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John Evans

4 Reasons Your School Should Invest In A 3D Printer - 3 views

    "The use of 3D printers is becoming increasingly prevalent across the workforce, from medicine to confectionary, aerospace to sportswear.

    The mere concept of them can seem daunting, and it is therefore easy for school leaders to overlook the benefits a 3D printer can have for their pupils. We've put together a list of strong arguments in favor of this fantastic investment in a bid to help you put forward a winning pitch to your school decision makers."
John Evans

Edutech for Teachers » Blog Archive » 10 Reasons for Students to Blog Infogra... - 0 views

    "So, you want to increase motivation for reading and writing, improve confidence levels and/or encourage ICT literacy? Well, regardless of the rationale, blogging is a very powerful learning tool that can assist teachers with these goals.

    Still not convinced that blogging is a meaningful activity? Then check out the nifty sketch note shown below, one that illustrates ten additional reasons you should get your blog on with your students."
John Evans

Five reasons to teach robotics in schools - 1 views

    "Technology is critical for innovation, yet schools struggle to get students interested in this area. Could teaching robotics change this?

    The Queensland government has just announced plans to make teaching robotics compulsory in its new curriculum - aimed at students from prep through to year 10.

    Robotics matches the new digital technologies curriculum, strongly supported by the university sector and states, including Victoria.

    But while, worldwide, there are increasing initiatives such as the Robotics Academy in the US to teach robotics in schools, Australia isn't doing enough to get it taught in schools.

    To explain why we should teach children how to program robots in schools, we first need to understand what a robot is.
John Evans

10 Reasons to Teach Coding - #Sketchnote by @sylviaduckworth | Brian Aspinall, CV - 1 views

    "Bonus: Coding gives you superpowers!"
John Evans

What's Your Hurry? 3 Reasons Slow Math is Best - Brilliant or Insane - 2 views

    "As both a teacher and administrator, I often heard from parents whose children were exceptionally good at math. "My daughter already knows how to multiply four-digit numbers, so third grade math is too easy for her. She needs to be accelerated."

    There's lots of research to support acceleration as a strategy for gifted learners. The Acceleration Institute, part of the Belin-Blank Center at the University of Iowa, recently produced a report entitled "A Nation Empowered" which details the enormous benefits to accelerating a student when he or she is performing well above grade level.

    Researcher Jonathan Wei of Duke University says, "All students deserve to learn something new each day." In math, the obvious way to learn something new is to accelerate the instruction, letting the student go on to the next topic or grade level. But "learn something new" is not the same as "learn the next thing on the district's scope and sequence.""
John Evans

EdTechTeam: Five Great Reasons to Use Canva in the Classroom - 6 views

    "What is Canva you ask?
    In the companies own words "An amazingly simple graphic design tool""
John Evans

5 Reasons to Allow Texting in Class - Brilliant or Insane - 0 views

    "Are  your students texting in class? Of course they are. A better question is, are you allowing your students to send text messages? If not, why?

    The picture above is what happens in most classes. Students hide their mobile devices and surreptitiously send text messages to their friends. In many cases they may be texting peers in the same room. Teachers fear this secret texting in class and, in many cases, ban the use of mobile devices entirely.

    A better practice is to embrace the mobile devices and the text messaging."
John Evans

3 Myth-Busting Reasons to Start Coding Even at an Older Age - 1 views

    "Old people are out of touch with technology. That's the stereotype, anyway. With adages like "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" and "He can't change, he's already set in his ways", many of us assume that certain pursuits are for young people only - and programming is no exception.

    It's easy to see why this mentality is so pervasive. As a relative youngster myself, the programming world evolves so quickly that even I find it difficult to keep up. Most of what I learned in school was obsolete by graduation. So if youngsters like me have trouble, is there any hope for the older generation?

    Yes! If you - or someone you know - have ever wondered if you're "too old" to start learning how to program, the simple answer is that anyone can pick it up as long as they have determination, persistence, and an open mind. The real question is, should you give it a shot?

    I think you should, and here's why."
John Evans

3 Reasons Why Faculty Meetings Are a Waste of Time - Finding Common Ground - Education ... - 2 views

    "3 Reasons Why Faculty Meetings Are a Waste of Time
    By Peter DeWitt on April 10, 2015 6:50 AM

    Faculty Meeting.png

    Many school leaders walk into a faculty meeting with a single idea of how they want to move forward and walk out with the same idea. That's telling...

    John Hattie talks a great deal about the Politics of Distraction, which means we focus on adult issues, and not enough time...if ever...on learning. That is happening around the U.S. for sure. Recently the Assembly of NY State only furthered those distractions, which you can read about here, which means that school leaders and teachers have to work harder to maintain a focus on learning.

    Quite frankly, well before mandates and accountability, school leaders focused on the politics of distraction and not on learning. Compliance is not new in schools. Faculty meetings were seen as a venue to get through and something that teachers were contractually obligated to attend.

    During these days of endless measures of compliance, principals can do a great deal to make sure they don't model the same harmful messages to staff that politicians are sending to teachers. Jim Knight calls that "Freedom within form." In Talk Like Ted, Carmine Gallo quotes Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo) when he writes,

    "Creativity is often misunderstood. People often think of it in terms of artistic work - unbridled, unguided effort that leads to beautiful effect. If you look deeper, however, you'll find that some of the most inspiring art forms - haikus, sonatas, religious paintings- are fraught with constraints. (p. 190)"

    Clearly, constraints have a wide definition. There is a clear difference between the constraints of compliance and the stupidity of the legislation just passed by the assembly in NY. As we move forward, principals still are charged...or at least should be...with the job of making sure they offer part...inspiration, part...teacher voice...and a great deal of focus on learning.

    There is never a more important tim
John Evans

10 Reasons Schools Should Still be Using iPads - Ed Tech Today - 1 views

    "After its launch the iPad quickly became the darling of the K-12 education community. Schools and teachers quickly saw the opportunities that it afforded students and jumped to get them into their hands. Fast forward a few years and it seems that a lot of schools have relegated the iPad to a supporting role or ditched them entirely. As mentioned elsewhere this is primarily due to a lack of clear vision, a misunderstanding of what the iPad is and an imiginative, uninspiring curriculum.

    While the iPad may no longer be the technology de jour in certain circles it is impossible to ignore what a compelling device the iPad is. So, why is the iPad still the best choice for schools, teachers and students."
John Evans

3 Reasons Why You Should Share and 3 Things You can Do to Start Sharing | Langwitches Blog - 4 views

    "I am back on my soapbox…

    …because I continue to see great things happening in classrooms, but get blank stares, when I ask, if these things are being shared beyond the school building.
    …because I watch as administrators feel the need to "protect" their faculty from "one more thing to do".
    …because I continue to hear fear of transparency, competition, privacy and technology skills and tech phobia.
     Setting up my soapbox to raise awareness of the "moral imperative of sharing" for teachers (Dean Shareski) goes back to his keynote in 2010 at the K-12 Online Conference. Since then I have stepped on that soapbox via my blog and at conferences advocating for the IMPORTANCE and NECESSITY of sharing."
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