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Olivia Azar

Citizen Journalism - 0 views

    Came across this list of citizen journalism websites. Some better than others but all of them work as a reference of what this activity is.
    In the list I also got some Indian website. Thanks for share it.

Privacy advocates unmask Twitter troll - 1 views

    What happens when you troll Tor developers hard? You get unmasked. Towards the end of last week, a troll who had sent various aggressive tweets to a host of security experts and privacy advocates associated with the Tor project and browser, which enables online anonymity, had his identity exposed.
    It is important to stand up against all kinds of bullying, in this case it is cyberbullying. But what is the difference when it comes to someone bullies you, and you bully that person back? It is still bullying. Although I think some actions should be taken to tackle the people trolling, it is difficult because of the massive amount of people who are leaving angry or horrible responses. To monitor every netizens activity is impossible and inefficient, it also violates privacy rights (even when we know we are monitored at some point). What do you think about creating filters? I think that will restrict the freedom of speech people have. So is having freedom and open access such a brilliant thing? Would it not cause moral conflicts? Education and moral standards would not always relate, because emotions is one of the measures too.
    Thanks for your sharing. A lot of people have been the victim of cyberbullying, the reason of cyberbullying has become increasingly common might has some relationship with the advanced technology and also due to people can say whatever they want to say by hiding behind their digital identities, so they do not care about moral standard any more. And it's true that it's really hard to take action to everyone who involved in cyberbullying because the amount is huge.
Alexandra Finch

Exploring the Benefits and Challenges of Using Laptop Computers in Higher Education Cla... - 0 views

    Kay, R., Lauriclla, S. (2011). Exploring the Benefits and Challenges of Using Laptop Computers in Higher Education Classrooms: A Formative Analysis. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology. 37:1
    a. Laptops and mobile devices are ubiquitous in todays classrooms as students are digital natives. Because of decreasing prices of technology over the past few decades, an overwhelming majority of the university students surveyed own a laptop (87%). Because of this quick onset of technological adoption, culture has lagged, in terms of re-defining the social institutions that such mobile and computer technologies affect. According to this analysis, students feel that the use of a laptop helps in aiding studies, is useful for gathering course and supplementary materials and engaging in peer collaboration. Several challenges have been noted: communication based challenges, relating to social media, email and messaging services; and entertainment based challenges, relating to media consumption. These challenges serve as potential sources of distraction for the student using the technology and others. In their findings, 16% of students reported being distracted by pornography during class, on their own or others' computer screens, which ranked higher than computer games, at 1%. The authors conclude that the benefits of laptop use in class outweigh the challenges 2:1. Possibly, if the functionality of student laptops are integrated into course curriculum further, students can benefit from further peer collaboration, increased academic benefit and decreased distractions.
Alexandra Finch

From Distraction to Engagement: Wireless Devices in the Classroom - 0 views

    a. Finding a balance between technology and teaching has proved challenging in the traditional classroom. Some institutions, such as University of Chicago Law School, have altogether banned internet access in the classroom, claiming that it imposes on the integrity of the education. Although the authors draw attention to research demonstrating the rampant frequency of distractions with laptop and mobile technology amongst students, they beg the question of whose fault it really is - and begs educators to reflect on their own teaching, and the educational institution as a whole. Fang describes possible solutions for the distraction dilemma for educators to apply to the modern classroom. Filtering applications can help to create a temporary filter on computer applications to ensure a singular task, or set of permitted tasks, are accessed. Network switching allows faculty and network administrators to determine which, if any, applications can use a network at a given time. Social solutions can also be effective; by educating the student on the issue of technology-related distraction in classrooms, and assessing teaching styles, class formats and institutional practices. In the modern classroom, the professor and technology should coexist peacefully; yet it will take social and technical finesse in order to find the right balance for the maximum benefit of the student.


Publicado por Ariel y Fundación Telefónica. Con la colaboración técnica de Wolters Kluwer.

Module10 open information Publishing Open access


Revisión de los conceptos de alfabetización informacional y alfabetización di... - 4 views

    En este documento se describen y revisan los conceptos de alfabetización informacional y alfabetización digital, a través del análisis de la literatura existente. Se examinan asimismo conceptos relacionados, incluyendo alfabetización informática, la alfabetización bibliotecaria, la alfabetización en redes, la de internet y la hiperalfabetización, y se aclaran las relaciones entre éstas.
    Estas alfabetizaciones responden a las necesidades de un entorno informacional más complejo con nuevas tecnologías y una mayor variedad de medios de comunicación y de servicios. Son formas de alfabetización que requieren habilidades, conocimientos y actitudes.
Abdul Naser Tamim

Personal Knowledge Management, filtering and information overload - 1 views

    how do you avoid information overload with your corporate knowledge base ?
Olga Huertas

Lectura digital y aprendizaje: las nuevas alfabetizaciones - 5 views

    En el entorno global de la información el tiempo se mueve rápidamente. La llegada de Internet ha puesto en cuestión la necesidad de bibliotecas y bibliotecarios
  • ...1 more comment...
    Creo que no sólo de las bibliotecas y bibliotecarios, sino de cualquier persona.
    El contenido fundamentalmente disponible en la Web y los medios electrónicos ha cambiado la dinámica de cómo operan y administran su misión las bibliotecas. Lo que está llevando hacia un cambio en cuanto a las responsabilidades y competencias profesionales; los bibliotecarios en esta era digital proporcionan acceso, orientación y formación a los materiales físicos y electrónicos en línea sin dejar de atender las tareas fundamentales que han contribuido a la esencia a la profesión durante siglos.
Olga Huertas

La alfabetización Informacional - 2 views

    Documento del gobierno Español en el que se da cuenta de lo que incluye la alfabetización informacional y a donde apunta esta metodología. Su lectura es fácil y sumamente interesante.

