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Quality Enhancement for E-Learning Courses: The Role of Student Feedback - 0 views

    Student feedback is seen as a central strategy to monitor the quality and standards of teaching and learning in Higher Education Institutions.

Connecting Students to Content: Student-Generated Questions - 1 views

    "The more connections and engagement they have, the better they will learn new information. Studies have shown that more student ownership of the course and its content result in better retention and better application of information after the course"
Jessica M

Relations of Student Perceptions of Teacher Oral Feedback With Teacher Expectancies and... - 0 views

  • exhibited the importance ofteachers’ verbal statements and indicated teachers’ positive feedback was morebeneficial than negative feedback to academic self-concept.
  • teachers as significant othersprovide oral feedback as environmental reinforcement that plays a crucial role inthe development of students’ self-concept
  • understanding how feedback relates to academicoutcomes
Jessica M

Show me! Enhanced Feedback Through Screencasting Technology - 0 views

  • What is Screencasting?
  • These videos can be accompanied by a narration recorded whilethe video is created or added at a later date once the recording has been com-pleted
  • combine both visual and auditory input, thusadvancing earlier explorations of the use of audio-recorded feedback andpodcasting as an alternative to handwritten marginal notes (
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • this technology could be used to produce feedback bycreating video-recordings of both his spoken comments and his on-screenactions as he responded to students’ texts. Stann
  • this work is rooted in the belief that multimodal feedback allowsfor a wider range of individual learning styles and preferences
  • and is more likely to provide a learning experience that students will findmemorable
Teresa Dobler

Can student choice in homework assignments increase the return rate and increase studen... - 0 views

  • grade
  • yielded slightly positive results in both students’ attitude towards science and homework return rates
    • Teresa Dobler
      Giving students choice increased homework completion and attitudes toward science in middle school students.
Jessica M

ETAP640amp2014: SLN online student demographics - 0 views

  • 17709      20 to 24                    37.756646               22 8149        25 to 29                    17.374155               27
  • 62%          Female
  • 0.9899366               46,431     United States
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • 0.9289384               43,570     New York
    Online Student Demographics - some numbers are surprising while others I assumed..
Kelly Gorcica

Challenge 6 - Digital footprints | Student Blogging Challenge - 0 views

    Article about student blogging and digital footprints
Danielle Melia

EBSCOhost: Creating Effective Student Engagement in Online Courses: What Do Students F... - 0 views

    While this paper set out to discover what activities and/or interaction channels might be expected to lead to more highly engaged students, what it found was a bit different. After first creating a scale to measure online student engagement, and then surveying 186 students from six campuses in the Midwest, the results indicate that there is no particular activity that will automatically help students to be more engaged in online classes. However, the results also suggest that multiple communication channels may be related to higher engagement and that student-student and instructor-student communication are clearly strongly correlated with higher student engagement with the course, in general. Thus, advice for online instructors is still to use active learning but to be sure to incorporate meaningful and multiple ways of interacting with students and encouraging/requiring students to interact with each other. (Contains 4 tables.)
Catherine Strattner

Northeast Arkansas Student Goes to School Via Robot - 0 views

    Student attends school via robot- a different kind of online learning.
Erin Fontaine

New Class(room) War: Teacher vs. Technology - New York Times - 0 views

  • Perhaps there’s a nicer way to put it. “The baby boomers seem to see technology as information and communication,” said Prof. Michael Bugeja, director of the journalism school at Iowa State University and the author of “Interpersonal Divide: The Search for Community in a Technological Age.” “Their offspring and the emerging generation seem to see the same devices as entertainment and socializing.”
  • The fact is, we’re not here to entertain. We’re here to stimulate the life of the mind.”
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