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godzhesas k

How To Access Password Protected Feeds in Google Reader - 3 views

    Learn how to access password protected feeds in Google Reader. Secure RSS feeds can be viewed in google reader using FreeMyFeed service.
Graham Perrin

RSS Menu - 3 views

    RSS Menu for Mac OS X allows you to feed from bundles of tags.
strm _d - 1 views

    Ever wanted to read emails in your favourite feed reader? Signup and login, we are offering you the following features: * completely free !! * support of IMAP * support of POP3 * support of GMAIL * unlimited email accounts * private or public feed * possibility to download attachments * html email content * secure system We offer you the possibility to setup an RSS feed that connects directly to your mailbox. Sometimes you don't have access to your mails, or webmail access is blocked by the firewall of your environment. That's when can be of great use because firewalls won't be blocking our feeds. What are you waiting for? Signup and start feeding your emails!
Jeff Johnson

RSS 101: What, Why, and How | 21st Century Connections - 0 views

    What is RSS? RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is an XML-based format for sharing and distributing Web content, such as news headlines. Using an RSS reader, you can view data feeds from various news sources, such as, including headlines, summaries, and links to full stories. RSS, part of a family of web feed formats, is also used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines or podcasts.
strm _d - 0 views

    Generates new RSS feeds based upon a keyword related search done within the original feed.
Marco Castellani

Official Google Reader Blog: Share anything. Anytime. Anywhere. - 0 views

  • You can share any content from any web page, even if the site doesn't have a feed.
  • For even more control over what gets shared, select some text from the page before clicking the "Note in Reader" bookmarklet and your selection will appear as the item's body.
  • Have you ever wanted to share something that you were reading, but you didn't want to go through the hassle of subscribing to a whole feed for a single interesting article? And what about sharing content from sites with no feeds? There you are, reading along, and you think to yourself, "If only everything on the web had a 'Share' button like in Google Reader!"
Mel Roth

AddThis - The #1 Bookmarking & Sharing Service - 1 views

    Simple website for creating a social bookmark button. Create an account to view stats on how much use your button is getting.
    Site that offers an easy way to create social bookmarking buttons. Creating an account gives you access to usage stats.
Omar Cafini

uberVU - All your content and conversations in one place - 0 views

    All your content and conversations in one place

FriendFeed - 0 views

    FriendFeed enables you to keep up-to-date on the web pages, photos, videos and music that your friends and family are sharing. It offers a unique way to discover and discuss information among friends. Sign up for FriendFeed, invite some friends, and get a customized feed made up of the content that your friends shared - from news articles to family photos to interesting links and videos. FriendFeed automatically imports shared stuff from sites across the web, so if your friend favorites a video on YouTube, you get a link and a thumbnail of the video in your feed. And if your friend likes a news story on Digg, you get a link in your feed. FriendFeed makes all the sites you already use a little more social.
    A special feed for your friends to view
    wow. yes this is really amazing... i shared lots of pics and articles to my friends and relatives
anonymous - 0 views

shared by anonymous on 09 Feb 07 - Cached
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