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Graham Perrin

First 5,000 Tags Released to the Linked Data Cloud - Open Blog - - 7 views

  • October 29, 2009
  • 5,000 Tags Released
  • Linked Data
  • ...15 more annotations...
  • By Evan Sandhaus AND Rob Larson
  • we have manually mapped
  • person name subject headings
  • Freebase and DBPedia
  • for fun, we also threw in some other tidbits
  • first and last date
  • number of articles about this subject
  • included the NYT Article Search API query
  • widely and freely
  • all data records released at will be published under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License
  • plan to expand
  • each of the nearly 30,000 subject headings
  • locations, organizations and descriptors
  • license and attribution rights to thousands of dbPedia and freebase entities. The rightsHolder assertions are flat-out wrong
  • compliment not supplant
Graham Perrin

New release: Faviki makes semantic tagging (almost) as easy as classic « Favi... - 0 views

  • Faviki makes semantic tagging (almost) as easy as classic
  • July 2, 2009
  • custom names for tags
  • ...30 more annotations...
  • better control over tagging
  • OpenID
  • Save API
  • defining new tags
  • several new features
  • mainly to facilitate the use of common tags
  • overcome Wikipedia’s limitations as a controlled vocabulary for semantic tags
  • common, “semantic” tags are unique, well-defined concepts
  • Is it possible to make semantic tags as flexible as classic ones? Can humans accept and love the format intended for machines?
  • Enhanced tagging interface
  • added in free form, resembling classic tagging
  • possible to use custom names for tags
  • If Faviki doesn’t understand a tag provided by a user, it will ask her to disambiguate it. It will then remember her choice
  • Faviki “learns” about user’s name of the tag
    • Graham Perrin
  • custom names for tags can also be modified explicitly on the Tag page.
  • Defining new tags
  • added the same way as Wikipedia tags. The difference is that, this time, Google search is not restricted to Wikipedia’s domain
  • only a few of the top results are allowed to be selected
  • users collaboratively create new tags
  • Users collaboratively decide the best URLs for a concept
    • Graham Perrin
      Title, URL, a little text and a thumbnail, with sources. Compare the two. Answer yes or no. Perfect!
  • Save/Edit API
  • a simple API that provides a way to save and edit bookmarks from other applications.
    • Graham Perrin
      Hurrah! I'd love to have this work with Diigo API for bookmarks…
  • OpenID support
  • uses RPX
  • Other features/improvements
  • Smarter autocomplete list
  • Converting tags
  • Spam control
  • Export/backup bookmarks
  • Tag description tooltip
    @ Diigo Let's make best use of the Faviki Save/Edit API.
    The bookmarklet for Faviki is compelling.
Graham Perrin

Bookmarklet for Zemanta - 1 views

  • Zemanta Bookmarklet
  • on Safari, Chrome and other browsers
  • pages that are supported by Zemanta: Google Mail Compose Yahoo Mail Compose Authoring pages of Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, MovableType and other blogging platforms that are supported by our browser extensions.
Graham Perrin

Faviki - Social bookmarking tool using smart semantic Wikipedia (DBpedia) tags - 0 views

    Left to right: * triangular switch to close (hide detail) or open   — green switch for other user's bookmarks   — amber switch for your own bookmarks * favicon of the bookmarked item * username of the most recent networker * title of the bookmarked item   — font size a little greater than the norm * date or time of networking   — font size a little less than the norm + save + spam?   — these options appear when you curse over the date/time. When the bookmark is open, detail comprises: * highlight from the page * personal note * tags   — Common Tag   — as you curse over each one, its definition * popularity   — the number of people who have networked the bookmarked item + overview   — this option appears subtly when you curse over the number. Example Faviki overviews and suggest that early adopters of Faviki may not make greatest use of highlights and notes, but that's a separate topic …
    Log in to Faviki to see recent bookmarks from all users at The UI is nice.
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