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Lisa Keeley

diigo - 3 views

shared by Lisa Keeley on 29 Oct 09 - Cached
    animation/motion design
Graham Perrin

RSS Menu - 3 views

    RSS Menu for Mac OS X allows you to feed from bundles of tags.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Diigo Blog » Highlight, Annotate, Archive, Search, Share ~ Diigo ~ the best o... - 4 views

    "Diigo V4 launches today! Needlessly to say, we are excited that V4 finally gets to say hello to the world!\n\nIn our passion to make Diigo the best in its class, we've added features, completely revamped the user interfaces, made existing features even easier to use, and come up with what we think you'll find is an even more incredible platform than before. "
Graham Perrin

Instapaper: FAQ - 0 views

  • easy reading of long text
  • popular blogs are now full of useless “list posts” with no substance or value
  • Select some text on the page before clicking the bookmarklet, and your selection will automatically be added as the item’s description.

Bookmarking services that are complementary to Diigo - 94 views

Diigo complement suggestion

Graham Perrin

Swoogle Semantic Web Search Engine - 0 views

  • Searching over 10,000 ontologies
Jeff Johnson

Online bookmarking dilemma - 0 views

    I have been facing the problem of which online bookmarking service to use for quite some time now. This is due to the fact that I have the StumbleUpon and Google toolbars installed on Firefox, and also have accounts on, blinklist and digg (and possibly some others which I can't remember right now :-). Too diversified for my own good you say. Well my thoughts exactly. So, if you have any suggestions or comments be my guest.
Marco Castellani

Edina Technology CoP: Personal Learning Networks:Do You Diigo?! - 0 views

  • On Saturday at the Scratch workshop I attended at TIES, I convinced Troy Cherry, the presenter, to give Twitter a try. This morning, he created an account and started following me. Later he "tweeted", "I'm a huge fan of I may become a bigger fan of Diigo."
    Really interesting, since it's not too different from my recent "history"; I was quite addicted to delicious, then I discovered in a blog the daily summary from Diigo (a service that I didn't know at all), then I investigated, I learned how is working and... wow, I may become a bigger fan of Diigo, too! ;)
Allen T

有贴-类Diigo的社会性书签工具 - 0 views

    为什么我要说有贴是类Diigo的 社会性书签工具呢?虽然有贴官方表示有贴与已有的SNS有区别,因为用户的交流已现实生活中的朋友为主(这一点是在向Facebook学习?),但是他们 的这种网上交流互动就已经算是SNS的范围了。如果给有贴加上一个工具栏,能够实现和Diigo工具栏一样的功能,在安装工具栏的用户打开添加过评论的网 页就能看到朋友的评论,那么有贴几乎和Diigo一模一样了。Diigo通过权限的设定也能实现仅在好友之间的分享。
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