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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Teresa Dobler

Teresa Dobler

Educational Leadership:Giving Students Meaningful Work:Seven Essentials for Project-Bas... - 0 views

  • personally meaningful
  • educational purpose.
  • "entry event" that engages interest and initiates questioning
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  • sets up a scenario
  • sense of purpose and challeng
  • provocative, open-ended, complex, and linked to the core of what you want students to learn.
  • more voice and choice
  • s collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and the use of technology
  • fine-tuned their questions
  • investigated new questions
  • students follow a trail that begins with their own questions, leads to a search for resources and the discovery of answ
  • rs, and often ultimately leads to generating new questions, testing ideas, and drawing their own conclusion
Teresa Dobler

practical-guide.pdf - 0 views

Teresa Dobler

2.4 The motivations for plagiarism | The Economics Network - 0 views

  • poor time management skills
  • little enthusiasm for the subject
  • external pressure to succeed from parents or peers, or for financial reasons;
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    • Teresa Dobler
      3 big reasons people plagiarize that engaging material and student centered can challenge.
Teresa Dobler

JOLT - Journal of Online Learning and Teaching - 1 views

  • If instructors gave as much thought to the construction of their on-campus courses as they do their online courses, all education would be better
    • Teresa Dobler
      My experiences building an online course will greatly impact my face-to-face teaching - I spend so much time planning, revising, and improving before I even begin teaching, and I have an end goal in mind.
  • Successful online learning outcomes appear in large part to be due to the care with which the course is designed and delivered.
  • online pedagogy frequently involves consultation and collaboration
    • Teresa Dobler
      I wonder why? This is definitely true of my course as a grad student. Is it true elsewhere?
Teresa Dobler

Search Results choice for your children - 0 views

  • teaching students to analyze the media they consume and to view themselves as both consumers and producers of media. However, this learning often is relegated to electives or to after-school programs rather than being integrated across curricula.
    • Teresa Dobler
      We need to include this in the regular curriculum!
Teresa Dobler

Using Technology as a Learning Tool, Not Just the Cool New Thing | - 1 views

  • How the Net Gen Learns
    • Teresa Dobler
      What we need to know in order to teach our students...
  • taught himself
    • Teresa Dobler
      These individuals all have talents and expertise in multiple areas, and are often self-taught in at least some of them.
    • Teresa Dobler
      They learn by doing the work themselves, not being told about it.
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  • wide range of interests
  • not locked into one thing
  • when challenged, they excel in creative and innovative ways
    • Teresa Dobler
      We need to challenge our students in this way!!!
  • doing hands-on work and working in groups,
  • Using technology only enhances the hands-on experience; it does not—and cannot—replace human interaction.
Teresa Dobler

Does it make a difference? Replacing text with audio feedback - 1 views

  • 1 minute of audio feedback was generating an equivalent of approximately 100 words.
Teresa Dobler

Checklist Observation Tool.pdf - 0 views

  • Checklists show the sequence of developmental progress.
Teresa Dobler

Being More Effective: The Benefits of Using Checklists - 0 views

  • Using checklists ensures that you won’t forget anything
Teresa Dobler

ChemEd DL Application: Periodic Table Live! - 0 views

    • Teresa Dobler
      Students can research more about specific elements. This will be helpful in the adopt an element project.
    From MERLOT
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