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Christensen Institute - 2 views

    My last week in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City was markedly different from my week in Hanoi in ways I did not expect. A spirit of entrepreneurship and optimism about the future of education in Vietnam has been palpable. I met with several entrepreneurs in Ho Chi Minh City.
    There is a lot of talk about education technology and open education resources having a big impact on learners in developing countries. This article offers a brief glimpse into education entrepreneurship in Vietnam. Vietnam Open Education Resources (VOER) has supposedly pushed Vietnam to have a more developed OER system than any other country other than the US. I would be curious to see how Thiem would measure this claim. Platforms built around OER have potential to lower costs of materials, but they rely heavily on an active base of creators and self-publishers. There may always be an incentive for creators of especially good content to offer it for a price. In addition, just as a movie benefits from the guidance of an experienced director, a textbook or etextbook or any other large-format education content benefits substantially from an experienced curator who could charge for his/her work. I don't see this going away any time soon.

What are MOOCs doing to the Open Education? - 1 views

    George Siemens, President of the Society for Learning Analytics Research, takes a more jaundiced view of MOOCS. While acknowledging the benefits he points out some of the more negative impacts, particularly focusing on the concept of 'opennesss'
Ad Huikeshoven

Open Education and Open Educational Resources - links to Dutch resources - 1 views

    This weeks module 4 in the Stanford Online course OpenKnowledge: Changing the Global Course of Learning is not only about copyleft and economics of open, but also about Open Education. Just this week President Obama highlights Open Education in a speech to U.N. and updates the U.S. The course requires to seek, sense and share resources, and bookmark them at Diigo. I have found a range of resources about Open Education and Open Educational Resources from the Netherlands. Those are listed below, including a couple of other links. At least there is written a lot about OE&OER in the Netherlands.
Raúl Marcó del Pont

La renuncia de la educación - 0 views

    Pongamos, por enumerar solamente unas pocas, que las competencias que demandamos para nuestros hijos en el siglo XXI son las siguientes: que sean ciudadanos cívicamente implicados, que contribuyan a construir y sostener nuestra convivencia democrática, respetando y conviviendo con la diversidad y la heterogeneidad de las personas que conforman nuestra sociedad; que sepan ponerse en [...]

Educatina - Aprende lo que quieras gratis - 1 views

    Es una plataforma en la que colaboran distintas universidades para hacer videos de diferentes materias e incluso posee algunos videos más especializados. El acceso es totalmente gratuito y es un ejemplo de una plataforma que contribuye a que el compartir conocimiento no esté limitado económicamente.
    ¡Gracias por compartir, está genial!

HASTAC Trust Challenge - 1 views

    The Digital Humanities field is addressing this at the academic level. There is so much resistance to collaboration when sharing means someone else may publish your idea first, while at the same time, multiple operating/networked computers can leveraged to do a lot more work and discover a lot more when people work together. HASTAC is a good resource for learning about digital collaboration in the Humanities. In fact they have just launched a competition about building trust in collaborative environments focusing on education, youth and privacy issues.
Philip Sidaway

The Other End of the Scale: Rethinking the Digital Experience in Higher Education - 2 views

    It is time to rethink the digital experience in higher education: we have a chance not only to reimagine our encounters with the large scale but also to embrace our opportunities at the other end of the scale. William G.

The economically absurd increase in education costs - 1 views

    The inflation of education costs around the world is a matter of offer and demand, and it has brought much unwanted consequences that affect the quality of the most demanded resource to come: talent
Fabrizio Terzi

Peeragogy Handbook V2 - 2 views

    (OER) Open Educational Resourse available for #OKMOOC students. What does any group of peers, or self-learners, need to know in order to self-organize learning about any topic? The Peeragogy Handbook ( is a volunteer-created and maintained resource that we can use to bootstrap our peer learning in the MOOC.

SURF | Special edition on didactics of Open and Online Education - 4 views

    "Special edition on didactics of Open and Online Education(Publicatie) This special edition contains several articles and intermezzos on the didactics of Open and Online Education."
    Thank you Lauren. You've found a great resource from my home country!

Why open education matters - 0 views

    Why open education matters
Kevin Stranack

A Shift In Academic Thinking About Knowledge Exchange | KMbeing - 1 views

    "So what does knowledge mobilization mean for education? It asks us to reimagine what it means in exchanging knowledge. It requires us to embrace being open and unselfish in our learning and knowledge exchange. It requires admitting that a large part of what continues to happen in our world isn't good for our students, our teachers, our communities - or our world. It means creating change in our education systems or risk the return to the tragedies of the early 20th century."

2Revolutions | Do What You Love For Good - 0 views

    Great idea and a bold vision. And there is a way to participate for individuals and groups.

A Vision for Personalized and Connected Learning - 3 views

    I have seen some learning management systems for schools with access for teachers, faculty managers, parents and students, that allowed follow up, assesment, connected learning, etc. Of course usability and design were quite far away from what is shown in this video, but for me was very inspiring, and left me with the felling of "we are almost there!" Thank you for sharing!

Digital Identity and Open Education - 1 views

Presentation from a conference of 2014, 31 pages presentation on slideshare, see URL: by Catherine Cronin

Open Education; Digital Identity; module1 open access

started by weerthc on 28 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
Kaitie Warren

Global Database on the Right to Education - 0 views

    A new UN database collecting documents on education in countries around the world. The information is limited to official, legalistic reports from the UN and from the countries. I found the lower parts of the country profiles very useful in giving an overview of a country's constitutional framework for education, which could offer an interesting angle for analyzing your own country and comparing it to others. This could be used as a great tool for understanding the overarching design of an education system, an important step for anyone looking to improve it. 

Changing paradigms: Education - 0 views

    El vídeo de Mozorov del módulo 3 me ha recordado esta animación de RSA con la charla de Ken Robinson acerca de las reformas del sistema educativo. La educación no puede matar la creatividad, debe conectar los aprendizajes y sacar lo mejor de cada uno de nosotros, como veíamos en el módulo 2. Que lo disfrutéis!
Nataša Ljubić Klemše

Opening up Education - 6 views

    The collective advancement of Education through Open Technology, Open Content, and Open Knowledge
    The Collective Advancement of Education through Open Technology, Open Content, and Open Knowledge Edited by Toru Iiyoshi and M. S. Vijay Kumar Foreword by John Seely Brown The MIT
    The Collective Advancement of Education through Open Technology, Open Content, and Open Knowledge
Nataša Ljubić Klemše

Can Public Education Coexist with Participatory Culture? - 3 views

    An interesting overview of the challenges that both teachers and students face in the era of participatory culture
    By Elisabeth Losh in Information Science and Web 2.0.
    Two interesting links extracted from the article: Connected learning Connected Learning is an educational approach designed for our ever-changing world. It makes learning relevant to all populations, to real life and real work, and to the realities of the digital age, where the demand for learning never stops.
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