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Roland Gesthuizen

Twitter FAQ: RT, HT, OH Explained. | Brent Ozar PLF - 3 views

    Welcome to Twitter! There's a lot of confusing terms. What does the abbreviation Twitter RT mean? How do you reply to someone on Twitter? What are the definitions of all this slang stuff? Here's the answers to your Twitter questions.
Tony Searl

elearnspace › web 3.0/xWeb - 2 views

    Web 2.0 is about participation. Web 3.0 is about linked data and the semantic web. The xweb will have a far greater impact on individuals than web 2.0/3.0. Not everyone is a blogger or contributes videos to youtube or edits wikipedia. However, a growing percentage of the population uses the mobile web. Web 2.0/3.0 are a promise of change. The xweb is an instantiation of change, an expression of how technology can alter how people relate to each other, to information, and how the physical world becomes yet another domain for technology to dominate.
Grace Kat

WatchKnow - Videos for kids to learn from. Organized. - 0 views

    A directory of educational videos available online.
Suzie Vesper

MagToo - Facebook slideshows, MySpace, slideshow, photo sharing, zoom, panorama, trip, ... - 0 views

    Three different ways of making slideshows with images - normal slideshows, panorama shows, and trip shows.
Jenny Gilbert

Twitter for Teachers - 0 views

    new site - will grow well no doubt as teachers contribute
Darren Walker

Web 2 animation - 0 views

    A short film to explain web 2 to teachers

kis21learning wiki / A "Digital Arts" Menu for Multiple Intelligences - 0 views

    Select which 'digital arts' best suit your learning style
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