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John Evans

The app that lets you create Khan Academy-style videos in 60 seconds | eSchool News | e... - 0 views

    "A Microsoft Garage project called Snip (not to be confused with the Snipping Tool) has been released. While still in the "preview" stage, it is stable and works well. It is quick and simple, and is effective for a large percentage of learning and teaching situations.

    Download and install the app. The app then sits as a thin line at the top of the screen.

    Tap or hover a mouse on this line and it opens to reveal a set of three tools. You can use the built in "whiteboard" (middle icon) or take a photo (icon on the right)"
John Evans

Using Creativity to Boost Young Children's Mathematical Thinking | MindShift | KQED News - 0 views

    "The students in Molly James's kindergarten classroom were tasked with creating a mathematical art gallery. They had each drawn a number and then searched for two types objects they could use to compose a visual number sentence - such as two rulers plus three scissors to equal five objects.

    After photographing and mounting their pictures on the wall in numerical order, the students sat on the floor with their sketchbooks and began to draw and talk. "I had expected them to learn something about number composition," James said, "but I didn't expect the remarkable observations they began to have about the photographs." For example, when one girl looked at a picture of two red scissors and three blue scissors (2+3=5), she noticed that the direction of the handles gave rise to a new number sentence: 4 scissors pointing left + 1 scissor pointing right = 5 scissors.

    James, who recently published a paper about creativity in the classroom, said moments like these remind her that "creativity is not fluff or an add-on, but is instead an essential part of what it means to be a mathematician."  In fact, she believes creativity is the key to helping her students become confident and skilled mathematical thinkers."
John Evans

Meaningful Making: Projects and Inspirations for FabLabs and Makerspaces | FabLearn Fel... - 0 views

    "Around the world, there is a new movement to use the new tools and technology of the Maker Movement to give children authentic learning experiences beyond textbooks and tests. The Stanford FabLearn Fellows are a group of 18 educators who are working at the forefront of this new movement in all corners of the globe. They teach in FabLabs, makerspaces, classrooms, libraries, community centers, and museums - all with the goal of making learning more meaningful in the modern world.

    In this book, the FabLearn Fellows share projects, assessment strategies, lesson planning guides, and ideas from their learning spaces. In over 200 pages illustrated with color photos of real student work, the Fellows take you on a tour of the future of learning, where children make sense of the world by making things that matter to them and their communities. To read this book is to rediscover learning as it could be and should be - a joyous, mindful exploration of the world, where the ultimate discovery is the potential of every child."
John Evans

Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success | K-12 Blueprint - 1 views

    "The adoption of active learning techniques means discarding the traditional notion of what a "classroom" is and developing a new type of contemporary learning space: one that is more flexible, agile adaptive and equipped with technology to both personalize and expand conditions for learning.

    The comprehensive research, real-world examples, insights and exercises contained within the pages of Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success provide that crucial first step for any educator or administrator looking to support today's learners with active learning concepts that will best prepare them for tomorrow's world."
John Evans

iPad Pro: An Educator's First Impressions | - 0 views

    "My iPad Pro arrived this past week to my excitement. I have used it for just a few days now at this point. There are absolutely no regrets about this large purchase (I joked that it did cost exactly half of what I paid for my first car!). I am thoroughly impressed by this device.

    The larger size of this iPad gives it a new device feeling, as opposed to just a refreshed model of the same dimensions.

    For a size reference, here is the iPad Pro side by side with the iPad 4:

    And here it is next to the iPad Mini:


    I hope to do a series of posts outlining my use of the iPad Pro. This first post will just outline some initial thoughts on the device, and who I think it is best suited for.

    Readers of this blog will know that I'm a huge supporter of using iPads for content creation as opposed to just content consumption. The iPad Pro, along with the new features of iOS 9, bring with it many more possibilities of doing so."
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