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Graham Perrin

Bookmarking services that are complementary to Diigo - 94 views

Diigo complement suggestion

started by Graham Perrin on 12 Sep 09
  • Graham Perrin
    Occasionally it's desirable or necessary to:

    a) use something other than Diigo as a primary bookmarking service

    - with the intention of later:

    b) copying data to Diigo.

    Group members: what's your favourite alternative service for
    bookmarks that will be repeated to Diigo?
  • Clement Chen
    Zotero (a free and powerful bibliography add-on of FireFox) maybe an option.

    I used to bookmark a web page on Diigo, as to share with colleagues, and save it in Zotero, for personal reference.

    Zotero also have tag functions, so I apply the same set of tags to "Zoteroed" items and "Diigoed" items. When I can only use one service due to the restriction (like in public computer station), I will add a "todo" tag so that I could update the other one afterwards. For example, I may leave a "todiigo" tag in Zotero items so that I could add them to Diigo later (especially when Diigo's highlight function becomes stable again)

    Zotero also has its web version to synchronize data with the desktop add-on. But it's mainly for reference purpose and is far less sociable than Diigo. More and more fans of Zotero are advocating synchronization between Diigo and Zotero now. I wish that Diigo could consider this demand.

    While I could save a hard copy with tag in my desktop, I will feel more secure in sharing bookmarks with others.
  • Graham Perrin
    Here, I like to use Faviki before Diigolet. The mash is outlined at

    Main benefit: Common Tag format

    When I don't use Faviki, it's usually because I'm unexpectedly logged out. This bug and others are summarised at
  • Graham Perrin
    Notes from a user of Google Reader appear at
  • Graham Perrin
    Another bookmarklet that I sometimes use:

    * Read Later
      — not to be confused with Read It Later.

    Instapaper service, and software for iPhone OS, is extremely highly rated.


    After reading texts, formatted by Instapaper, I might decide to bookmark and annotate in Diigo.
  • brahmiece413

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