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Rhondda Powling - 4 views

    Presentation wiki of Elanguage conference in Australia. Nicky Hockly and Mark Pegrum
Roland Gesthuizen

THE END OF TEACHING by @agalorda - 3 views

    Slideshow that explores how the landscape and pedagogy of teaching is changing in the tertiary classrooms and halls.
Roland Gesthuizen

Passion Quest - a mobile learning game by curiosity lab - Eventbrite - 10 views

    It's a technology infused quest designed to uncover your passions and illuminate ways to activate the pathways to fulfilling those passions using game mechanics and strategy.
Roland Gesthuizen

'Bring your own device' catching on in schools | Curriculum | - 3 views

  • With access issues in mind, allowing students to bring their own devices from home can offer educational benefits, as well as some surprisingly positive results when it comes to creative thinking and classroom behavior.
    "Mobile devices are now found in the hands of most children, and school leaders are using that to their advantage by incorporating devices that students already own into classroom lessons and projects."
Rhondda Powling

What Do Kids Say Is The Biggest Obstacle To Technology At School? - 8 views

  • The two major obstacles that students say they face at school: filters that stop them from accessing the websites they need for homework and bans on using their own mobile devices (namely cellphones) at school.
  • The majority of parents surveyed - 67% - said that they were willing to buy their children a mobile device for school if the schools allowed it, and parents seemed particularly interested in their children using these devices in order to access online textbooks.
  • there were some interesting differences between what digital skills teachers thought were important and what skills students thought they needed to know.
    "We don't often stop and ask students - or their parents - what they think their technology needs are. But the newly-released Speak Up 2010 survey has done just that .. The results are pretty fascinating, as they show great adoption of technology among even very young students, but lingering resistance on the part of school administrators to sanction some of those tools into the classroom."
Roland Gesthuizen

YouTube - 2 views

    Watch "A Day Made of Glass" and take a look at Corning's vision for the future with specialty glass at the heart of it.
Nigel Robertson

EduKindle » Notepad for Kindle Keeps Your Ideas Handy - 3 views

    Tool that allows you to keep notes on the Kindle but outside of a specific book.
Tony Searl

Pontydysgu - Bridge to Learning - Educational Research - 1 views

    Perhaps the greatest impact of mobile devices may be in changing the relationship between institutional or classroom based learning and learning in a wider society. Steve Wheeler, in his presentation on Web 3.0. The Way Forward? (2010) says that whilst in the past we have brought the world into the classroom in the future we will bring the classroom into the world.
Kerry J

Grafedia - 3 views

    Grafedia is hyperlinked text, written by hand onto physical surfaces and linking to rich media content - images, video, sound files, and so forth. It can be written anywhere - on walls, in the streets, or on sidewalks. Grafedia can also be written in letters or postcards, on the body as tattoos, or anywhere you feel like putting it. Viewers "click" on these grafedia hyperlinks with their cell phones by sending a message addressed to the word + "" to get the content behind the link.
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