Alfabetización digital un reto de todos - 0 views

    El continuo desarrollo tecnológico que acontece en la actualidad provoca transformaciones en diferentes contextos sociales. Principalmente el educativo, provocando la necesidad de modificar algunas facetas de la vida, concretamente, el modo de educar y de aprender. El artículo pretende poner de manifiesto el papel fundamental que adquiere la alfabetización en tecnología digital.

Module9 - 0 views

    resolución de problemas

S.O.S for Information Literacy - 3 views

shared by petrae77 on 12 Nov 14 - Cached
prernas liked it
    If you are a teacher wanting to teach about information literacy this may be for you.
    thank you for sharing, it 's helpful for me
    This is a very good example of a community of practice site. It is useful for those in the community, and will be ven more useful if those who use it then contribute to its growth!

Google has made our memories lazy, say scientists - 0 views

    because of overload information, our memories becoming lazy

Why I Won't Accept Your Linkedin Invitation - 5 views

    An example of how one person establish his "filter" for accepting/rejecting invitations in this networked world.
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    Really helpful and basic filters. I especially appreciate: If you can't take 2 minutes to write, 'Hey Mike, I know we don't know each other, but I think we have some mutual interests (or connections) and I would value you in my network," then I won't take 1 second to click "accept." Many people use linkedin for their professional connections. Considering why Mike doesn't accept invitations helps one to understand how to make better use of the site and how to keep it manageable for your own uses.
    Great way to filter people on Linkedin, the thing is, at least in my case, if by any chance I will invite someone always write a letter, but normally I take a look of profile before accepting a person in my net. That is because sometime there are interesting people that do not know the Netiquettes. Cheers Julia
    Do we need a network for possible contacts or is Linkedin a source for active contacts? How many true contacts are realistic to handle and whatfor?
    I totally agree! One genuine connection is better than a thousand random "contacts".
Ibraghimova Irina

TrendMD - 1 views

"TrendMD, an online tool that gives readers a way to find content relevant to their interests, while giving publishers, institutions, industry and authors the ability to target their audience. Tre...

module10 filter

started by Ibraghimova Irina on 11 Nov 14 no follow-up yet

Potential Benefits and Pitfalls of Digital Healthcare - 2 views

This article describes an Android application called "Doctors On-Demand." This particular app is available in the United States, but I know of similar apps for Canada. The general idea is that inst...



Techonomy Live - 0 views

All I wanted to share a link for TE14, this is a live techonomy event that started 7pm tonight Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the U.S. and runs through Tuesday, November 11th at 3pm.


started by melduncan on 10 Nov 14 no follow-up yet


    Este canal, tiene una particularidad, no por su comentario, sino por su contenido, pues es elaborado para todo tipo de público interesado en el saber, Juan Guillermo Guerrero, expresa las diferentes facetas que los hombres deben desarrollar para ser polivalentes en muchos campos de acción, Basado en su experiencia y en lo aportado por muchos actores que enseñan en sus legados para todos los tiempos. Su contenido presenta herramientas con diferentes técnicas como la Hipnoterapia para pacientes que desean ser mejores; Historia y filosofía para aquellos que desean buscar en sus postulados, saberes para reinterpretar o para ser únicos y dejar legado a la humanidad; Medicina cuántica, para todos aquellos que deseen curación no desde los fármacos sino desde el poder mental que es su interior; estudio del árbol genealógico que determina las causas de muchos problemas tanto mentales como físicos al somatizar algunos patrones conceptuales de su pasado; el estudio de las ciencias Administrativas, donde se inicia a temprana edad a entender el mundo de los negocios, su estructura y comportamiento; Psicología, para determinar el porqué de muchas conductas tanto propias como de los demás; Sociología, donde los escuchas quizá en su discernimiento, ayuden a una sociedad en decadencia al comprender posibles soluciones para su mejora y mucho màs. El canal, es para quienes busquen alternativas en un lugar del saber con muchos tópicos o puntos de vista académicos y en algún audio se reencuentren al humanizar las ciencias duras, blandas y suaves si cada uno lo desea, no todos entienden éste punto de vista, pero es para los llamados a entender. La sanación de los hombres en su totalidad, son expresadas en los resultados del todo en la vida y en el màs allá, pues, al irse de éste mundo en estado de felicidad de la manera màs cómica o desastrosa para otros seres, allí se evidencia el verdadero valor de la sanación, ya que no presenta rasgos de incertidumbre. P
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