ways you might respond to a text can be found here: * 60 second recap * animotos * Book trailers * Comiqs and ToonDoos * Flickr and showbags * Glogs * Google Lit Trips * Voicethreads "
luisa s

Dog Training Importance | Dogs News and Helpful Info - 0 views

    In my article today I will cover some basics about dog training and why it is so important. In today's world dogs serve principally as companions in our busy every day lives.
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